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S.No. State City District Blood Bank Name
1Jammu and KashmirSrinagar Government Lal Ded Hospital Blood Bank
2Jammu and KashmirAnantnagANANTNAG District Hospital (MMAB memorial) Blood Bank Anantnag
3Jammu and Kashmir Budgam Budgam Sub-District Hospital Blood Bank
4Jammu and KashmirBudgam Budgam District Hospital Blood Bank Budgam
5Jammu and KashmirBaramullaBARAMULLA District Hospital Blood Bank, Baramulla
6Jammu and KashmirDodaDODA District Hospital Blood Bank Doda
7Jammu and Kashmir Jammu JAMMU Acharya Shri Chander College of Medical Sciences and Hospital Blood Bank
8Jammu and Kashmir Jammu JAMMU Government Hospital Blood Bank Gandhi Nagar
9Jammu and KashmirJammu JAMMU Bee Enn General Hospital Blood Bank
10Jammu and KashmirJammu JAMMU Government Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
11Jammu and KashmirJammu JAMMU Sri Maharaja Gulab Singh (SMGS) Hospital Blood Bank
12Jammu and KashmirSatwariJAMMU Sainik Asptal Blood Bank Satwari
13Jammu and KashmirKargil KARGIL District Hospital (Kargil Ladakh Kashmir Division) Blood Bank
14Jammu and KashmirKathua KATHUA District Hospital Blood Bank Kathua
15Jammu and KashmirKupwaraKUPWARA District Hospital Blood Bank,Handwara
16Jammu and KashmirLehLEH LADAKH General Hospital Blood Bank
17Jammu and KashmirLeh LEH LADAKH SNM Hospital Blood Bank
18Jammu and KashmirPoonchPOONCH Raja Sukhdev Singh District Hospital Poonch
19Jammu and KashmirPulwamaPULWAMA District Hospital Blood Bank Pulwama
20Jammu and Kashmir Rajouri RAJOURI General Hospital Blood Bank (Army)
21Jammu and KashmirRajauriRAJOURI Government District Hospital Blood Bank
22Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar SRINAGAR 92 Base Hospital Blood Bank
23Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar SRINAGAR Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) Hospital Blood Bank
24Jammu and KashmirSrinagar SRINAGAR Department of Blood Transfusion and Immunohaematology,Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS)
25Jammu and KashmirSrinagar SRINAGAR Government Bone and Joint Surgery Hospital Blood Bank
26Jammu and KashmirSrinagar SRINAGAR Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
27Jammu and KashmirUdampur UDHAMPUR Command Hospital Blood Bank
28Jammu and KashmirUdampur UDHAMPUR District Hospital Blood Bank Udhampur
29Jammu and KashmirKishtwar KISHTWAR District Hospital Blood Bank Kishtwar
30Jammu and Kashmirjammu RAMBAN District Hospital Blood Bank Ramban
31Jammu and KashmirKulgam KULGAM District Hospital Blood Bank Kulgam
32Jammu and KashmirSambaSAMBA District Hospital Blood Bank Sambha
33Jammu and KashmirShopianSHOPIAN District Hospital Blood Bank Shopian
34Jammu and KashmirGanderbalGANDERBAL District Hospital Blood Bank Ganderbal
35Himachal PradeshBilaspurBILASPUR Regional Hospital, Bilaspur
36Himachal PradeshChambaCHAMBA Regional Hospital Blood Bank Chamba
37Himachal PradeshHamirpurHAMIRPUR Bhota Charitable Hospital Blood Bank
38Himachal PradeshHamirpurHAMIRPUR Regional Hospital Hamirpur
39Himachal PradeshKangraKANGRA Civil Hospital Blood Bank Palampur
40Himachal PradeshKangraKANGRA Dr Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College (RPGMC) Blood Bank Tanda
41Himachal PradeshKangraKANGRA Military Hospital,Yol Cant, Kangra
42Himachal PradeshKangraKANGRA Zonal Hospital Blood Bank Dharamshala
43Himachal PradeshKinnaurKINNAUR Regional Hospital Blood Bank
44Himachal PradeshKulluKULLU Regional Hospital Blood Bank Kullu
45Himachal PradeshMandiMANDI Netaji Subhash Chander Bose Zonal Hospital Blood Bank
46Himachal PradeshShimlaSHIMLA Civil Hospital Blood Bank Rohru
47Himachal PradeshShimlaSHIMLA Deen Dayal Updhayay Hospital Blood Bank
48Himachal PradeshShimlaSHIMLA Indira Gandhi Medical College Blood Bank Shimla
49Himachal PradeshShimlaSHIMLA Kamla Nehru Hospital Blood Bank
50Himachal PradeshShimlaSHIMLA Mahatma Gandhi Medical Services Blood Bank Rampur
51Himachal PradeshSirmaurSIRMAUR Regional Hospital Blood Bank Nahan
52Himachal PradeshSolanSOLAN Maharishi Markendeshwar Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
53Himachal PradeshSolanSOLAN Malhotra Super Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
54Himachal PradeshSolanSOLAN Regional Hospital Blood Bank Solan
55Himachal PradeshUnaUNA Regional Hospital Blood Bank Una
56PunjabAjnalaAMRITSAR Civil Hospital Ajnala
57PunjabAmritsarAMRITSAR Adhlakha Medical Center Blood Bank
58PunjabAmritsarAMRITSAR Amandeep Hospital Blood Bank
59PunjabAmritsarAMRITSAR Anil Blood Bank
60PunjabAmritsarAMRITSAR Fortis Escort Heart and Super Speciality Institute Limited Blood Bank
61PunjabAmritsarAMRITSAR Green Avenue Blood Bank
62PunjabAmritsarAMRITSAR Guru Tej Rasila Charitable Hospital
63PunjabAmritsarAMRITSAR Jallianwala Bagh Martyr's Memorial Civil Hospital Blood Bank
64PunjabAmritsarAMRITSAR Shri Guru Nanak Dev Hospital
65PunjabAmritsarAMRITSAR Shri Guru Ramdas Hospital Research and Medical Institute Blood Bank
66PunjabAmritsarAMRITSAR Sri Guru Ram Das Charitable Hospital Blood Bank
67PunjabBeasAMRITSAR Maharaj Sawan Singh Charitable Hospital Blood Bank
68PunjabBathindaBATHINDA Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Blood Bank
69PunjabBathindaBATHINDA Civil Hospital Blood Bank Bhatinda
70PunjabBathindaBATHINDA Gupta Bone and Joint Hospital Blood Bank
71PunjabBathindaBATHINDA Max Super Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
72PunjabBathindaBATHINDA Military Blood Bank Bathinda
73PunjabRampura PholBATHINDA Civil Hospital Blood Bank
74PunjabFaridkotFARIDKOT Guru Gobind Singh Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
75PunjabKotkapuraFARIDKOT Civil Hospital Blood Bank
76PunjabFatehgarh SahibFATEHGARH SAHIB Civil Hospital Blood Bank
77PunjabFazilkaFerozpur Civil Hospital Blood Bank
78PunjabFerozpurFerozpur Civil Hospital Blood Bank Ferozpur
79PunjabFerozpurFerozpur Dr. Anil Bhaghi Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
80PunjabFerozpurFerozpur Military Hospital
81PunjabBatalaGURDASPUR Civil Hospital Blood Bank Batala
82PunjabGurdaspurGURDASPUR Civil Hospital Blood Bank
83PunjabPathankotGURDASPUR Military Hospital Blood Bank
84PunjabDasuyaHOSHIARPUR Civil Hospital Blood Bank
85PunjabGarshankarHOSHIARPUR Civil Hospital Blood Bank
86PunjabHoshiarpurHOSHIARPUR Bhai Ghanaiyaji Charitable Blood Bank Society
87PunjabHoshiarpurHOSHIARPUR Civil Hospital Blood Bank Hoshiarpur
88PunjabHoshiarpurHOSHIARPUR Indian Medical Association Blood Bank Hoshiarpur
89PunjabHoshiarpurHOSHIARPUR Sant Baba Rangi Ram Ji Charitable Hospital Blood Bank Hoshiarpur
90PunjabHoshiarpurHOSHIARPUR Shivam Hospital Blood Bank
91PunjabMukerianHOSHIARPUR Civil Hospital Blood Bank
92PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Baba Budha Sabib Cardiac Centre Limited Blood Bank
93PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Kidney Hospital and Life Line Medical Institutions
94PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Sacred Heart Hospital Blood Bank Jalandhar
95PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Capitol Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
96PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Civil Hospital Jalandhar
97PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Dr. Kanwaljit Singh Grover Memorial Blood Bank Jalandhar
98PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Ghai Hospital Blood Bank Jalandhar
99PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Johal Multispeciality Hospital Blood Bank
100PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Joshi Hospital and Trauma Centre Blood Bank
101PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Military Hospital
102PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Ohri Hospital Blood Bank
103PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Patel Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
104PunjabJalandhar JALANDHAR Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Blood Bank
105PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR SGL Charitable Hospital Blood Bank
106PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Shree Devi Talab Mandir Charitable Hospital Blood Bank
107PunjabJalandharJALANDHAR Tagore Hospital and Heart Care Center Private Limited Blood Bank
108PunjabNakodarJALANDHAR Civil Hospital Blood Bank Nakodar
109PunjabPhillaurJALANDHAR Civil Hospital Blood Bank Phillaur
110PunjabKapurthalaKAPURTHALA Civil Hospital Blood Bank Kapurthala
111PunjabPhagwaraKAPURTHALA Blood Donor Council Kapurthala
112PunjabPhagwaraKAPURTHALA Civil Hospital Phagwara
113PunjabKhannaLUDHIANA Civil Hospital Blood Bank Khanna
114PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA Mohandai Oswal Cancer Treatment and Research Centre Blood Bank
115PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA Christian Medical College and Brown Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
116PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA Civil Hospital Blood Bank Ludhiana
117PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA Dayanand Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
118PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA Deep Nursing Home and Children Hospital Blood Bank
119PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA Deepak Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
120PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA Dr. B.L. Kapoor Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
121PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA Fortis Hospital Blood Bank Ludhiana
122PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA Red Cross Regional Blood Bank
123PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA Satguru Pratap Singh Hospital (SPS) Blood Bank
124PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA Shree Ragunath Super Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
125PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Charitable Hospital
126PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA Shri Krishna Charitable Hospital Hospital Blood Bank
127PunjabLudhianaLUDHIANA SNS Pahawa Charitable Hospital Blood Bank
128PunjabSamralaLUDHIANA Civil Hospital Samrala
129PunjabMansaMANSA Civil Hospital Blood Bank Mansa
130PunjabMogaMOGA Civil Hospital Blood Bank Moga
131PunjabMuktsarSRI MUKTSAR SAHIB Civil Hospital Blood Bank Muktsar
132PunjabBangaNAWANSHAHR Civil Hospital Blood Bank Banga
133PunjabDhahan KaleeranNAWANSHAHR Guru Nanak Mission Hospital Blood Bank
134PunjabNawan ShaharNAWANSHAHR Blood Donors Council, Blood Bank (Voluntary Organization)
135PunjabNabhaPATIALA Civil Hospital Blood Bank
136PunjabPatialaPATIALA Gian Sagar Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
137PunjabPatialaPATIALA Government Medical College and Rajinder Hospital
138PunjabPatialaPATIALA Life Line Blood Centre
139PunjabPatialaPATIALA Military Hospital Blood Bank
140PunjabRajpuraPATIALA Civil Hospital Blood Bank
141PunjabAnandpur SahibRUPNAGAR Civil Hospital Blood Bank
142PunjabNangalRUPNAGAR BBMB Hospital Blood Bank
143PunjabRoparRUPNAGAR Civil Hospital Blood Bank Ropar
144PunjabMalerkotlaSANGRUR Civil Hospital Blood Bank Malerkotla
145PunjabMandi Gobind GarhSANGRUR Civil Hospital Blood Bank
146PunjabSangrurSANGRUR Civil Hospital Blood Bank Sangrur
147PunjabBarnalaBARNALA Civil Hospital Blood Bank Barnala
148PunjabKhararS.A.S Nagar (Mohali) Civil Hospital Kharar
149PunjabMohaliS.A.S Nagar (Mohali) Civil Hospital
150PunjabMohaliS.A.S Nagar (Mohali) Fortis Heart Institute
151PunjabMohaliS.A.S Nagar (Mohali) Grecian Super Speciality Hospital
152PunjabMohaliS.A.S Nagar (Mohali) Ivy Health and Life Sciences Private Limited
153PunjabMohaliS.A.S Nagar (Mohali) Max Super Specialty Hospital Blood Bank
154PunjabMohaliS.A.S Nagar (Mohali) Silver Oaks Hospital Blood Bank
155PunjabSohanaS.A.S Nagar (Mohali) Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Eye Hospital Trust
156PunjabPattiTarn Taran Civil Hospital Blood Bank Patti
157PunjabTarantaranTarn Taran Guru Nanak Dev Super Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
158PunjabTarn TaranTarn Taran Civil Hospital Blood Bank Tarantaran
159PunjabAboharFAZILKA Civil Hospital Blood Bank Abohar
160PunjabPathankotPATHANKOT Chintpurni Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
161PunjabPathankotPATHANKOT Civil Hospital Blood Bank Pathankot
162ChandigarhChandigarhCHANDIGARH Department of Transfusion Medicine, PGIMER Blood Bank
163ChandigarhChandigarhCHANDIGARH Department of Transfusion Medicine Blood Bank
164ChandigarhChandigarhCHANDIGARH Government Multispeciality Hospital Blood Bank
165ChandigarhChandigarhCHANDIGARH Rotary and Blood Bank Society Resource Centre
166UttarakhandAlmoraALMORA District Hospital
167UttarakhandRanikhetALMORA Govind Singh Mahra Government Hospital Blood Bank
168UttarakhandGopeshwarCHAMOLI District Hospital Blood Bank
169UttarakhandDehradunDEHRADUN Doon Hospital, District Hospital Blood Bank
170UttarakhandDehradunDEHRADUN Himalayan Institute Trust Blood Bank
171UttarakhandDehradunDEHRADUN IMA Blood Bank of Uttarakhand
172UttarakhandDehradunDEHRADUN Max Super Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
173UttarakhandDehradunDEHRADUN Sainik (Military Hospital) Hospital Blood Bank
174UttarakhandDehradunDEHRADUN Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital Blood Bank
175UttarakhandRishikeshDEHRADUN AIIMS Rishikesh
176UttarakhandRishikeshDEHRADUN SPS Government Hospital Blood Bank
177UttarakhandHaridwarHARIDWAR BHEL Hospital Blood Bank
178UttarakhandHaridwarHARIDWAR Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrana Blood Bank
179UttarakhandRoorkeeHARIDWAR Government Combined Hospital Blood Bank Roorkee
180UttarakhandRoorkeeHARIDWAR HMG District Hospital Blood Bank Haridwar
181UttarakhandRoorkeeHARIDWAR Sainik Hospital Blood Bank
182UttarakhandHaldwaniNAINITAL Dr. Susheela Tiwari Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
183UttarakhandHaldwaniNAINITAL Soban Singh Jeena Base Hospital (SSJ) Blood Bank
184UttarakhandNainitalNAINITAL B.D. Pandey District Hospital Blood Bank
185UttarakhandKotdwarPAURI GARHWAL Government Combined Hospital Blood Bank
186UttarakhandPauri GarhwalPAURI GARHWAL District Hospital Blood Bank
187UttarakhandSrinagarPAURI GARHWAL H.N. Bahuguna Government Base Hospital Blood Bank
188UttarakhandPithoragarhPITHORAGARH B.D. Pandey (P) Hospital Blood Bank
189UttarakhandKashipurUDHAM SINGH NAGAR Chamunda Hospital Blood Bank
190UttarakhandKashipurUDHAM SINGH NAGAR Jeevan Rekha Hospital Blood Bank
191UttarakhandKashipurUDHAM SINGH NAGAR L.D. Bhatt Governmentt Hospital Kashipur
192UttarakhandRudrapurUDHAM SINGH NAGAR Jawahar Lal Nehru District Hospital (JLN ) Blood Bank
193UttarakhandUttar KashiUTTAR KASHI District Hospital Blood Bank
194HaryanaAmbalaAMBALA General Hospital Blood Bank Ambala City
195HaryanaAmbalaAMBALA Military Hospital Blood Bank Ambala
196HaryanaAmbalaAMBALA MM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Blood Bank
197HaryanaAmbalaAMBALA Philadelphia Mission Hospital Blood Bank
198HaryanaAmbalaAMBALA Sanjeevani Blood Bank
199HaryanaBhiwaniBHIWANI City Blood Bank
200HaryanaBhiwaniBHIWANI General Hospital Blood Bank Bhiwani
201HaryanaBallabgarhFARIDABAD Gold Field Hospital and Research Centre
202HaryanaFaridabadFARIDABAD Asian Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
203HaryanaFaridabadFARIDABAD Escorts Hospital and Research Center Limited Blood Bank
204HaryanaFaridabadFARIDABAD General Hospital Blood Bank
205HaryanaFaridabadFARIDABAD M/s Sunflag Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
206HaryanaFaridabadFARIDABAD Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty
207HaryanaFaridabadFARIDABAD QRG Central Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
208HaryanaFaridabadFARIDABAD Sant Bhagat Ji Maharaj Charitable Hospital Blood Bank
209HaryanaFaridabadFARIDABAD Sarvodaya Hospital and Research Centre
210HaryanaFatehabadFATEHABAD General Hospital Blood Bank Fatehabad
211HaryanaTohanaFATEHABAD Jagdambe Blood Bank
212HaryanaGurgaonGURGAON Alchemist Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
213HaryanaGurgaonGURGAON Artemis Medicare Services Limited Blood Bank
214HaryanaGurgaonGURGAON Columbia Asia Blood Bank
215HaryanaGurgaonGURGAON Fortis Memorial Research Institute Blood Bank
216HaryanaGurgaonGURGAON Fortis Memorial Research Institute Blood Bank
217HaryanaGurgaonGURGAON General Hospital Blood Bank
218HaryanaGurgaonGURGAON Medanta-The Medicity Hospital Blood Bank
219HaryanaGurgaonGURGAON Paras Blood Bank
220HaryanaGurgaonGURGAON Paras Health Care Private Limited Blood Bank
221HaryanaGurgaonGURGAON Park Hospital Blood Bank
222HaryanaGurgaonGURGAON Rockland Hospital
223HaryanaGurgaonGURGAON SGT Medical College Hospital and Research Institute Blood Bank
224HaryanaGurgaonGURGAON Umkal Blood Bank
225HaryanaHisarHISAR Central Medical Centre Blood Bank
226HaryanaHisarHISAR Dr. Anant Ram Hospital Blood Bank
227HaryanaHisarHISAR General Hospital Blood Bank Hisar
228HaryanaHisarHISAR Haryana Blood Bank
229HaryanaHisarHISAR Hisar Blood Bank
230HaryanaHisarHISAR Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Medical Research and Education Blood Bank
231HaryanaHisarHISAR Manglam Blood Bank
232HaryanaHisarHISAR Nalwa Pathology and Microbiology Laboratory Blood Bank
233HaryanaHisarHISAR National Blood Bank, Kharab Hospital Blood Bank
234HaryanaHisarHISAR Sarvodaya Blood Bank services
235HaryanaJhajjharJHAJJAR General Hospital Blood Bank Jhajjar
236HaryanaJindJIND General Hospital Blood Bank Jind
237HaryanaJindJIND National Blood Bank
238HaryanaKandelaJIND Gangaputra Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
239HaryanaKaithalKAITHAL Haryana Institute of Medical Sciences (HIMS) Hospital Blood Bank
240HaryanaKaithalKAITHAL Kapisthal Blood Bank
241HaryanaKaithalKAITHAL Smt. Indira Gandhi Government Multispeciality Blood Bank
242HaryanaKarnalKARNAL General Hospital Blood Bank
243HaryanaKarnalKARNAL Nirmal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology Blood Bank
244HaryanaKarnalKARNAL Pandit Ram Prakash Hospital and Kidney Centre Blood Bank
245HaryanaKarnalKARNAL Save Life Blood Bank
246HaryanaKurukshetraKURUKSHETRA Adesh Blood Bank
247HaryanaKurukshetraKURUKSHETRA Civil Hospital Blood Bank Kurukshetra
248HaryanaKurukshetraKURUKSHETRA Kurukshetra Blood Bank
249HaryanaMahendergarhMAHENDRAGARH Civil Hospital Narnaul
250HaryanaPanchkulaPANCHKULA Alchemist Hospital Limited Blood Bank
251HaryanaPanchkulaPANCHKULA Command Hospital Blood Bank
252HaryanaPanchkulaPANCHKULA District Hospital Blood Bank
253HaryanaIsranaPANIPAT N.C. Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
254HaryanaPanipatPANIPAT Bharat Blood Bank
255HaryanaPanipatPANIPAT Cynius Blood Bank
256HaryanaPanipatPANIPAT Panipat Blood Bank
257HaryanaPanipatPANIPAT Prem Blood Bank
258HaryanaPanipatPANIPAT Red Cross Blood Bank
259HaryanaRewariREWARI Bharti Blood Bank
260HaryanaRewariREWARI General Hospital Blood Bank
261HaryanaRewariREWARI Rewari Blood Bank
262HaryanaRohtakROHTAK Pt. B. D. Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS) Blood Bank
263HaryanaSirsaSIRSA Bapu Maghar singh ji
264HaryanaSirsaSIRSA Bapu Maghar Singh Ji International Blood Bank
265HaryanaSirsaSIRSA General Hospital Blood Bank Sirsa
266HaryanaSirsaSIRSA Shiv Shakti Blood Bank
267HaryanaKhanpur KalanSONIPAT Bhagat Phool Singh Government Medical College for Women Blood Bank
268HaryanaSonipatSONIPAT General Hospital Blood Bank Sonipat
269HaryanaSonipatSONIPAT Sonepat Blood Bank
270HaryanaYamunanagarYAMUNANAGAR Civil Hospital Blood Bank
271HaryanaYamunanagarYAMUNANAGAR Shree MAA Blood Bank
272HaryanaMandikheraMEWAT General Hospital Blood Bank Mandikhera
273HaryanaMewatMEWAT Shaheed Hasan Khan Mewati Government Medical College Blood Bank
274HaryanaPalwalPALWAL Diamond Blood Bank LLT
275HaryanaPalwalPALWAL General Hospital Blood Bank Palwal
276DelhiDelhiCENTRAL DELHI Kasturba Gandhi Hospital Blood Bank
277DelhiNew DelhiCENTRAL DELHI Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital Blood Bank
278DelhiNew DelhiCENTRAL DELHI Govind Ballabh (G.B.) Pant Hospital Blood Bank
279DelhiNew DelhiCENTRAL DELHI Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) Blood Bank
280DelhiNew DelhiCENTRAL DELHI Regional Blood Tranfusion Center of Central Zone
281DelhiNew DelhiCENTRAL DELHI Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Blood Bank
282DelhiNew DelhiCENTRAL DELHI Sucheta Kriplani Hospital Blood Bank
283DelhiDelhiEAST DELHI Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital Blood Bank
284DelhiNew DelhiEAST DELHI Dharamshila Cancer Foundation and Research Centre Blood Bank
285DelhiNew DelhiEAST DELHI Dr. Hedgewar Arogaya Sansthan
286DelhiNew DelhiEAST DELHI Lions Blood Bank
287DelhiNew DelhiEAST DELHI Max Super Specialty Hospital Blood Bank
288DelhiNew DelhiNEW DELHI Blood Bank, Cardio Neuro Centre, AIIMS , New Delhi
289DelhiNew DelhiNEW DELHI Northern Railway Central Hospital Blood Bank
290DelhiNew DelhiNEW DELHI Pushpavati Shinghania Research Institute for Liver
291DelhiDelhiNORTH DELHI Hindu Rao Hospital Blood Bank
292DelhiDelhiNORTH DELHI Sant Parmanand Hospital Blood Bank
293DelhiDelhiNORTH DELHI St. Stephens Hospital Blood Bank
294DelhiDelhiNORTH EAST DELHI Mission Jan Jagriti Blood Bank
295DelhiDelhiNORTH EAST DELHI Swami Dayanand Hospital Blood Bank
296DelhiNew DelhiNORTH EAST DELHI Central Poly Clinic Blood Bank
297DelhiDelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Lions Blood Bank
298DelhiDelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Max Super Specialty Hospital Blood Bank
299DelhiDelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Mission Jan Jagriti Blood Bank
300DelhiDelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center Blood Bank
301DelhiDelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
302DelhiDelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Saroj Super Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
303DelhiDelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Sunder Lal Jain Charitable Hospital Blood Bank
304DelhiDelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Sushruta Trauma Centre Blood Bank
305DelhiNew DelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Brahm Shakti Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
306DelhiNew DelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Delhi Heart and Lung Institute Blood Bank
307DelhiNew DelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Dr. Baba Sahab Ambedkar Hospital Blood Bank
308DelhiNew DelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Fortis Hospital Blood Bank
309DelhiNew DelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Park Hospital Blood Bank
310DelhiNew DelhiNORTH WEST DELHI Pitampura Blood Bank
311DelhiDelhiSOUTH DELHI Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre Blood Bank
312DelhiDelhiSOUTH DELHI Holy Family Hospital Blood Bank
313DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH DELHI All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Blood Bank
314DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH DELHI Fortis Escort Heart Institute Blood Bank
315DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH DELHI Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Centre Blood Bank
316DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH DELHI Max Super Specialty Hospital Blood Bank
317DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH DELHI National Heart Institute Blood Bank
318DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH DELHI Primus Ortho and Spine Hospital Blood Bank
319DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH DELHI Rockland Hospital Qutab Blood Bank
320DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH DELHI Rotary Blood Bank
321DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH DELHI Safdarjung Hospital Blood Bank
322DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH DELHI Saket City Hospital Blood Bank
323DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH DELHI Shri Moolchand Khariti-Ram Hospital and Ayurvedic Research Institute
324DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH DELHI White Cross Blood Bank
325DelhiDelhiSOUTH WEST DELHI Armed Forces Transfusion Centre Blood Bank
326DelhiDelhiSOUTH WEST DELHI Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital Blood Bank
327DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH WEST DELHI Bensups Hospital Blood Bank
328DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH WEST DELHI Bhagat Chandra Hospital Blood Bank
329DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH WEST DELHI Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Blood Bank
330DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH WEST DELHI Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences Blood Bank
331DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH WEST DELHI Mata Chanan Devi Hospital Blood Bank
332DelhiDelhiWEST DELHI Blood Bank Organisation
333DelhiNew DelhiWEST DELHI Dr. B. L. Kapoor Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
334DelhiNew DelhiWEST DELHI E. S. I. Hospital Blood Bank
335DelhiNew DelhiWEST DELHI Jaipur Golden Hospital Blood Bank
336DelhiNew DelhiWEST DELHI Jan Jagriti Blood Bank
337DelhiNew DelhiWEST DELHI Kalra Hospital and Shri Ram Cardiothoracic and Neurosciences Center (SRCNC) Blood Bank
338DelhiNew DelhiWEST DELHI Maharaja Agrasen Hospital Blood Bank
339DelhiNew DelhiWEST DELHI R.B.T.C (wz), Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital
340DelhiNew DelhiWEST DELHI Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute Blood Bank
341DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH EAST DELHI Apollo Hospital Blood Bank
342DelhiNew DelhiSOUTH EAST DELHI Hakeem Abdul Hameed Centenary Hospital Blood Bank
343DelhiDelhiSHAHDARA Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital Blood Bank
344RajasthanAjmerAJMER A.K. Hospital Blood Bank
345RajasthanAjmerAJMER Government Mahila Chikitsalaya
346RajasthanAjmerAJMER J.L.N. and A.G. Hospital Blood Bank
347RajasthanAjmerAJMER Military Hospital Blood Bank
348RajasthanAjmerAJMER Mittal Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
349RajasthanAjmerAJMER North Western Railway Hospital Blood Bank
350RajasthanKishangarhAJMER Government Y.N. Hospital Blood Bank
351RajasthanAlwarALWAR General Hospital Blood Bank
352RajasthanAlwarALWAR Seth Makhan Lal Mahawar Charitable Blood Bank Society
353RajasthanBehrorALWAR Kailash Hospital Blood Bank
354RajasthanBanswaraBANSWARA M.G. Government Hospital Blood Bank
355RajasthanBaranBARAN General Hospital
356RajasthanBarmerBARMER General Hospital Blood Bank
357RajasthanBharatpurBHARATPUR General Hospital
358RajasthanBharatpurBHARATPUR Jindal Super Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
359RajasthanBharatpurBHARATPUR Raj Blood Bank Society
360RajasthanBhilwaraBHILWARA Bhilwara Blood Bank Society
361RajasthanBhilwaraBHILWARA M.G. Hospital Blood Bank
362RajasthanBhilwaraBHILWARA Ram Snehi Chikitsalya Blood Bank Ramdwara
363RajasthanBikanerBIKANER Kothari Medical Centre and Research Institute Blood Bank
364RajasthanBikanerBIKANER Prince Bijoy Memorial Man's Hospital and A.G. Hospital
365RajasthanBikanerBIKANER Sanjeevani Jan Sewa Samiti Blood Bank
366RajasthanBundiBUNDI P.B.S.S.General Hospital Blood Bank
367RajasthanChittorgarhCHITTORGARH General Hospital Blood Bank
368RajasthanRawatbhataCHITTORGARH R.A.P.S. Hospital Blood Bank (Rajasthan Atomic Power Station)
369RajasthanChuruCHURU Government D.B. Hospital Blood Bank
370RajasthanRatangarhCHURU General Hospital Blood Bank
371RajasthanSujangarhCHURU Lion Charitable Trust Blood Bank
372RajasthanDausaDAUSA Shri Ram Karan Joshi Government General Hospital
373RajasthanDholpurDHOLPUR General Hospital
374RajasthanDungarpurDUNGARPUR Government General Hospital Blood Bank
375RajasthanSriganganagarSRIGANGANAGAR Government Hospital Blood Bank
376RajasthanSriganganagarSRIGANGANAGAR Purohit Charitable Trust Blood Bank
377RajasthanSriganganagarSRIGANGANAGAR Swastik Blood Bank
378RajasthanSriganganagarSRIGANGANAGAR Tapovan Blood Bank
379RajasthanHanumangarhHANUMANGARH District Hospital Blood Bank
380RajasthanHanumangarhHANUMANGARH Life Line Blood Bank
381RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Agrasen Blood Bank
382RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Apex Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
383RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
384RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Fortis Hospital Limited Blood Bank
385RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Government Mahila Chikitsalaya Blood Bank
386RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Jaipuria Hospital Blood Bank
387RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Life care Blood Bank
388RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Mahatma Gandhi Hospital (MGNIMS) Blood Bank
389RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Metro Blood Bank
390RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Monilek Hospital and Research Center Blood Bank
391RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Narayana Hrudayalaya Private Limited
392RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR National Institute of Medical Sciences (Medical College and Hospital)
393RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Pushpa Devi Memorial Blood Bank
394RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR S.K. Soni Hospital
395RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR S.M.S. Hospital Blood Bank
396RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital /Medical Research Institute Campus
397RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Sevaytan Swasthay Kalyan Blood Bank
398RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Swasthya Kalyan Blood Bank and Thalesemia Research Center
399RajasthanJaipurJAIPUR Zanana Hospital Blood Bank
400RajasthanKotputliJAIPUR Government BDM Hospital Blood Bank
401RajasthanJaisalmerJAISALMER Government S.J. Hospital Blood Bank
402RajasthanJaloreJALORE General Hospital Blood Bank
403RajasthanJhalawarJHALAWAR Jhalawar Hospital and Medical College Blood Bank
404RajasthanJhunjhunuJHUNJHUNU Birla Sarvajanik Hospital Blood Bank
405RajasthanJhunjhunuJHUNJHUNU Government B.D.K. Hospital Blood Bank
406RajasthanJodhpurJODHPUR AIIMS Hospital Blood Bank
407RajasthanJodhpurJODHPUR Ambika Hospital Blood Bank
408RajasthanJodhpurJODHPUR Jodhpur Medical College
409RajasthanJodhpurJODHPUR Kalapurnam General Hospital Khichan Blood Bank
410RajasthanJodhpurJODHPUR Kanun Devi Parasmal Mehta Medical and Blood Bank
411RajasthanJodhpurJODHPUR Mahatma Gandhi Hospital Blood Bank
412RajasthanJodhpurJODHPUR Mathura Das Mathur Government Hospital Blood Bank
413RajasthanJodhpurJODHPUR Military Hospital Blood Bank
414RajasthanJodhpurJODHPUR Umaid Hospital Blood Bank
415RajasthanKarauliKARAULI General Hospital Karauli Blood Bank
416RajasthanKotaKOTA Bharat Vikas Parishad Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
417RajasthanKotaKOTA Kota Blood Bank Society
418RajasthanKotaKOTA Krishna Rotary Blood Bank
419RajasthanKotaKOTA Maharao Bhimsingh Hospital Blood Bank
420RajasthanKotaKOTA New Hospital Medical College Blood Bank
421RajasthanKotaKOTA Shri Ram Blood Bank, Shri Ram Hospital
422RajasthanKotaKOTA Sudha Hospital and Research Centre Private Limited Blood Bank
423RajasthanNAGAURNAGAUR Government Hospital Blood Bank
424RajasthanPaliPALI Government Bangar Hospital Blood Bank
425RajasthanSojat CityPALI Government Hospital Blood Bank
426RajasthanSumerpurPALI Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital Blood Bank
427RajasthanRajsamandRAJSAMAND R.K. District Hospital Blood Bank
428RajasthanSawai MadhopurSAWAI MADHOPUR Riya Hospital Blood Bank
429RajasthanSawaimadhopurSAWAI MADHOPUR General Hospital Blood Bank
430RajasthanSikarSIKAR Getwell Hospital and Research Center Blood Bank
431RajasthanSikarSIKAR Government S.K. Hospital Blood Bank
432RajasthanSikarSIKAR Shri K.M. Memorial Jain Heart and General Hospital Blood Bank
433RajasthanSikarSIKAR Shri MunshiRam Mittal Memorial Seva Samiti
434RajasthanSirohiSIROHI Government General Hospital Blood Bank
435RajasthanSirohiSIROHI Rotary International Global Hospital Blood Bank
436RajasthanTonkTONK Sadat Government Hospital Blood Bank
437RajasthanUdaipurUDAIPUR American International Health Management Society
438RajasthanUdaipurUDAIPUR Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
439RajasthanUdaipurUDAIPUR Lokmitra Blood Bank and Thalassemia Research Centre
440RajasthanUdaipurUDAIPUR Maharana Bhupal Government Hospital Blood Bank
441RajasthanUdaipurUDAIPUR Pacific Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
442RajasthanUdaipurUDAIPUR Saral Blood Bank
443RajasthanPratapgarhPRATAPGARH Government District Hospital Blood Bank
444Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA Lokhitam Blood Bank
445Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA Agra City Blood Bank
446Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA District Hospital Blood Bank
447Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA G.R. Hospital and Research Centre Private limited
448Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA Goyal Jan Suvidha Charitable Blood Bank
449Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA Life Line Charitable Blood Bank
450Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA Lions Agra Mahan Charitable Blood Bank (Suspande)
451Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA Manav Seva Charitable Blood Bank
452Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA Military Hospital
453Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA Pushpa Maa Samaj Charitable Blood bank
454Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA Pushpanjali Hospital and Research Centre Private limited
455Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA S.N. Medical College
456Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA Samarpan Blood Bank
457Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA Sanjeevani Charitable Blood Bank
458Uttar PradeshAgraAGRA Sri Jagdamba Charitable Blood Bank and Component
459Uttar PradeshAligarhALIGARH Dev Hospital Blood Bank
460Uttar PradeshAligarhALIGARH Har Prasad Blood Bank
461Uttar PradeshAligarhALIGARH J.N. Medical College Blood Bank
462Uttar PradeshAligarhALIGARH Jeevan Jyoti Blood Bank
463Uttar PradeshAligarhALIGARH Jeevan Sanjeevan Blood Bank, Jeevan Hospital
464Uttar PradeshAligarhALIGARH Malkhan Singh, District Hospital Blood Bank
465Uttar PradeshAllahabadALLAHABAD AMA (Allahabad Medical Association) Blood Bank
466Uttar PradeshAllahabadALLAHABAD Military Hospital Blood Bank
467Uttar PradeshAllahabadALLAHABAD Moti Lal Nehru District Hospital Blood Bank
468Uttar PradeshAllahabadALLAHABAD S.M. Medicare Private Limited Blood Bank
469Uttar PradeshAllahabadALLAHABAD S.R.N. Hospital, M.L. N. Medical College
470Uttar PradeshAllahabadALLAHABAD Tejbahadur Sapru Hospital Blood Bank
471Uttar PradeshAmbedkar NagarAMBEDKAR NAGAR Jyotibaphule Combined District Hospital Blood Bank
472Uttar PradeshAmbedkar NagarAMBEDKAR NAGAR Mahamaya Rajkiya Allopathic Medical College
473Uttar PradeshAuriyaAURAIYA District Hospital Blood Bank
474Uttar PradeshAzamgarhAZAMGARH District Hospital Blood Bank
475Uttar PradeshAzamgarhAZAMGARH Maha Mritunijaya Hospital Lord Budha Medical College Blood Bank
476Uttar PradeshBaghpatBAGHPAT District Combined Hospital Blood Bank
477Uttar PradeshBarutBAGHPAT M/s Astha Blood Bank and Components, Astha Multispeciality Hospital
478Uttar PradeshBahraichBAHRAICH District Hospital Blood Bank
479Uttar PradeshBalliaBALLIA District Hospital Blood Bank
480Uttar PradeshBalrampurBALRAMPUR Combined District Hospital Blood Bank
481Uttar PradeshBandaBANDA District Hospital Blood Bank
482Uttar PradeshBarabankiBARABANKI District Hospital Blood Bank
483Uttar PradeshBarabankiBARABANKI Hind Institute of Medical Sciences
484Uttar PradeshBarabankiBARABANKI Mayo Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
485Uttar PradeshBareillyBAREILLY Clara Swain Mission Hospital Blood Bank
486Uttar PradeshBareillyBAREILLY District Hospital Blood Bank
487Uttar PradeshBareillyBAREILLY Ganga Sheel Charitable Trust Blood Bank
488Uttar PradeshBareillyBAREILLY IMA Blood Bank
489Uttar PradeshBareillyBAREILLY IMA Blood Bank
490Uttar PradeshBareillyBAREILLY Keshav Madho Blood Bank and Pathology
491Uttar PradeshBareillyBAREILLY Military Hospital Blood Bank
492Uttar PradeshBareillyBAREILLY Rajshree Medical Research Institute Blood Bank
493Uttar PradeshBareillyBAREILLY Ruhelkhand Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
494Uttar PradeshBareillyBAREILLY Sri Ram Murti Samarak Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
495Uttar PradeshBastiBASTI District Hospital Blood Bank
496Uttar PradeshBastiBASTI M/s Sewa Blood Bank
497Uttar PradeshBastiBASTI OPEC Hospital Blood Bank
498Uttar PradeshBijnorBIJNOR District Hospital Blood Bank
499Uttar PradeshBijnorBIJNOR Sarvodaya Jankalyan Samati
500Uttar PradeshBadaunBUDAUN District Hospital Blood Bank
501Uttar PradeshBulandshaharBULANDSHAHR Babu Banarasi Das District Hospital Blood Bank
502Uttar PradeshBulandshaharBULANDSHAHR Wadhwa Blood Bank
503Uttar PradeshNaroraBULANDSHAHR NAPS (Narora Atomic Power Station) Hospital Blood Bank
504Uttar PradeshChandauliCHANDAULI Pt. Kamlapati District Combined Hospital
505Uttar PradeshChitrakootCHITRAKOOT Combined District Hospital Blood Bank
506Uttar PradeshDeoriaDEORIA District Hospital Blood Bank
507Uttar PradeshEtahETAH District Hospital Blood Bank
508Uttar PradeshEtawahETAWAH Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Combined Hospital (District Hospital)
509Uttar PradeshEtawahETAWAH Rural Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
510Uttar PradeshFaizabadFAIZABAD Chandan Diagnostics Center and Blood Bank
511Uttar PradeshFaizabadFAIZABAD District Hospital Blood Bank
512Uttar PradeshFatehgarhFARRUKHABAD Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya Joint Hospital
513Uttar PradeshFrukhabadFARRUKHABAD District Hospital Blood Bank
514Uttar PradeshFatehpurFATEHPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
515Uttar PradeshFatehpurFATEHPUR Shyam Nursing Home and Blood Bank
516Uttar PradeshFirozabadFIROZABAD Dr. M.C. Agrawal Hospital and Research Centre Private limited
517Uttar PradeshFirozabadFIROZABAD F.H. Hospital Blood Bank
518Uttar PradeshFirozabadFIROZABAD Jeevan Dhara Blood Bank
519Uttar PradeshFirozabadFIROZABAD Sevarth Sansthan Blood Bank
520Uttar PradeshFirozabadFIROZABAD SNM, District Hospital Blood Bank
521Uttar PradeshDadriGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR Naveen Hospital
522Uttar PradeshGautam Budh nagarGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR International Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
523Uttar PradeshGreater NoidaGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR Kailash Hospital Llimited
524Uttar PradeshGreater NoidaGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR Sharda Hospital Blood Bank
525Uttar PradeshGreater NoidaGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR Shri Krishna Life Line Hospital Blood Bank
526Uttar PradeshNoidaGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Multi Specialty Hospital Blood Bank
527Uttar PradeshNoidaGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR Jaypee Hospital Blood Bank
528Uttar PradeshNoidaGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR Kailash Hospital and Heart Institute
529Uttar PradeshNoidaGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR Metro Hospital and Heart Institute
530Uttar PradeshNoidaGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR Prakash Hospital Blood Bank
531Uttar PradeshNoidaGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR Prayag Hospital and Research Centre
532Uttar PradeshNoidaGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR Rotary Noida Research and Social Welfare Trust Blood Bank
533Uttar PradeshNoidaGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR Yatharth Wellness Super Speciality Hospital and Heart Care Blood Bank
534Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGHAZIABAD Atlanta Mediworld Multispeciality Hostipal Blood Bank
535Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGHAZIABAD Divya Jyoti Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
536Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGHAZIABAD Family Health Care Hospital Blood Bank
537Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGHAZIABAD Life Line Blood Bank
538Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGHAZIABAD Lok Priya Hospital Blood Bank
539Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGHAZIABAD M/s Shanti Gopal Hospital Blood Bank
540Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGHAZIABAD MMG, District Hospital Blood Bank
541Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGHAZIABAD Modern Pathology and Blood Bank
542Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGHAZIABAD Narinder Mohan Hospital and Heart Centre
543Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGHAZIABAD Pushpanjali Crossley Hospital (Max Superspeciality Hospital, Vaishali)
544Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGHAZIABAD Santosh Medical and Dental College
545Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGHAZIABAD Yashoda Hospital and Research
546Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGHAZIABAD Yashoda Hospital and Research Centre Limited, Kaushambi
547Uttar PradeshHapurGHAZIABAD Dev Nandani Hospital Blood Bank
548Uttar PradeshHapurGHAZIABAD Rama Medical College and Research Centre Blood Bank
549Uttar PradeshGhazipurGHAZIPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
550Uttar PradeshGondaGONDA District Hospital Blood Bank
551Uttar PradeshGorakhpurGORAKHPUR Air Force Hospital Blood Bank
552Uttar PradeshGorakhpurGORAKHPUR City Blood Bank
553Uttar PradeshGorakhpurGORAKHPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
554Uttar PradeshGorakhpurGORAKHPUR Fatima Hospital Blood Bank
555Uttar PradeshGorakhpurGORAKHPUR Guru Shri Gorakhnath Chikitsalaya Blood Bank
556Uttar PradeshGorakhpurGORAKHPUR Nehru Hospital and B.R.D. Medical College
557Uttar PradeshGorakhpurGORAKHPUR S.M. Medicare Private Limited
558Uttar PradeshGorakhpurGORAKHPUR Savitri Blood Bank and Component Centre
559Uttar PradeshHamirpurHAMIRPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
560Uttar PradeshHardoiHARDOI District Hospital Blood Bank
561Uttar PradeshOraiJALAUN Government Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
562Uttar PradeshJaunpurJAUNPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
563Uttar PradeshJaunpurJAUNPUR Krishna Hart Care & Maternity Home
564Uttar PradeshJaunpurJAUNPUR M/s Isha Hospital Blood Bank
565Uttar PradeshJhansiJHANSI District Hospital Blood Bank
566Uttar PradeshJhansiJHANSI Gaurav Diagnostic Center and Blood Bank
567Uttar PradeshJhansiJHANSI Life Line Blood Bank, Military Hospital
568Uttar PradeshJhansiJHANSI MLB Medical College and Hospital
569Uttar PradeshJhansiJHANSI Nirmal Hospital Blood Bank
570Uttar PradeshJhansiJHANSI Parakh Voluntary Blood Bank
571Uttar PradeshJhansiJHANSI Sant Diagnostic Centre and Blood Bank
572Uttar PradeshSipriJHANSI St. Judes Hospital Blood Bank
573Uttar PradeshAmrohaAMROHA Venkateshwara Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
574Uttar PradeshJyotiba Phule NagarAMROHA District Combined Hospital Blood Bank
575Uttar PradeshKannaujKANNAUJ B.S.D.B.A. Government Medical College and Hospital
576Uttar PradeshKannaujKANNAUJ Combined District Hospital Blood Bank
577Uttar PradeshAkbarpurKANPUR DEHAT Combined District Hospital (M) Blood Bank
578Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR Air Force Hospital
579Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR CLM Hospital and Blood Bank
580Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR GSVM Medical College Blood Bank
581Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR Krishna Super Speciality Hospital
582Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR Life Line Blood Bank
583Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR LPS Institute of Cardiology
584Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR Mariyampur Hospital and Blood Bank
585Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR Mayanjali Charitable Blood Bank
586Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR Rama Medical College Hospital and Research Centre
587Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR Regency Hospital Limited
588Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR Sai Blood Bank
589Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR Sanjeevani Blood Bank
590Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR Sneh Pathology X-ray and Blood Bank
591Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR Tulsi Hospital Limited
592Uttar PradeshKanpurKANPUR NAGAR UHM, District Hospital
593Uttar PradeshKanpur NagarKANPUR NAGAR SPM Hospital Research and Trauma Centre Blood Bank
594Uttar PradeshKaushambiKAUSHAMBI Combined District Hospital
595Uttar PradeshLakhimpur KhiriLakhimpur Kheri District Hospital
596Uttar PradeshKushinagarKushinagar Joint District Hospital
597Uttar PradeshLalitpurLALITPUR District Hospital
598Uttar PradeshGhaillaLUCKNOW Career Institute of Medical Sciences and Hospital Blood Bank
599Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW B.N.K. Hospital Blood Bank
600Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Balrampur Hospital Blood Bank
601Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Charak Hospital and Research Center Blood Bank
602Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Command Hospital Blood Bank
603Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Divine Heart Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
604Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Dr O P Choudhery Hospital Blood Bank
605Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences
606Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Dr. Shankuntala Misra Blood Bank
607Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukharjee Civil Hospital
608Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Eras Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
609Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Fatima Hospital Blood bank
610Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Fehmina Hospital and Blood Bank
611Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW GCRG Memorial Hospital & Charitable Blood Bank
612Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Indira Diagnostic and Blood Bank Limited
613Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Integral Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Blood Bank
614Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Kohli Blood Bank and Components Private limited
615Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Lucknow Nursing Home Association Blood Bank
616Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW M.C. Saxena College of Medical Sciences Charitable Blood Bank
617Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Medison Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
618Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Nidan Diagnostic Centre and Blood Bank
619Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Nova Hospital Limited
620Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Sahara Hospital Blood Bank
621Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Sanjay Gandhi Post-Graduate Institute (SGPGI)
622Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Sh. Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Chikitsalaya University
623Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Shekhar Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
624Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW St. Joseph Hospital Blood Bank
625Uttar PradeshLucknowLUCKNOW Vivekanand Polyclinic and Institute of Medical Sciences
626Uttar PradeshHathrasHATHRAS Bagla Combined District Hospital Blood Bank
627Uttar PradeshMaharajganjMAHARAJGANJ Combined District Hospital
628Uttar PradeshMahobaMAHOBA District Hospital
629Uttar PradeshMainpuriMAINPURI District Hospital Blood Bank
630Uttar PradeshAurangabadMATHURA Agrawal Life Line Hospital and Trauma Centre Blood Bank
631Uttar PradeshChhattaMATHURA K.D. Medical College Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
632Uttar PradeshMathuraMATHURA District Hospital Blood Bank
633Uttar PradeshMathuraMATHURA Rotary Blood Bank, Rotary Point
634Uttar PradeshMathuraMATHURA Sadbhawna Charitable Blood Bank
635Uttar PradeshVrindabanMATHURA Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama
636Uttar PradeshMauMAU Combined District Hospital
637Uttar PradeshMauMAU Fatima Hospital Blood Bank
638Uttar PradeshMeerutMEERUT Anand Hospital Blood Bank
639Uttar PradeshMeerutMEERUT Jaswant Rai Specialty Hospital Blood Bank
640Uttar PradeshMeerutMEERUT Kamana Hospital and Research Centre
641Uttar PradeshMeerutMEERUT Krilashi Super Specialty Hospital Blood Bank
642Uttar PradeshMeerutMEERUT Lokpriya Hospital Blood Bank
643Uttar PradeshMeerutMEERUT Military Hospital
644Uttar PradeshMeerutMEERUT P.L. Sharma Hospital Blood Bank
645Uttar PradeshMeerutMEERUT Sanjeevani Blood Bank
646Uttar PradeshMeerutMEERUT Subharti Hospital Blood Bank
647Uttar PradeshMeerutMEERUT SVBP Hospital Blood Bank
648Uttar PradeshMeerutMEERUT Vadhava Blood Bank
649Uttar PradeshMirzapurMIRZAPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
650Uttar PradeshMoradabadMORADABAD Asian Vivekanand Super Specialty Hospital Blood Bank
651Uttar PradeshMoradabadMORADABAD Cosmos Hospital, Multi Speciality and Trauma Centre
652Uttar PradeshMoradabadMORADABAD District Hospital Blood Bank
653Uttar PradeshMoradabadMORADABAD Dr. Chaturvedi Central Blood Bank
654Uttar PradeshMoradabadMORADABAD Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhaya Combined District Hospital
655Uttar PradeshMoradabadMORADABAD Sri Sai Hospital and Blood Bank
656Uttar PradeshMoradabadMORADABAD Teerthankar Mahaveer Hospital and Research Centre
657Uttar PradeshMoradabadMORADABAD Venkateshwara Institute of Medical Sciences
658Uttar PradeshN/AMORADABAD IMA Blood Bank (Run by Indian Medical Association)
659Uttar PradeshBhopa RoadMUZAFFARNAGAR S.D. Medical Institute and Research Centre Blood Bank
660Uttar PradeshMuzaffarnagarMUZAFFARNAGAR District Hospital Blood Bank
661Uttar PradeshMuzaffarnagarMUZAFFARNAGAR Muzaffarnagar Medical College and Hospital
662Uttar PradeshPilibhitPILIBHIT District Hospital
663Uttar PradeshPilibhitPILIBHIT Jeevan Rekha Charitable Blood Bank
664Uttar PradeshPratapgarhPRATAPGARH District Hospital Blood Bank
665Uttar PradeshRaebareliRAEBARELI District Hospital Blood Bank
666Uttar PradeshRampurRAMPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
667Uttar PradeshRampurRAMPUR Maulana Mohamad Ali Johar Hospital
668Uttar PradeshSaharanpurSAHARANPUR Lions Club City Lion, Blood Bank
669Uttar PradeshSaharanpurSAHARANPUR SBD, District Hospital
670Uttar PradeshSaharanpurSAHARANPUR Tarawati Nursing Home Private Limited Blood Bank
671Uttar PradeshSant Kabir NagarSANT KABIR NAGAR District Hospital Blood Bank
672Uttar PradeshBhadohiSant Ravidas Nagar (BHADOHI) Jeevan Deep Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
673Uttar PradeshBhadoiSant Ravidas Nagar (BHADOHI) Maharaja Chet Singh District Hospital
674Uttar PradeshShahjahanpurSHAHJAHANPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
675Uttar PradeshShahjahanpurSHAHJAHANPUR Dr. B.N. Behl Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
676Uttar PradeshShahjahanpurSHAHJAHANPUR Swami Vivekanand Charitable Blood Bank
677Uttar PradeshBhingaSHRAVASTI District Combined Hospital Blood Bank
678Uttar PradeshSidharth NagarSIDDHARTH NAGAR District Hospital
679Uttar Pradesh AtariyaSITAPUR Hind Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
680Uttar PradeshSitapurSITAPUR BCM Hospital Blood Bank
681Uttar PradeshSitapurSITAPUR District Hospital
682Uttar PradeshRenukootSONBHADRA Hindalco Hospital Blood Bank
683Uttar PradeshSonbhadraSONBHADRA District Joint Hospital
684Uttar PradeshAmethiSULTANPUR Sanjay Gandhi Hospital Blood Bank
685Uttar PradeshSultanpurSULTANPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
686Uttar PradeshUnnaoUNNAO District Hospital Blood Bank
687Uttar PradeshBanarasVARANASI Banaras Heart Hospital Component Blood Bank
688Uttar PradeshVaranasiVARANASI Apex Hospital Component Blood Bank
689Uttar PradeshVaranasiVARANASI Heritage Hospital
690Uttar PradeshVaranasiVARANASI Heritage Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
691Uttar PradeshVaranasiVARANASI Lions Vishal Blood Bank (Indian Medical Association)
692Uttar PradeshvaranasiVARANASI Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhayay Government Hospital
693Uttar PradeshVaranasiVARANASI Santushti Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
694Uttar PradeshVaranasiVARANASI Shri Shiv Prasad Gupta Mandliya Zilla Chikitsalaya
695Uttar PradeshVaranasiVARANASI Sir Sunderlal Hospital Blood Bank
696Uttar PradeshKanshi Ram NagarKasganj District Hospital
697Uttar PradeshChandausiSAMBHAL BS Hospital & Heart Centre Blood Bank
698Uttar PradeshShamliSHAMLI Shamli Charitable Blood Bank
699Uttar PradeshHapurHAPUR Saraswati Institute of Medical Science
700BiharN/A Krishna Devi Devi Prasad Kejriwal Maternity Hospital
701BiharPatna Vaatsalya Blood Bank
702BiharPatna Lions Jeewan Blood Bank
703BiharPurnia Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) Blood Bank
704BiharAurangabadAURANGABAD Sadar Hospital Aurangabad Blood Bank
705BiharBegusaraiBEGUSARAI Blood Bank and Research Centre
706BiharBegusaraiBEGUSARAI Rastra Kavi Dinkar Blood Bank
707BiharBhagalpurBHAGALPUR Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Hospital (JNMC) Blood Bank
708BiharAraBHOJPUR Sadar Hospital Ara (Bhojpur)
709BiharAraBHOJPUR Sadar Hospital Ara Blood Bank
710BiharBhojpurBHOJPUR Indian Red Cross Blood Bank (IRCS) Blood Bank
711BiharBhojpurBHOJPUR Maa Vindhyawasini Blood Bank
712BiharBuxarBUXAR Sadar Hospital Blood Bank
713BiharBegusarai DARBHANGA Rajendra Prasad Memorial Rotary Blood Bank
714BiharDarbhangaDARBHANGA Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) Regional Blood Bank
715BiharGayaGAYA Anugrah Narayan Memorial Magadh Medical College Hospital (ANMMCH) Blood Bank
716BiharGayaGAYA Bhagwan Mahabir Blood Bank
717BiharGopalganjGOPALGANJ Sadar Hospital Blood Bank
718BiharJamuiJAMUI Sadar Hospital Blood Bank
719BiharJehanabadJEHANABAD Sadar Hospital Jehanabad Blood Bank
720BiharBhabuaKAIMUR (BHABUA) Sadar Hospital Bhabua (Kaimur) Bloob Bank
721BiharKatiharKATIHAR Katihar Medical College Blood Bank
722BiharKatiharKATIHAR Sadar Hospital , Katihar
723BiharKhagariaKHAGARIA District Blood Bank Sadar Hospital Khagaria
724BiharPatnaKHAGARIA Palm View Hospital Blood Bank
725BiharKishanganjKISHANGANJ Mata Gujri Memorial (MGM) Blood Bank
726BiharKishanganjKISHANGANJ MGMM College & Hospital Blood Bank
727BiharKishanganjKISHANGANJ Sadar Hospital Blood Bank
728BiharLakhisaraiLAKHISARAI Sadar Hospital Blood Bank
729BiharMadhepuraMADHEPURA Sadar Hospital Madhepura Blood Bank
730BiharMadhubaniMADHUBANI Sadar Hospital Blood Bank
731BiharMUZAFFARPURMUNGER Sadar Hospital Muzaffarpur Blood Bank
732BiharMuzaffarpurMUZAFFARPUR Sadar Hospital Muzaffarpur Blood Bank
733BiharMuzaffarpurMUZAFFARPUR Sinha Blood Bank Muzaffarpur
734BiharMuzaffarpurMUZAFFARPUR Sri Krishna Medical College Hospital (SKMCH) Blood Bank
735BiharBihar SharifNALANDA Nalanda Blood Bank
736BiharBihar SharifNALANDA Sadar Hospital Biharsharif Blood Bank
737BiharNawadaNAWADA Sadar Hospital Nawada Blood Bank
738BiharBettiahWEST CHAMPARAN Maharani Janki Kuwar (MJK) Hospital Blood Bank
739BiharPatnaPATNA Hitech Emergency Hospital Blood Bank
740BiharPatnaPATNA Bharat Blood Bank
741BiharPatnaPATNA Bihar State Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) Blood Bank
742BiharPatnaPATNA Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) Blood Bank
743BiharPatnaPATNA Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank (IGIMS)
744BiharPatnaPATNA Jaiprabha Hospital Model Blood Bank (MBB)
745BiharPatnaPATNA Jeevan Rekha Blood Bank
746BiharPatnaPATNA Kurji Holy Family Hospital Blood Bank
747BiharPatnaPATNA Life Line Blood Bank
748BiharPatnaPATNA Mahavir Cancer Sansthan Blood Bank
749BiharPatnaPATNA Military Hospital Blood Bank
750BiharPatnaPATNA Nalanda Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
751BiharPatnaPATNA National Blood Bank & Resarch Center
752BiharPatnaPATNA Paras HMRI Hospital Blood Bank
753BiharPatnaPATNA Paras Hmri Hospital Blood Bank
754BiharPatnaPATNA Patliputra Blood Bank
755BiharPatnaPATNA Ruban Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
756BiharPatnaPATNA Shashi Blood Bank
757BiharPatnaPATNA Tripolia Social Service Hospital and Blood Bank
758BiharMotihariEAST CHAMPARAN Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
759BiharRaxaulEAST CHAMPARAN Duncan Hospital Blood Bank
760BiharPurniaPURNIA Sadar Hospital Purnia Blood Bank
761BiharRohtasROHTAS Bose Clinic Blood Bank
762BiharRohtasROHTAS Micro Blood Bank Sasaram
763BiharRohtasROHTAS Narayana Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
764BiharRohtasROHTAS Sadar Hospital Sasaram Blood Bank
765BiharSaharsaSAHARSA Sadar Hospital Saharsa Blood Bank
766BiharSamastipurSAMASTIPUR Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) Blood Bank
767BiharSamastipurSAMASTIPUR Sadar Hospital Blood Bank Samastipur
768BiharChhapraSARAN M/s. Sadar Hospital Blood Bank
769BiharSheikhpuraSHEIKHPURA Sadar Hospital Blood Bank Sheikhpura
770BiharSitamarhiSITAMARHI Sadar Hospital Sitamarhi Blood Bank
771BiharSiwanSIWAN Sadar Hospital Siwan Blood Bank
772BiharSiwanSIWAN Blood Bank P.N.H.
773BiharHajipurVAISHALI Sadar Hospital Hajipur Blood Bank
774SikkimGangtokEAST Sikkim Central Blood Bank STNM Hospital
775SikkimGangtokEAST Sikkim Central Referral Hospital Blood Bank
776SikkimNamchiSOUTH Sikkim Government General Hospital Blood Bank
777Arunachal PradeshChanglangCHANGLANG District Hospital Blood Bank
778Arunachal PradeshPasighatEAST SIANG General Hospital Blood Bank
779Arunachal PradeshTezuLOHIT General Hospital Blood Bank
780Arunachal PradeshZiroLOWER SUBANSIRI General Hospital Blood Bank
781Arunachal PradeshItanagarPAPUM PARE Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar
782Arunachal PradeshNaharlagunPAPUM PARE Arunachal State Hospital Blood Bank
783Arunachal PradeshTawangTAWANG District Hospital Blood Bank
784Arunachal PradeshUpper SiangUPPER SIANG District Hospital Blood Bank
785Arunachal PradeshYingkiongUPPER SIANG District Hospital Blood Bank
786Arunachal PradeshDaporijoUPPER SUBANSIRI District Hospital Blood Bank
787Arunachal PradeshTawangWEST KAMENG District Hospital Blood Bank
788Arunachal PradeshAaloWEST SIANG General Hospital Blood Bank
789NagalandDimapurDIMAPUR Christian Institute of Health Sciences and Research Blood Bank
790NagalandDimapurDIMAPUR Civil Hospital Blood Bank
791NagalandDimapurDIMAPUR Military Hospital Blood Bank
792NagalandKohimaKOHIMA General Hospital Blood Bank
793NagalandKohimaKOHIMA Naga Hospital Authority Blood Bank
794NagalandMokokchungMOKOKCHUNG Dr. Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital Blood Bank
795NagalandMon MON District Hospital Blood Bank
796NagalandPhekPHEK District Hospital Blood Bank
797NagalandTuensangTUENSANG District Hospital Blood Bank
798NagalandWokhaWOKHA District Hospital Blood Bank
799NagalandZunhebotoZUNHEBOTO District Hospital Blood Bank
800ManipurChurachandpur CHURACHANDPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
801ManipurImphal EastIMPHAL EAST JNIMS Hospital Blood Bank and Transfusion Unit
802ManipurLamphelpatIMPHAL WEST Model Blood Bank - Department of IHBT
803ManipurLangolIMPHAL WEST Shija Blood Bank and Transfusion Services
804ManipurKhangabokTHOUBAL District Hospital Blood Bank and Transfusion Unit
805MizoramAizawlAIZAWL Civil Hospital Blood Bank Aizawl
806MizoramDurtlangAIZAWL Synod Hospital Blood Bank Durtlang
807MizoramChamphaiCHAMPHAI District Hospital Blood Bank Champhai
808MizoramKolasibKOLASIB District Hospital Blood Bank Kolasib
809MizoramLawngtlaiLAWNGTLAI District Hospital Blood Bank Lawngtlai
810MizoramLungleiLUNGLEI Civil Hospital Blood Bank
811MizoramSerkawnLUNGLEI Christian Hospital Blood Bank Serkawn
812MizoramMamitMAMIT District Hospital Blood Bank Mamit
813MizoramSaihaSAIHA District Hospital Blood Bank Saiha
814MizoramSerchhipSERCHHIP District Hospital Blood Bank Serchhip
815TripuraKamalpurDhalai Bimal Singha Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
816TripuraDharmanagarNorth Tripura District Hospital Blood Bank Dharmanagar
817TripuraAgartalaWest Tripura Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
818TripuraAgartalaWest Tripura Model Blood Bank, AGMC and G.B Hospital
819TripuraHapaniaWest Tripura Society for Tripura Medical College and Dr. B.R.A.M. Teaching Hospital Blood Bank
820TripuraKunjabanWest Tripura ILS Hospital
821TripuraUdaipurGomati District Hospital Gomati Blood Bank
822TripuraKailasaharUnakoti District Hospital Unakoti (R.G.M Hospital) Blood Bank
823MeghalayaShillongEAST KHASI HILLS Regional Blood Bank - Pasteur Institute
824MeghalayaShillongEAST KHASI HILLS Dr. H. Gordon Roberts Hospital Blood Bank
825MeghalayaShillongEAST KHASI HILLS Military Hospital Blood Bank
826MeghalayaShillong EAST KHASI HILLS Nazareth Hospital Blood Bank
827MeghalayaShillongEAST KHASI HILLS North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences
828MeghalayaJowaiWEST JAINTIA HILLS Jowai Civil Hospital Blood Bank
829MeghalayaTuraWEST GARO HILLS Tura Civil Hospital Blood Bank
830AssamBarpetaBARPETA Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (FAA) Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
831AssamBongaigaonBONGAIGAON Bongaigaon Civil Hospital Blood Bank
832AssamBongaigaonBONGAIGAON Lower Assam Hospital Blood Bank
833AssamGhungoor, SilcharCACHAR Silchar Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank.
834AssamSilcharCACHAR Barak Blood Bank and Clinical Research Centre
835AssamSilcharCACHAR Indian Red Cross Children Hospital Blood Bank
836AssamMangaldoiDARRANG Mangaldoi Civil Hospital Blood Bank
837AssamDhemajiDHEMAJI Dhemaji Civil Hospital Blood Bank
838AssamDhubriDHUBRI Dhubri Civil Hospital Blood Bank
839AssamDibrugarhDIBRUGARH Aditya Diagnostic Hospital Blood Bank
840AssamDibrugarhDIBRUGARH Assam Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank, State of the Art Model Blood Bank
841AssamDibrugarhDIBRUGARH Dr. Damani's Nursing Home Blood Bank
842AssamDibrugarhDIBRUGARH Srimanta Sankardeva Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
843AssamDuliajanDIBRUGARH Oil India Limited Hospital Blood Bank
844AssamGoalparaGOALPARA Solace Hospital and Research Private Limited
845AssamGolparaGOALPARA Goalpara Civil Hospital Blood Bank
846AssamGolaghatGOLAGHAT K.K. Civil Hospital Blood Bank
847AssamNumaligarhGOLAGHAT Vivekananda Kendra NRL Hospital Blood Bank
848AssamHailakandiHAILAKANDI S. K. Roy Civil Hospital Blood Bank
849AssamJorhatJORHAT Air Force Hospital Blood Bank
850AssamJorhatJORHAT Jorhat Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
851AssamJorhatJORHAT Lions Club Blood Bank
852AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP GNRC Institute of Medical Sciences
853AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP Narayana Hrudayalaya Limited Blood Bank
854AssamDiphuKARBI ANGLONG Diphu Civil Hospital Blood Bank
855AssamKarimganjKARIMGANJ Karimganj Civil Hospital Blood Bank
856AssamKokrajharKOKRAJHAR R.N.B. Civil Hospital Blood Bank
857AssamLakhimpurLAKHIMPUR North Lakhimpur Civil Hospital Blood Bank
858AssamMorigaonMorigaon Morigaon Civil Hospital Blood Bank
859AssamHaibargaonNAGAON North East Blood Bank and Research Centre
860AssamHojai, NagaonNAGAON Haji Abdul Majid Memorial Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
861AssamLumdingNAGAON Divisional Railway Headquarters Hospital Blood Bank
862AssamNagaonNAGAON B.P. Civil Hospital Blood Bank
863AssamNalbariNALBARI Nalbari Maternity Hospital Blood Bank
864AssamNalbariNALBARI S. M. K. Civil Hospital Blood Bank
865AssamHaflongDIMA HASAO Haflong Civil Hospital Blood Bank
866AssamSivasagarSIVASAGAR O.N.G.C. Limited Hospital Blood Bank
867AssamSivasagarSIVASAGAR Pragati Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
868AssamSivasagarSIVASAGAR Sivasagar Civil Hospital Blood Bank
869AssamBihguriSONITPUR Tezpur Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
870AssamBorgangSONITPUR Catholic Hospital Blood Bank
871AssamTezpurSONITPUR 155 Base Hospital Blood Bank
872AssamTezpurSONITPUR Kanaklata Civil Hospital Blood Bank
873AssamDigboiTINSUKIA (AOD) Hospital Blood Bank
874AssamMargheritaTINSUKIA Central Hospital Coal India Limited
875AssamTinsukiaTINSUKIA Dirial Central Hospital Blood Bank
876AssamTinsukiaTINSUKIA Tinsukia Blood Bank
877AssamTinsukiaTINSUKIA Tinsukia Civil Hospital Blood Bank
878AssamChirangCHIRANG Bongaigaon Refinery (BRPL) Hospital Blood Bank
879AssamBirubari, GuwahatiKAMRUP METRO Dr. B. Barooah Cancer Institute Blood Bank
880AssamDispur, GuwahatiKAMRUP METRO G.N.R.C. Hospital Blood Bank
881AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP METRO Surakhya Blood Bank
882AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP METRO 151 Base Hospital Blood Bank
883AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP METRO Assam Gujarat Voluntary Blood Bank and Research Centre
884AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP METRO Dispur Blood Bank
885AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP METRO Down Town Hospital Blood Bank
886AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP METRO Hayat Hospital Blood Bank
887AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP METRO International Hospital Blood Bank
888AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP METRO Mahendra Mohan Choudhury (MMC) Hospital Blood Bank
889AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP METRO Marwari Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
890AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP METRO Saharia's Path Lab & Blood Bank
891AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP METRO Sanjevani Hospital Blood Bank
892AssamGuwahatiKAMRUP METRO State of The Art Model Blood Bank
893AssamMaligaonKAMRUP METRO Central Hospital N. F. Railway Blood Bank
894AssamSixmile, GuwahatiKAMRUP METRO Rahman Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
895AssamUlubariKAMRUP METRO Ganga Blood Bank
896West BengalBarasat24 PARAGANAS NORTH Barasat District Hospital Blood Bank
897West BengalBarrackpore24 PARAGANAS NORTH Barrackpore S.D. Hospital (Dr. B.N. Bose) Hospital Blood Bank
898West BengalBarrackpore24 PARAGANAS NORTH Base Hospital Blood Bank Barrackpore
899West BengalNorth 24 Parganas24 PARAGANAS NORTH Bongaon S.D. Hospital Blood Bank (Dr. J.R. Dhar)
900West BengalNorth 24 Parganas24 PARAGANAS NORTH S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Basirhat
901West BengalDiamond Harbour24 PARAGANAS SOUTH Diamond Harbour S.D. Hospital Blood Bank
902West BengalSouth 24 Parganas24 PARAGANAS SOUTH Baruipur SDH Blood Bank
903West BengalSouth 24 Parganas24 PARAGANAS SOUTH Canning SDH Blood Bank
904West BengalBankuraBANKURA Bankura Sammilani Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
905West BengalBankuraBANKURA Khatra SDH Blood Bank
906West BengalBankuraBANKURA Little Heart Childrens Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
907West BengalBankuraBANKURA S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Bishnupur
908West BengalBardhamanBARDHAMAN Divisional Railway Hospital Blood Bank Asansol
909West BengalBardhamanBARDHAMAN Durgapur Steel Plant Hospital Blood Bank
910West BengalBardhamanBARDHAMAN ECL Central Hospital Blood Bank Kalla
911West BengalBardhamanBARDHAMAN Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital Blood Bank
912West BengalBardhamanBARDHAMAN S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Asansol
913West BengalBardhamanBARDHAMAN S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Durgapur
914West BengalBardhamanBARDHAMAN S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Kalna
915West BengalBurdwanBARDHAMAN Burdwan Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
916West BengalBurdwanBARDHAMAN K.G. Hospital Blood Bank
917West BengalBurdwanBARDHAMAN Life Line Blood Bank
918West BengalBurdwanBARDHAMAN Rashmi Blood bank
919West BengalBurdwanBARDHAMAN Sanctoria Hospital, Eastern Coalfield Limited Blood Bank
920West BengalBurdwanBARDHAMAN The Mission Hospital Blood Bank
921West BengalDurgapurBARDHAMAN Vivekananda Hospital Private Limited
922West BengalKatwaBARDHAMAN Hemraj Blood Bank, Katwa S.D. Hospital
923West BengalN/ABARDHAMAN Burnpur Hospital Blood Bank
924West BengalBirbhumBIRBHUM Rampurhat S.D. Hospital Blood Bank
925West BengalBirbhumBIRBHUM S.D Hospital Blood Bank Bolpur
926West BengalN/ABIRBHUM Suri Sadar District Hospital Blood Bank
927West BengalCooch BeharCooch Behar Cooch Behar Municipality Hospital Blood Bank
928West BengalCooch BeharCooch Behar St. John Ambulance Association, Cooch Berar District Centre
929West BengalN/ACooch Behar M.J.N Hospital Blood Bank
930West BengalDarjeelingDARJEELING Base Hospital and Blood Bank
931West BengalDarjeelingDARJEELING District Hospital Blood Bank Darjeeling
932West BengalDarjeelingDARJEELING North Bengal Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
933West BengalDarjeelingDARJEELING S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Kurseong
934West BengalDarjeelingDARJEELING S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Siliguri
935West BengalKalimpongDARJEELING S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Kalimpong
936West BengalN/ADARJEELING Paul P. Harris, Siliguri Rotary Blood Bank
937West BengalSiliguriDARJEELING North Bengal Voluntary Blood Bank and Research Centre
938West BengalSiliguriDARJEELING Terai Lions Charitable Trust Blood Bank Siliguri
939West BengalDakshin DinajpurDakshin Dinajpur Balurghat District Hospital Blood Bank
940West BengalN/AUttar Dinajpur Raiganj Blood Bank, Uttar Dinajpur Raiganj District Hospital
941West BengalN/AUttar Dinajpur Sub Divisional Hospital Blood Bank Islampur
942West BengalHooghlyHOOGHLY S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Chandannagar
943West BengalHooghlyHOOGHLY Sub Divisional Hospital Blood Bank Arambagh
944West BengalN/AHOOGHLY Imambara Sadar Hospital Blood Bank
945West BengalSeramporeHOOGHLY Serampore S.D. Hospital Blood Bank (Walsh)
946West BengalHowrahHOWRAH Sanjiban Hospital Blood Bank
947West BengalN/AHOWRAH Howrah District Hospital Blood Bank
948West BengalN/AHOWRAH Howrah Orthopaedic Hospital Blood Bank
949West BengalUluberiaHOWRAH S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Uluberia
950West BengalBinnaguriJALPAIGURI Blood Bank, 164, Millitary Hospital
951West BengalJalpaiguriJALPAIGURI Air Force Hospital Blood Bank
952West BengalJalpaiguriJALPAIGURI S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Alipurduar
953West BengalJalpaiguriJALPAIGURI S.D. Hospital Blood Bank, Jalpaiguri
954West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Limited Blood Bank
955West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Ashok Laboratory, Centre for Transfusion, Medicine and Clinical Research
956West BengalKolkataKOLKATA B.M. Birla Heart Research Centre Blood Bank
957West BengalKolkataKOLKATA B.R. Singh Hospital Blood Bank
958West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Barasat Cancer Research and Welfare Centre Blood Bank
959West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Belle Vue Clinic Blood Bank
960West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Bhoruka Research Centre for Haematology and Blood Transfusion
961West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Blood Bank, ESIC Hospital and ODC (E.Z.)
962West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Calcutta Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
963West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Calcutta National Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
964West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Central Hospital Blood Bank
965West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute Blood Bank
966West BengalKolkataKOLKATA College of Medicine and Sagore Dutta Hospital Blood Bank
967West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Command Hospital (EC) Blood Bank
968West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Cord Life Sciences India Private Limited Blood Bank
969West BengalKolkataKOLKATA ESI Hospital, Maniktala Blood Bank
970West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Fortis Hospital Limited Blood Bank
971West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Health Point - A Multispeciality Hospital Blood Bank
972West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Indian Association of Blood Bank Cancer and Allied Diseases
973West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Institute of Blood Transfusion Medicine and Immunohaematology
974West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Institute of Child Health Blood Bank
975West BengalKolkataKOLKATA KPC Medical College and Hospital
976West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Life Care Medical Complex Private Limited Blood Bank
977West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Lions District 322B1 Blood Bank
978West BengalKolkataKOLKATA M.R. Bangur Hospital Blood Bank
979West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Marwari Relief Society Blood Bank
980West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Medica Super Specialty Hospital Blood Bank
981West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Mission of Mercy Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
982West BengalKolkataKOLKATA N.R.S. Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
983West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Peerless Hospital and Research Center Limited Blood Bank
984West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Peoples Blood Bank
985West BengalKolkataKOLKATA R.G. Kar Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
986West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Ramkrishna Mission Seva Prathisthan Blood Bank
987West BengalKolkataKOLKATA S.S.K.M Hospital Blood Bank
988West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Saroj Gupta Cancer and Research Institute Blood Bank
989West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Tata Medical Centre Trust Blood Bank
990West BengalKolkataKOLKATA The Haemophilia Society Calcutta Chapter Blood Bank
991West BengalKolkataKOLKATA Woodland Multispeciality Hospital Limited Blood Bank
992West BengalN/AMALDA Malda District Hospital Blood Bank
993West BengalEast MidnaporeMEDINIPUR EAST Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy Hospital Blood Bank (A Unit of ICARE)
994West BengalHadiaMEDINIPUR EAST Haldia S.D. Hospital Blood Bank
995West BengalMedinipurMEDINIPUR EAST S.D. Hospital Blood Bank, Contai
996West BengalN/AMEDINIPUR EAST S.D. Hospital Blood Bank, Tamluk
997West BengalJhargramMEDINIPUR WEST S.D. Hospital Blood Bank, Jhargram
998West BengalMidnaporeMEDINIPUR WEST Midnapur Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
999West BengalN/AMEDINIPUR WEST S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Kharagpur
1000West BengalN/AMEDINIPUR WEST South Eastern Railway Hospital Blood Bank
1001West BengalWest MidnapurMEDINIPUR WEST S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Ghatal
1002West BengalMurshidabadMURSHIDABAD Baharampur District Hospital Blood Bank
1003West BengalN/AMURSHIDABAD S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Jangipur
1004West BengalN/AMURSHIDABAD S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Kandi
1005West BengalN/AMURSHIDABAD S.D.Hospital Blood Bank, Lalbagh
1006West BengalKALYANINADIA Gandhi Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
1007West BengalN/ANADIA Nadia District Hospital Blood Bank Krishnanagar (Saktinagar)
1008West BengalN/ANADIA S.D. Hospital Blood Bank Ranaghat
1009West BengalNADIANADIA Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
1010West BengalNadiaNADIA Nabadwip SGH Blood Bank
1011West BengalPuruliaPURULIA Deben Mahato (Sadar) Hospital Blood Bank
1012JharkhandBokaroBOKARO Bokaro General Hospital Blood Bank
1013JharkhandBokaroBOKARO Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank Bokaro
1014JharkhandBokaroBOKARO K.M. Memorial Hospital & Research Center Blood Bank
1015JharkhandDeogarhDEOGHAR Sadar Hospital Campus Blood Bank Deoghar
1016JharkhandDhanbadDHANBAD Central Hospital Blood Bank BCCL Dhanbad
1017JharkhandDhanbadDHANBAD Dwarka Das Jalan Memorial Hospital Bartand Blood Bank
1018JharkhandDhanbadDHANBAD Patliputra Medical college and Hospital (PMCH) Campus Blood Bank Dhanbad
1019JharkhandDhanbadDHANBAD S. N. Chakraborty Memorial Chakraborty Nursing Home Blood Bank
1020JharkhandDumkaDUMKA Sadar Hospital Campus Blood Bank Dumka
1021JharkhandJamshedpurEAST SINGHBHUM Jamshedpur Blood Bank
1022JharkhandJamshedpurEAST SINGHBHUM MGMMCH Campus Blood Bank Jamshedpur
1023JharkhandGarhwaGARHWA Sadar Hospital Campus Blood Bank Garhwa
1024JharkhandGiridhGIRIDIH Sadar Hospital Campus Blood Bank Giridih
1025JharkhandGumlaGUMLA Sadar Hospital Campus Blood Bank Gumla
1026JharkhandHazaribaghHAZARIBAGH Sadar Hospital Blood Bank Hazaribag
1027JharkhandHazaribaghHAZARIBAGH TISCO West Bokaro Hospital Blood Bank
1028JharkhandKodermaKODERMA Koderma Blood Bank
1030JharkhandLohardagaLOHARDAGA Sadar Hospital Campus Blood Bank Lohardaga
1031JharkhandPAKUR Blood Bank, Sadar Hospital Campus,
1032JharkhandPalamauPALAMU Sadar Hospital Campus Blood Bank Palamau
1033JharkhandRanchiRANCHI ARAM Apollo Hospital Blood Bank
1034JharkhandRanchiRANCHI Archi Blood Bank Jharkhand
1035JharkhandRanchiRANCHI Birsa Blood Bank Bariyatu
1036JharkhandRanchiRANCHI CCL Hospital Blood Bank Ranchi
1037JharkhandRanchiRANCHI Devkamal Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
1038JharkhandRanchiRANCHI Gurunanak Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
1039JharkhandRanchiRANCHI Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) Blood Bank Morabadi
1040JharkhandRanchiRANCHI Jharkhand Blood Bank Bariatu
1041JharkhandRanchiRANCHI Nagarmal Modi Seva Sadan Hospital Blood Bank
1042JharkhandRanchiRANCHI Plant Hospital HEC Limited Blood Bank
1043JharkhandRanchiRANCHI RIMS Blood Bank Bariyatu
1044JharkhandRanchiRANCHI Rinchi Trust Hospital Blood Bank
1045JharkhandRanchiRANCHI Sainik Hospital Blood Bank Namkum
1046JharkhandSahebganjSAHEBGANJ Sadar Hospital Campus Blood Bank Sahebganj
1047JharkhandSimdegaSIMDEGA Sadar Hospital Campus Blood Bank Simdega
1048JharkhandChaibasaWEST SINGHBHUM TISCO Hospital Blood Transfusion Unit
1050JharkhandWest SinghbumWEST SINGHBHUM Sadar Hospital Campus Blood Bank Chaibasa
1051JharkhandRamgarhRAMGARH Apurva Blood Bank Ramgarh
1052JharkhandRamgarhRAMGARH CCL Hospital Blood Bank Ramgarh
1053JharkhandRamgarhRAMGARH Military Hospital Blood Bank Ramgarh
1054OdishaANGUL Odisa Red Cross Blood Bank
1055OdishaATHAMALLIKANGUL Odisha Red Cross Blood Bank Athamallik
1056OdishaN/AANGUL Nalco Hospital Blood Bank
1057OdishaN/AANGUL Neheru Satabdi Central Hospital Blood Bank
1058OdishaTalcherANGUL Sub Divisional Hospital
1059OdishaBALANGIRBALANGIR Odisha Red Cross Blood Bank Bolangir
1060OdishaN/ABALANGIR CHC Hospital Blood Bank Kantabanji
1061OdishaN/ABALANGIR ORCBB, SDH, Titlagarh
1062OdishaPatnagarhBALANGIR Sub Divisional Government Hospital Blood Bank Patnagarh
1063OdishaBaleshwarBalasore Odisha Red Cross Blood Bank, Balasore
1064OdishaN/ABalasore M/s Jyoti Hospital Blood Bank
1065OdishaN/ABalasore Sub Divisional Hospital Nilagiri
1066OdishaN/ABARGARH District Head Quarter Hospital Blood Bank Baragarh
1067OdishaN/ABARGARH M/s . Catholic Mission Hospital Blood Bank
1068OdishaN/ABARGARH Sub Divisional Hospital Padmapur
1069OdishaN/ABHADRAK District Head Hospital Blood Bank
1070OdishaN/ABOUDH District Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank Boudh
1071OdishaCuttackCUTTACK Central Red Cross Blood Bank
1072OdishaCuttackCUTTACK SCB Medical College Blood Bank
1073OdishaN/ADEOGARH District Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank Deogarh
1074OdishaDHENKANALDHENKANAL District Head Quarters Hospital Dhenkanal
1075OdishaN/AGAJAPATI District Hospital Paralakhemundi
1076OdishaN/AGANJAM Maharaja Krishna Chandra Gajapati Medical College Berhampur
1077OdishaN/AGANJAM Sub Divisional Hospital Bhanjanagar
1078OdishaJagatsinghpurJagatsinghpur District Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank Jagatsinghpur
1079OdishaN/AJAJPUR District Head Quarters Hospital Jajpur
1080OdishaN/AJAJPUR ORCBB, AH, Jajpur
1081OdishaN/AJHARSUGUDA Central Hospital (MCL), Brajaraj Nagar
1082OdishaN/AJHARSUGUDA Government District Hospital Blood Bank Jharsuguda
1083OdishaN/AJHARSUGUDA TRL Hospital, Belpahada
1084OdishaBHAWANIPATNAKALAHANDI District Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank Bhawanipatna
1085OdishaN/AKALAHANDI Sardar Rajas Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
1086OdishaN/AKALAHANDI Sub Divisional Hospital Blood Bank Dharmagarh
1088OdishaPhulbani KANDHAMAL District Head Quarters Hospital Phulbani
1089OdishaN/AKENDRAPARA District Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank Kendrapara
1090OdishaAnandapurKENDUJHAR Sub Divisional Hospital Blood Bank Anandapur
1091OdishaN/AKENDUJHAR Central Hospital Blood Bank Joda
1092OdishaN/AKENDUJHAR District Head Quarters Hospital Keonjhar
1093OdishaN/AKENDUJHAR Sub Divisional Hospital Champua
1094OdishaN/AKENDUJHAR Tisco Hospital Blood Bank
1095OdishaBhubaneswarKHORDHA AMRI Hospital Blood Bank
1096OdishaBhubaneswarKHORDHA Apollo Hospital Blood Bank
1097OdishaBhubaneswarKHORDHA Capital Hospital Blood Bank
1098OdishaBhubaneswarKHORDHA DHH, Khurda
1099OdishaBhubaneswarKHORDHA Hi-Tech Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
1100OdishaBhubaneswarKHORDHA Kalinga Hospital Limited Blood Bank
1101OdishaBhubaneswarKHORDHA Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) Blood Bank
1102OdishaBhubaneswarKHORDHA Municipal Hospital Blood Bank
1103OdishaBhubaneswarKHORDHA Sum Hospital Blood Bank
1104OdishaDamanjodiKORAPUT NALCO Hospital Blood Bank
1105OdishaJeyporeKORAPUT Government Sub Divisional Hospital Blood Bank
1106OdishaKoraputKORAPUT Asha Kiran Society Blood Bank
1107OdishaKoraputKORAPUT HAL Hospital Blood Bank
1108OdishaN/AKORAPUT Government District Head Hospital Blood Bank
1109OdishaMalkangiriMALKANGIRI DHH, Malkangiri
1110OdishaBARIPADAMAYURBHANJ District Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
1111OdishaKaranjiaMAYURBHANJ Karanjia Sub Divisional Hospital Blood Bank
1113OdishaUdalaMAYURBHANJ Udala Hospital Blood Bank
1114OdishaN/ANABARANGPUR Christian Hospital Blood Bank Nawarangpur
1115OdishaNawrangpurNABARANGPUR District Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank Nawrangpur
1116OdishaN/ANAYAGARH Nayagarh Hospital Blood Bank
1117OdishaN/ANUAPADA Evagelical Hospital Blood Bank
1118OdishaNuapadaNUAPADA DHH, Nuapara
1119OdishaPuriPURI Puri Government Hospital Blood Bank
1120OdishaGunupurRAYAGADA Government Hospital Blood Bank
1121OdishaRayagadaRAYAGADA Christian Hospital Blood Bank
1122OdishaRayagadaRAYAGADA District Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank Rayagada
1123OdishaBarapaliSAMBALPUR Jesus Mary Hospital Blood Bank
1124OdishaKuchindaSAMBALPUR Kuchinda Government Hospital Blood Bank
1125OdishaModipadaSAMBALPUR District Head Quarter Hospital Blood Bank
1126OdishaRairakholSAMBALPUR SDH, Rairakhol
1127OdishaSambalpurSAMBALPUR VSS Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
1128OdishaSonepurSONEPUR Government Hospital Blood Bank Sonepur
1129OdishaN/ASundergarh Community Welfare Society Hospital Blood Bank
1130OdishaRourkela Sundergarh Hi-Tech Medical college Hospital Blood Bank
1131OdishaROURKELASundergarh Immuno-Haematology and Blood Transfusion Centre, Rourkela
1132OdishaRourkelaSundergarh Rourkela Government Hospital
1133OdishaRourkelaSundergarh Vesaj Patel Hospital and Research Center Blood Bank
1134OdishaSundargarhSundergarh Bonai Hospital Blood Bank
1135OdishaSundergarhSundergarh District Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank Sundergarh
1136ChhattisgarhJagdalpurBASTAR Maharani Hospital Blood Bank Jagdalpur
1137ChhattisgarhBilaspurBILASPUR Apollo Hospital Blood Bank Bilaspur
1138ChhattisgarhBilaspurBILASPUR Bilasa Blood Bank
1139ChhattisgarhBilaspurBILASPUR Chhattisgarh Insititute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) Blood Bank Bilsapur
1140ChhattisgarhBilaspurBILASPUR Christian Hospital Blood Bank
1141ChhattisgarhBilaspurBILASPUR District Hospital Blood Bank Bilaspur
1142ChhattisgarhBilaspurBILASPUR Ekta Blood Bank Bilaspur
1143ChhattisgarhBilaspurBILASPUR Meghani Blood Bank Bilaspur
1144ChhattisgarhDantewadaDANTEWADA District Hospital Blood Bank Dantewada
1145ChhattisgarhDantewadaDANTEWADA NMDC Apollo Hospital Blood Bank
1146ChhattisgarhDantewadaDANTEWADA NMDC Project Hospital Blood Bank
1147ChhattisgarhDhamtariDHAMTARI Dhamtari Christian Hospital
1148ChhattisgarhDhamtariDHAMTARI Dhamtari District Hospital Blood Bank
1149ChhattisgarhBhilaiDURG M/s Shri Shankaracharya Blood Bank
1150ChhattisgarhDurgDURG B.S.R. Cancer Hospital
1151ChhattisgarhDurgDURG Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Hopsital Blood Bank
1152ChhattisgarhDurgDURG Chandulal Chandraker Memorial (C.C.M.) Medical College Blood Bank
1153ChhattisgarhDurgDURG Durg District Hospital Blood Bank
1154ChhattisgarhDurgDURG Gayatri Blood Bank, Durg
1155ChhattisgarhDurgDURG J.L.N Hospital & RC Blood Bank
1156ChhattisgarhJanjgirJANJGIR-CHAMPA District Hospital Blood Bank Janjgir
1157ChhattisgarhJashpurJASHPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
1158ChhattisgarhKankerKANKER Kanker District Hospital Blood Bank
1159ChhattisgarhKawardhaKABIRDHAM (Kawardha) Kawardha District Hospital Blood Bank
1160ChhattisgarhKorbaKORBA Bilasa Blood Bank,KORBA
1161ChhattisgarhKorbaKORBA District Hospital Blood Bank Korba
1162ChhattisgarhKorbaKORBA Nehru Centenary Hospital Blood Bank
1163ChhattisgarhTP NagarKORBA Lions Blood Bank
1164ChhattisgarhKoreaKOREA District Hospital Blood Bank Koriya
1165ChhattisgarhMahasamundMAHASAMUND District Hospital Blood Bank Mahasamund
1166ChhattisgarhRaigarhRAIGARH District Hospital Blood Bank Raigarh
1167ChhattisgarhRaigarhRAIGARH O.P. Jindal Hospital Blood Bank
1168ChhattisgarhRaigarhRAIGARH Sewa Blood Bank
1169ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR Aashirwad Jan Kalyan Sansthan Blood Bank
1170ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR AIIMS Blood Bank
1171ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR Bilasa Blood Bank
1172ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR Chhattisgarh Blood Bank
1173ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR City Blood Bank
1174ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR Evangelical Mission Hospital Blood Bank
1175ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR Model Blood Bank, Raipur
1176ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR NHMMI Blood Bank
1177ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR Raipur Institute of Medical Science
1178ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR Rajdhani Blood Bank
1179ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR Red Cross Blood Bank
1180ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR Sai Sahara Blood Bank
1181ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR Shree Narayana Hospital Blood Bank
1182ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR Shrishti Blood Bank
1183ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR SSD Blood Bank
1184ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR Thawait Blood Bank
1185ChhattisgarhRaipurRAIPUR United Blood Bank
1186ChhattisgarhRajnandgaonRAJNANDGAON Bilasa Blood Bank, Rajnandgaon
1187ChhattisgarhRajnandgaonRAJNANDGAON District Hospital Blood Bank Rajnandgaon
1188ChhattisgarhAmbikapurSURGUJA District Hospital Blood Bank Sarguja
1189ChhattisgarhAmbikapurSURGUJA Holy Cross Hospital Blood Bank
1190ChhattisgarhAmbikapurSURGUJA Tej Blood Bank
1191ChhattisgarhNarayanpurNARAYANPUR Ramakrishna Ashram Blood Bank
1192ChhattisgarhSurajpurSURAJPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
1193Madhya PradeshAshoknagarASHOKNAGAR Ashoknagar Seva Samiti Blood Bank
1194Madhya PradeshBalaghatBALAGHAT Agrawal Blood Bank
1195Madhya PradeshBalaghatBALAGHAT District Hospital Blood Bank
1196Madhya PradeshBarwaniBARWANI District Hospital Blood Bank
1197Madhya PradeshBetulBETUL District Hospital Blood Bank
1198Madhya PradeshPadharBETUL Padhar Hospital Blood Bank
1199Madhya PradeshPathakheda BETUL WCL Hospital Blood Bank Pathakheda
1200Madhya PradeshBhindBHIND District Hospital Blood Bank
1201Madhya PradeshBairagarhBHOPAL Chirayu Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
1202Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL Arpan Blood Bank
1203Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL Bansal Hospital Redefining Healthcare Blood Bank
1204Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
1205Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL Chirayu Health and Medicare Blood Bank
1206Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL City Blood Bank of Bhojpal Charitable Trust
1207Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL District Hospital Blood Bank
1208Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL Gandhi Medical College Blood Bank
1209Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL IGH Gas Rahat Blood Bank
1210Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL Indian Red7091 Cross Society (IRCS) Blood Bank
1211Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL Jawahar Lal Nehru Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
1212Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL JK Hospital and Medical Research Centre Blood Bank
1213Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL Kasturba Hospital BHEL Blood Bank
1214Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL Manas Blood Bank of Chinmayi Swasthya Seva Sadhbhav Shikshan Samiti
1215Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL MP Thelasmia Kid Care Society Blood Bank
1216Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL New Bhopal Blood Bank
1217Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL People Hospital Blood Bank
1218Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL RKDF Medical College Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
1219Madhya PradeshBhopalBHOPAL Tatpar Pathology and Diagnostic Centre Blood Bank
1220Madhya PradeshBurhanpurBURHANPUR Chandubhai Somabhai Patel Blood Bank
1221Madhya PradeshBurhanpurBURHANPUR District Hospital
1222Madhya PradeshChhatarpurCHHATARPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
1223Madhya PradeshBarkuiCHHINDWARA WCL Badkui Hospital Chhindwara Blood Bank
1224Madhya PradeshChhindwaraCHHINDWARA District Hospital Blood Bank
1225Madhya PradeshDamohDAMOH District Hospital Blood Bank
1226Madhya PradeshDamohDAMOH Madhav Smriti Seva Nyas Blood Bank
1227Madhya PradeshDatiaDATIA District Hospital Blood Bank
1228Madhya PradeshDewasDEWAS District Hospital Blood Bank
1229Madhya PradeshDewasDEWAS Vishnuprabha Charitable Trust Blood Bank
1230Madhya PradeshDharDHAR District Hospital Blood Bank
1231Madhya PradeshDharDHAR Mittal Hospital Blood Bank
1232Madhya PradeshDindoriDINDORI District Hospital Blood Bank
1233Madhya PradeshKhandwaEAST NIMAR Deep Blood Bank
1234Madhya PradeshKhandwaEAST NIMAR District Hospital Blood Bank
1235Madhya PradeshGunaGUNA District Hospital Blood Bank
1236Madhya PradeshGunaGUNA Kanchan Medicare and Research Centre Private Limited Blood Bank
1237Madhya PradeshDabraGWALIOR Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) Blood Bank
1238Madhya PradeshGwaliorGWALIOR Blood Bank (Component & Apheresis Unit) G.R.Medical College
1239Madhya PradeshGwaliorGWALIOR Birla Institute of Medical Research Blood Bank
1240Madhya PradeshGwaliorGWALIOR Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
1241Madhya PradeshGwaliorGWALIOR Captain OS Dewan Memorial Blood Bank
1242Madhya PradeshGwaliorGWALIOR District Hospital Blood Bank
1243Madhya PradeshGwaliorGWALIOR Emergency Blood Bank
1244Madhya PradeshGwaliorGWALIOR Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) Blood Bank
1245Madhya PradeshGwaliorGWALIOR Radhaswami Blood Bank Services
1246Madhya PradeshGwaliorGWALIOR Shri Guruji Raktkosh Blood Bank
1247Madhya PradeshGwaliorGWALIOR Shri Radheswami Blood Bank
1248Madhya PradeshHardaHARDA District Hospital Blood Bank
1249Madhya PradeshHoshangabadHOSHANGABAD District Hospital Blood Bank
1250Madhya PradeshHoshangabadHOSHANGABAD Harit Blood Bank
1251Madhya PradeshHoshangabadHOSHANGABAD Shreya Blood Bank
1252Madhya PradeshHoshangabadHOSHANGABAD Society of Saint Joseph Hospital Blood Bank
1253Madhya PradeshItarsiHOSHANGABAD Civil Hospital Itarsi Blood Bank
1254Madhya Pradesh Indore INDORE Lahoti Medicare Private Limited Blood Bank
1255Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Allied Pathology Laboratory and Blood Bank
1256Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Arihant Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
1257Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Aruvindo Blood Banks SAIMS Hospital
1258Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Bombay Hospital Trust Blood Bank
1259Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE CHL Apollo Hospital Blood Bank
1260Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Choitram Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
1261Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Gokuldas Hospital Blood Bank
1262Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Greater Kailash Hospitals Private Limited Blood Bank
1263Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Gurjar Hospital and Endoscopy Centre Private Limited Blood Bank
1264Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Index Medical College Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
1265Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Life Line Hospital Blood Bank
1266Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Lions Club of Indore Blood Bank
1267Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Modern Blood Bank
1268Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Mohit Blood Bank Services
1269Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE MP Thalassmia Welfare Society Blood Bank
1270Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE MY Hospital & MGM Medical College - State of ART Model Blood Bank
1271Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Noble Pathology Labs Blood Bank
1272Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Qurewell Blood Bank of Care Well Hospital Private Limited
1273Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Sanghvi Blood Bank
1274Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Shri Indore Cloth Market Hospital Blood Bank
1275Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Shri Satya Sai Blood Bank
1276Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Shubham Pathological Diagnostic Centre Blood Bank
1277Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE SNG Hospital Blood Bank
1278Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Suyash Blood Bank
1279Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Verma Union Hospital Blood Bank
1280Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Vishesh Hospital Blood Bank
1281Madhya PradeshIndoreINDORE Vishnu Prabha Diagnostic Centre Blood Bank
1282Madhya PradeshJabalpurJABALPUR Bansal Blood Bank and Transfusion Service
1283Madhya PradeshJabalpurJABALPUR District Victoria Hospital Blood Bank
1284Madhya PradeshJabalpurJABALPUR Jabalpur Blood Bank & Pathology Lab
1285Madhya PradeshJabalpurJABALPUR Jabalpur Thalesemia Society Blood Bank
1286Madhya PradeshJabalpurJABALPUR Khanna Pathology Lab and Blood Bank
1287Madhya PradeshJabalpurJABALPUR Military Hospital Blood Bank
1288Madhya PradeshJabalpurJABALPUR NSCB Medical College Blood Bank
1289Madhya PradeshJabalpurJABALPUR Rani Durgawati Hospital Blood Bank
1290Madhya PradeshJhabuaJHABUA District Hospital
1291Madhya PradeshMeghnagarJHABUA Jivan Jyoti Hospital Blood Bank
1292Madhya PradeshKatniKATNI District Hospital Blood Bank
1293Madhya PradeshKhargoneKHARGONE District Hospital Blood Bank
1294Madhya PradeshMandlaMANDLA District Hospital Blood Bank Mandla
1295Madhya PradeshMandsaurMANDSAUR District Hospital Blood Bank
1296Madhya PradeshMandsaurMANDSAUR Jain Pathology Laboratory and Blood Bank
1297Madhya PradeshMorenaMORENA District Hospital Blood Bank
1298Madhya PradeshMorenaMORENA Jindal Blood Bank
1299Madhya PradeshNarsinghpurNARSINGHPUR District Hospital Narsinghpur Blood Bank
1300Madhya PradeshNeemuchNEEMUCH Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) Blood Bank
1301Madhya PradeshPannaPANNA District Hospital Blood Bank
1302Madhya PradeshRaisenRAISEN District Hospital Blood Bank
1303Madhya PradeshRajgarhRAJGARH District Hospital Blood Bank
1304Madhya PradeshRatlamRATLAM District Hospital Blood Bank
1305Madhya PradeshRatlamRATLAM Manav Seva Samiti Blood Bank
1306Madhya PradeshRewaREWA S. S. Medical College Blood Bank
1307Madhya PradeshSagarSAGAR Bhagyoday Tirth Hospital Blood Bank
1308Madhya PradeshSagarSAGAR District Hospital Blood Bank
1309Madhya PradeshChitrakootSATNA Sadguru Blood Bank Chitrakoot
1310Madhya PradeshSatnaSATNA District Hospital Blood Bank
1311Madhya PradeshSatnaSATNA MP Birla Hospital and Priyamvada Birla Cancer Research Institute Blood Bank
1312Madhya PradeshSehoreSEHORE District Hospital Blood Bank
1313Madhya PradeshSeoniSEONI District Hospital Blood Bank Seoni
1314Madhya PradeshDhanpuriSHAHDOL Burhar Central Hospital of South Eastern Coal Fields Limited Blood Bank
1315Madhya PradeshShahdolSHAHDOL District Hospital Blood Bank
1316Madhya PradeshMaxiSHAJAPUR Murlidhar Kripa Hospital Blood Bank
1317Madhya PradeshShajapurSHAJAPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
1318Madhya PradeshSheopurSHEOPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
1319Madhya PradeshShivpuriSHIVPURI District Hospital Blood Bank
1320Madhya PradeshSidhiSIDHI District Hospital Blood Bank
1321Madhya PradeshTikamgarhTIKAMGARH District Hospital Blood Bank
1322Madhya PradeshNagdaUJJAIN Grassim Hospital and Blood Bank
1323Madhya PradeshUjjainUJJAIN CR Gardi Hospital and RD Blood Bank
1324Madhya PradeshUjjainUJJAIN District Hospital Blood Bank
1325Madhya PradeshUjjainUJJAIN Puspha Mission Hospital and Maternity Home Blood Bank
1326Madhya PradeshUjjainUJJAIN Ujjain Charitable Trust Blood Bank
1327Madhya PradeshUmariaUMARIA District Hospital Blood Bank
1328Madhya PradeshVidishaVIDISHA District Hospital Blood Bank
1329Madhya PradeshJayantSINGRAULI Nehru Jan shatabdi Chikitsalaya Blood Bank
1330Madhya PradeshSingrauliSINGRAULI Red Cross Blood Bank
1331Madhya PradeshAlirajpurALIRAJPUR District Hospital Blood Bank
1332GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Adarsh Pathology Laboratory and Blood Bank
1333GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Ami Pathology Laboratory and Blood Bank
1334GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Civil Hospital Blood Bank
1335GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Cross World Voluntary Blood Bank
1336GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Dr. Jivraj Mehta Smarak Health Foundation Blood Bank
1337GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD General Hospital Blood Bank
1338GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD General Hospital Blood Bank Sola
1339GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Gujarat Blood Bank Naranpura
1340GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Gujarat Blood Bank Paldi
1342GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Help Voluntary Blood Bank
1343GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1344GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Institute of Kidney Disease and Research Centre
1345GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Karnavati Blood Bank and Pathology Lab
1346GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD L. G. Hospital Blood Bank
1347GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Maha Gujarat Blood Bank
1348GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Military Hospital Blood Bank
1349GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Prathama Blood Centre
1350GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Smt. Shardaben Hospital Blood Bank
1351GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Sterling Hospital
1352GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD Supratech Voluntary Blood Bank
1353GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute Blood Bank
1354GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD V. S. Hospital Blood Bank
1355GujaratAhmedabadAHMEDABAD White Cross Blood Bank
1356GujaratAmreliAMRELI Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1357GujaratAnandANAND Ghanshyam Pathlology Laboratory and Blood Bank
1358GujaratAnandANAND Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1359GujaratAnandANAND Indu Voluntary Blood Bank
1360GujaratKambhatANAND Lions Club Khambat Blood Bank
1361GujaratKaramsadANAND A.D. Gorwala Karamsad Blood Bank
1362GujaratPetladANAND Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank Petlad
1363GujaratBanaskanthaBanaskantha Bhoomi Voluntary Blood Bank Palanpur
1364GujaratBanaskanthaBanaskantha Dharti Voluntary Blood Bank
1365GujaratBanaskanthaBanaskantha Gandhi Lincon Hospital Blood Bank
1366GujaratBanaskanthaBanaskantha Gayatri Pathology Laboratory and Voluntary Blood Bank
1367GujaratBanaskanthaBanaskantha Gayatri Voluntary Blood Bank
1368GujaratBanaskanthaBanaskantha General Hospital Blood Bank Palanpur
1369GujaratBanaskanthaBanaskantha M. U. Pethani Voluntary Blood Bank, Palanpur
1370GujaratBanaskanthaBanaskantha Saraswati Voluntary Blood Bank
1371GujaratBanaskanthaBanaskantha Vikas Voluntary Blood Bank
1372GujaratTharadBanaskantha Adarsh Voluntary Blood Bank
1373GujaratBharuchBHARUCH Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1374GujaratBharuchBHARUCH Kumarpal Gandhi Blood Bank
1375GujaratBhavnagarBHAVNAGAR Bambhaniya Voluntary Blood Bank
1376GujaratBhavnagarBHAVNAGAR Bhavnagar Blood Bank
1377GujaratBhavnagarBHAVNAGAR Navkar Charitable Trust Mahuva Blood Bank
1378GujaratBhavnagarBHAVNAGAR Sir T. General Hospital Blood Bank
1379GujaratBhavnagarBHAVNAGAR Smt. Sonalien A. Shah Blood Bank
1380GujaratBhavnagarBHAVNAGAR Tulsi Pathology Laboratory and Blood Bank
1381GujaratAhwaDANG General Hospital Blood Bank Ahwa
1382GujaratDahodDahod Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1383GujaratDahodDahod Kiran Voluntary Blood Bank
1384GujaratDahodDahod Samarth Raktdan Kendra
1385GujaratGandhinagarGANDHINAGAR Apollo Hospital International Limited Blood Bank
1387GujaratGandhinagarGANDHINAGAR Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS), Kalol, Gandhinagar
1388GujaratGandhinagarGANDHINAGAR Shraddhadeep Pathology Lab and Blood Bank
1389GujaratMansaGANDHINAGAR Indian Medical Association (IMA) Blood Bank
1390GujaratJamnagarJAMNAGAR G.G.Hospital Blood Bank
1391GujaratJamnagarJAMNAGAR General Hospital Blood Bank
1392GujaratJamnagarJAMNAGAR Jamnagar Voluntary Blood Bank
1393GujaratJamnagarJAMNAGAR Tata Chemical Limited Blood Bank Mithapur
1394GujaratJunagadhJUNAGADH Divyajyoti Charitable Voulantary Blood Bank
1395GujaratJunagadhJUNAGADH General Hospital Blood Bank Junagadh
1396GujaratJunagadhJUNAGADH Navdeep Blood Bank
1397GujaratJunagadhJUNAGADH Navjeevan Blood Bank and Clinical Laboratory, Veraval
1398GujaratJunagadhJUNAGADH Shri Jivanprakash Foundation Voluntary Blood Bank
1399GujaratKeshodJUNAGADH Sardar Patel voulantary Blood Bank, Keshod
1400GujaratBhujKACHCHH G.K. General Hospital Blood Bank, Bhuj
1401GujaratGandhidhamKACHCHH Rajabhai Patel Blood Bank (IMA)
1402GujaratKutchKACHCHH Jivan Jyot Blood Bank
1403GujaratKutchKACHCHH Matrushri Meghbai Pramji Jetha Hospital and Research Centre, Bhuj
1404GujaratKutchKACHCHH Mayur Voluntary Blood Bank Mandvi
1405GujaratKapadwanjKHEDA Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1406GujaratNadiadKHEDA Gujarat Methodist Church Cardiac Care and Research Society Blood Bank
1407GujaratNadiadKHEDA Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank Nadiad
1408GujaratNadiadKHEDA Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital Blood Bank
1409GujaratMehsanaMehsana General Hospital Blood Bank Mehsana
1410GujaratMehsanaMehsana Mehsana Jaycees Charitable Trust Blood Bank
1411GujaratUnjhaMehsana Sardar Seva Trust, Unjha Nagrik Sahkari Voluntary Blood Bank
1412GujaratVisnagarMehsana Visnagar Voluntary Blood Bank
1413GujaratNavsariNAVSARI Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank Navsari
1414GujaratNavsariNAVSARI Lions Medical Trust Blood Bank Chikhali
1415GujaratNavsariNAVSARI N. M. Patel Blood Bank Bilimora
1416GujaratGodharaPanchmahal Indian red Cross Society Blood Bank Godhara
1417GujaratGodhraPanchmahal General Hospital Blood Bank Godhra,
1418GujaratGodhraPanchmahal Raktdan Kendra Voluntary Blood Bank Godhra
1419GujaratPatanPATAN Bahansali Trust Raktdan Kendra, Radhanpur
1420GujaratPatanPATAN GMERS Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank Dharpur
1421GujaratPatanPATAN Seventilal Kantilal Blood Bank
1422GujaratSiddhpurPATAN General Hospital Blood Bank Siddhpur
1423GujaratPorbandarPORBANDAR Asha Children Hospital and Blood Bank
1424GujaratPorbandarPORBANDAR General Hospital Blood Bank Porbandar
1425GujaratPorbandarPORBANDAR Shri Ram Blood Bank Porbandar
1426GujaratGondalRAJKOT Astha Voluntary Blood Bank Gondal
1427GujaratRajkotRAJKOT Saurastra Voluntary Blood Bank Rajkot
1428GujaratRajkotRAJKOT General Hospital Blood Bank Morbi
1429GujaratRajkotRAJKOT Jagruti Charitable Trust Blood Bank Dhoraji
1430GujaratRajkotRAJKOT Jetpur Medical Foundation Trust Blood Bank Jetpur
1431GujaratRajkotRAJKOT Nathani Voluntary Blood Bank, Rajkot
1432GujaratRajkotRAJKOT Nationality Development Foundation Blood Bank Rajkot
1433GujaratRajkotRAJKOT P.D.U. Medical College Blood Bank
1434GujaratRajkotRAJKOT Rajkot Voluntary Blood Bank and Research Centre
1435GujaratRajkotRAJKOT Red Cross Blood Bank Rajkot
1436GujaratRajkotRAJKOT Shiv Voluntary Blood Bank Morbi
1437GujaratHimmatnagarSabarkantha GMERS Medical College Attach Sir Pratap General Hospital Blood Bank
1438GujaratHimmatnagarSabarkantha Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank Himmatnagar
1439GujaratSabarkanthaSabarkantha Late N.H. Ramani Memorial Voluntary Blood Bank and Navchetan Pathology Lab Modasa
1440GujaratSabarkanthaSabarkantha Patel Voluntary Blood Bank Modasa
1441GujaratSabarkanthaSabarkantha Trimurti Blood Bank
1442GujaratSuratSURAT Surat Health Care Foundation Blood Bank
1443GujaratSuratSURAT Lok Samarpan Raktadan Kendra, Surat
1444GujaratSuratSURAT New Civil Hospital Blood Bank
1445GujaratSuratSURAT Shree Mahavir Health And Medical Relief Society Blood Bank
1446GujaratSuratSURAT Shree Sardar Smarak Hospital Blood Bank
1447GujaratSuratSURAT SMIMER Hospital Blood Bank
1448GujaratSuratSURAT Surat Raktdan Kendra
1449GujaratSurendranagarSURENDRANAGAR C. U. Shah Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
1450GujaratSurendranagarSURENDRANAGAR General Hospital Surendranagar Blood Bank
1451GujaratSurendranagarSURENDRANAGAR Sharddha Voluntary Blood Bank and Pathology Laboratory Dhangadhra
1452GujaratVadodaraVADODARA Bhailal Amin General Hospital Blood Bank
1453GujaratVadodaraVADODARA Dhiraj General Blood Bank Vadodara
1454GujaratVadodaraVADODARA GMERS Medical College and General Hospital Blood Bank
1455GujaratVadodaraVADODARA Indu Blood Bank Vadodara
1456GujaratVadodaraVADODARA Jamnabai Blood Bank
1457GujaratVadodaraVADODARA Kailash Cancer Hospital & Research Centre Blood Bank.
1458GujaratVadodaraVADODARA Medical Care Centre Blood Bank Vadodara
1459GujaratVadodaraVADODARA S. S. G. Hospital Vadodara
1460GujaratVadodaraVADODARA Suraktam Blood Bank Vadodara
1461GujaratNavsariVALSAD Valsad Raktdan Kendra
1462GujaratPardiVALSAD SBPP Cooperative Bank Foundation Blood Bank
1463GujaratValsadVALSAD General Hospital and GMERS Medical College Blood Bank
1464GujaratValsadVALSAD Nukem Blood Bank, Vapi
1465GujaratVapiVALSAD Smt. Puriben Popat Lakha Blood Bank
1466GujaratTapiTAPI Laxmiben Kushalbhai Patel Blood Bank
1467GujaratVyaraTAPI Maliba Raktdan Kendra (IRCS)
1468Daman and DiuDamanDAMAN Daman Raktdan Kendra
1469Daman and DiuDiuDIU Diu District Blood Bank
1470Dadra and Nagar HaveliSilvassaDADRA AND NAGAR HAVELI Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) Blood Bank
1471MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Ahmednagar Municipal Council Blood Bank
1472MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Anand Rushiji Blood Bank
1473MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Arpan Blood Bank
1474MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Civil Surgeon General Hospital Blood Bank
1475MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Jankalyan Blood Bank Nalegaon
1476MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Jeevanraj Charitable Foundation,s Ahmednagar Blood Bank
1477MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Jondhale's Nitya Seva Blood Bank
1478MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Nandkishor Education Society - Arpan Blood Bank
1479MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Padmashri Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation, Ahmednagar Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
1480MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Poonam Janjagruti Sanstha Sanchit, Ashtavinayak Blood Bank
1481MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Pravara Medical Trust Blood Bank - Pravara Rural Hospital and Medical Dental College Loni (BK)
1482MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Rotary Blood Bank - Rahuri Charitable Trust
1483MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Sanjeevani Blood Bank Kopargaon
1484MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Shri Sainath Blood Bank
1485MaharashtraAhmednagarAHMEDNAGAR Shrirampur Blood Bank
1486MaharashtraAkolaAKOLA Akola Diagnostic Centre Blood Bank and Component Lab
1487MaharashtraAkolaAKOLA Civil Surgeon General Hospital Blood Bank
1488MaharashtraAkolaAKOLA District Hospital for Women Blood Bank
1489MaharashtraAkolaAKOLA Dr. Hedgewar Blood Bank
1490MaharashtraAkolaAKOLA Dr. Mankar Memorial Blood Bank
1491MaharashtraAkolaAKOLA Dr. Vivek Pimpalkar Blood Bank
1492MaharashtraAkolaAKOLA ICON Blood Bank - Ganediwal Charitable Trust
1493MaharashtraAkolaAKOLA Sai Jeewan Blood Bank
1494MaharashtraAkolaAKOLA Shriram Blood Bank
1495MaharashtraAmravatiAMRAVATI District General Hospital Blood Bank Amravati
1496MaharashtraAmravatiAMRAVATI Dr. Late Sadanadaji Burma Memorial Blood Bank
1497MaharashtraAmravatiAMRAVATI Dr. P.D.M.H.C. Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
1498MaharashtraAmravatiAMRAVATI Sant Gadgebaba Blood Bank and Component Centre Badnera
1499MaharashtraAmravatiAMRAVATI Shri Balaji Blood Bank & component lab Amravati
1500MaharashtraAurangabadAURANGABAD Amruta Blood Bank
1501MaharashtraAurangabadAURANGABAD Arpan Voluntary (Marathwada) Blood Bank
1502MaharashtraAurangabadAURANGABAD Aurangabad Blood Bank
1503MaharashtraAurangabadAURANGABAD Dattaji Bhale Blood Bank - Hedgewar Hospital
1504MaharashtraAurangabadAURANGABAD Lions Blood Bank
1505MaharashtraAurangabadAURANGABAD Lokmanya Blood Bank
1506MaharashtraAurangabadAURANGABAD Mahatma Gandhi Mishan (MGM) Hospital Blood Bank
1507MaharashtraAurangabadAURANGABAD Regional Blood Bank Government Medical College and Hospital
1508MaharashtraAurangabadAURANGABAD Seth Nandlal Dhoot Hospital Blood Bank
1509MaharashtraBeedBEED Arpan Blood Bank Beed
1510MaharashtraBeedBEED Civil Surgeon General Hospital Blood Bank
1511MaharashtraBeedBEED Navjivan Blood Bank
1512MaharashtraBeedBEED Swami Ramanand Tirth Arben Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
1513MaharashtraBeedBEED Vaidynath Blood Bank
1514MaharashtraBhandaraBHANDARA Civil Hospital Bhandara Blood Bank
1515MaharashtraBuldanaBULDHANA Jeevandhara Buldana Urban Blood Bank
1516MaharashtraBuldhanaBULDHANA Civil Surgeon District General Hospital Blood Bank
1517MaharashtraBuldhanaBULDHANA Dr. Murlidhar Kharche Memorial Jeevan Jyoti Blood Bank
1518MaharashtraBuldhanaBULDHANA Government Hospital Blood Bank
1519MaharashtraBuldhanaBULDHANA Lilavati Blood Bank
1520MaharashtraBuldhanaBULDHANA Saibai Mote General Hospital Blood Bank
1521MaharashtraKhamgaonBULDHANA Shri. Brahman Swrankar Samaj Trust Blood Bank
1522MaharashtraChandrapurCHANDRAPUR Ankur Hospital Blood Bank
1523MaharashtraChandrapurCHANDRAPUR Christanand Education Society Blood Bank
1524MaharashtraChandrapurCHANDRAPUR Dr. Ninawe Blood Bank
1525MaharashtraChandrapurCHANDRAPUR General Hospital Blood Bank
1526MaharashtraDHULE Shahada Blood Bank (Whole Human Blood)
1527MaharashtraDhuleDHULE Late Shri Mukeshbai Patel Blood Bank
1528MaharashtraDhuleDHULE Arpan Blood Bank
1529MaharashtraDhuleDHULE Jawahar Medical Foundation Blood Bank
1530MaharashtraDhuleDHULE Jeevan Jyoti Blood Bank
1531MaharashtraDhuleDHULE Navjeevan Medical Relief & Research Society's Shree Navjeevan Blood Bank and Component Laboratary
1532MaharashtraDhuleDHULE Nirnay Janseva Blood Bank
1533MaharashtraDhuleDHULE Shri Bhausaheb Hire Government Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
1534MaharashtraGadchiroliGADCHIROLI Civil Surgeon - General Hospital Blood Bank
1535MaharashtraGadchiroliGADCHIROLI Sub-District Rural Hospital Blood Bank
1536MaharashtraGondiaGONDIA Bai Gangabai Ladies Hospital Blood Bank
1537MaharashtraHingoliHINGOLI Civil Surgeon - District General Hospital Blood Bank
1538MaharashtraJalgaonJALGAON Askaran Tarachand Jain Blood Bank
1539MaharashtraJalgaonJALGAON Civil Hospital Blood Bank
1540MaharashtraJalgaonJALGAON Dhanwantri Blood Bank
1541MaharashtraJalgaonJALGAON Godavari Foundation Blood Bank
1542MaharashtraJalgaonJALGAON Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1543MaharashtraJalgaonJALGAON Jeevan Surabhi Blood Bank
1544MaharashtraJalgaonJALGAON Jeevanshri Raktapedi
1545MaharashtraJalgaonJALGAON M/s. Jalgaon Blood Bank and Component
1546MaharashtraJalgaonJALGAON Madhavrao Golwalkar Swayamsevi Blood Bank
1547MaharashtraJalnaJALNA Civil Surgeon General Hospital Blood Bank
1548MaharashtraJalnaJALNA Jankalyan Blood Bank
1549MaharashtraJalnaJALNA Noor Hospital Blood Bank
1550MaharashtraKolhapurKOLHAPUR Acharya Shree Tulsi Blood Bank
1551MaharashtraKolhapurKOLHAPUR Annasaheb Galatge Lions Blood Bank
1552MaharashtraKolhapurKOLHAPUR Arpan Blood Bank - Blood Component and Apheresis Centre Kolhapur
1553MaharashtraKolhapurKOLHAPUR Dr. D. Y. Patil Hospital Blood Bank
1554MaharashtraKolhapurKOLHAPUR Kolhapur Municipal Corporation Blood Bank
1555MaharashtraKolhapurKOLHAPUR Late Balasaheb Datye - Lions Blood Bank
1556MaharashtraKolhapurKOLHAPUR Mahatma Gandhi Hospital Blood Bank
1557MaharashtraKolhapurKOLHAPUR Rajarshi Shahu Blood Bank
1558MaharashtraKolhapurKOLHAPUR Rajashri Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj Government Medical College and Chatrapati Pramilaraje General Hospital Blood Bank
1559MaharashtraKolhapurKOLHAPUR Sai Seva Medical Foundation - Vaibhavlaxmi Blood Bank
1560MaharashtraKolhapurKOLHAPUR Sanjeevan Blood Bank
1561MaharashtraKolhapurKOLHAPUR Shri.R.R.Patil Shikashan Sheti sanshodhan Aani vikas sanstha Blood Bank
1562MaharashtraKolhapurKOLHAPUR Vande Mataram Samajik Samstha's - Jeevandhara Blood Bank
1563MaharashtraLaturLATUR Arpan Blood Bank Latur
1564MaharashtraLaturLATUR Government Medical College General Hospital Blood Bank
1565MaharashtraLaturLATUR IRCS - Dr. Bhalchandra Blood Bank
1566MaharashtraLaturLATUR IRCS Nagappa Amberkhane Blood Bank
1567MaharashtraLaturLATUR Mauli Blood Bank
1568MaharashtraLaturLATUR Smt. Saraswati Karad Blood Bank
1569MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI ACTREC
1570MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Ashirwad Blood Bank
1571MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Asian Heart Institute and Research Center
1572MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI B. Y. L. Nair Hospital Blood Bank
1573MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI B.S.E.S M.G. Hospital Blood Bank
1574MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Bandra Holy Family Hospital Society Blood Bank
1575MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Hospital Blood Bank
1576MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Bhatia General Hospital and Blood Bank
1577MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Bombay Hospital Trust Blood Bank
1578MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Borivali Blood Bank (Doshi Memorial Charitable Trust)
1579MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Breach Candy Hospital And Research Centre Blood Bank
1580MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Cama and Albles Hospital - Abdul Fazalbhoy Blood Bank
1581MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Cumbala Hill Hospital And Heart Institute Blood Bank
1582MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Deepak Foundation's Anviksha Blood Bank
1583MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial Hospital - Central Railway Hospital Blood Bank
1584MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Hospital Blood Bank
1585MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Dr. R. N. Cooper General Hospital Blood Bank
1586MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI ESI-PGIMSR, MGM Hospital Blood Bank
1587MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI ESIC Model Hospital cum ODC Blood Bank
1588MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Fortis Hospital Blood Bank
1589MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI G. T. Hospital Blood Bank
1590MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Global Hospital Blood Bank
1591MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Harilal Bhagwati Hospital Blood Bank
1592MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Harkisandas Marottamdas Hospital Blood Bank
1593MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Hematology Laboratory Blood Bank
1594MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Holy Spirit Hospital Blood Bank
1595MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Indian Red Cross Society Bombay City Branch Blood Bank
1596MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI INS - Ashwini Blood Bank
1597MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Jaslok Hospital And Research Centre Blood Bank
1598MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI K. B. Bhabha General Hospital Blood Bank
1599MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI K. E. M. Hospital Blood Bank
1600MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI K. J. Somaiya Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
1601MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Kapoorben Vasanji Lathiya Blood Bank - Nanavati Hospital
1602MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Kohinoor Hospital Blood Bank
1603MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Blood Bank
1604MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
1605MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Hospital Blood Bank
1606MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI M. T. Agarwal Municipal General Hospital Blood Bank
1607MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI M/s Sion Blood Bank
1608MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI M/s. Balasaheb Thackerey Blood Bank
1609MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI M/s. Pallavi Blood Bank
1610MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Mahatma Gandhi Seva Mandir Blood Bank
1611MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Manas Serological Institute Blood Bank
1612MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Masina Hospital Blood Bank
1613MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Matoshri Valbai Mulji Shah - Arpan Blood Bank
1614MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Meenatai Thackeray Blood Bank - Siddharth Hospital
1615MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Mumbai Port Trust Blood Bank
1616MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI N. Wadia Maternity Hospital Blood Bank
1617MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Navjivan Blood Bank and Lab
1618MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI P. D. Hinduja National Hospital And Medical Research Centre Blood Bank
1619MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Prince Aly Khan Hospital Blood Bank
1620MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Rajawadi Blood Bank - Seth V. C. Gandhi & M. A. Vora Municipal General Hospital
1621MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI S. L. Raheja Hospital Blood Bank
1622MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI S. R. Mehta and Sir. K.P. Cardiac Institute Blood Bank
1623MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Saifee Hospital Trust Blood Bank
1624MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Saint George's Hospital & Regional Blood Bank
1625MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Sarvodaya Hospital Samarpan Blood Bank
1626MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Seven Hills Health Care Private Limited Hospital Blood Bank
1627MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Shushrusha Citizens Co-operative Hospital Blood Bank
1628MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Sir J.J.Group of Hospital Blood Bank
1629MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Sir J.J.Mahanagar Rakthapedhi
1630MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Suburban Hi-tech Blood Bank
1631MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI Tata Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
1632MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI The B.D. Petit Parsee General Hospital Blood Bank
1633MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI V. N. Desai Municipal General Hospital Blood Bank
1634MaharashtraMumbaiMUMBAI West Coast Blood Bank
1635MaharashtraNagpurNAGPUR Ayush Blood Bank and component Lab
1636MaharashtraNagpurNAGPUR Central India Institute of Haematology & Oncology's Blood & Blood Component Bank and Apheresis Unit
1637MaharashtraNagpurNAGPUR Daga Memorial Women Government Hospital Blood Bank
1638MaharashtraNagpurNAGPUR Dr. Hegdewar Blood Bank
1639MaharashtraNagpurNAGPUR Government Medical College Blood Bank Nagpur
1640MaharashtraNagpurNAGPUR Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
1641MaharashtraNagpurNAGPUR Jeevan Jyoti Blood Bank and Component
1642MaharashtraNagpurNAGPUR Lifeline Blood Bank Components and Apherisis Centre Blood Bank
1643MaharashtraNagpurNAGPUR Nandkishor Education Society Trust - Arpan Voluntary Blood Bank
1644MaharashtraNagpurNAGPUR NKP Salve Institute of Medical Science and Research Center (Lata Mangeshkar Hospital), Blood Bank
1645MaharashtraNagpurNAGPUR Rainbow Blood Bank
1646MaharashtraNagpurNAGPUR Sainath Blood Bank
1647MaharashtraNagpurNAGPUR Super Speciality Hospital and Medical Post Graduate Institute Blood Bank
1648MaharashtraNandedNANDED Arpan Blood Bank
1649MaharashtraNandedNANDED Dr. Shankarrao Chavan Government Medical College and Guru Govindsinghji Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
1650MaharashtraNandedNANDED Golvalkar Guruji Blood Bank
1651MaharashtraNandedNANDED Guru Gobindsinghji Blood Bank
1652MaharashtraNandedNANDED Hazur Saheb Blood Bank
1653MaharashtraNandedNANDED Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1654MaharashtraNandedNANDED Nanded Blood Bank
1655MaharashtraNandurbarNANDURBAR Civil Surgeon - District General Hospital Blood Bank
1656MaharashtraNandurbarNANDURBAR Jankalyan Rakta Pedhi
1657MaharashtraNandurbarNANDURBAR Sahada Blood Bank - Shree Swami Samartha Vaidyakiya Shaikshanik and Sanshodhan Sanstha
1658MaharashtraMalegaonNASHIK Malegaon Blood Bank
1659MaharashtraMALEGAONNASHIK Seva Blood Bank
1660MaharashtraNashikNASHIK Ansar Blood Bank
1661MaharashtraNashikNASHIK Arpan Blood Bank and Blood Component Laboratory and Research Centre
1662MaharashtraNashikNASHIK Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Blood Bank
1663MaharashtraNashikNASHIK J.D.C. Bytco Hospital Blood Bank
1664MaharashtraNashikNASHIK Jankalyan Blood Bank
1665MaharashtraNashikNASHIK Jijau Mahila Sevabhavi Sansthan Nashik Blood Bank and Transfusion Research institute Blood Bank
1666MaharashtraNashikNASHIK Metro Blood Bank - District (Civil) Hospital Nashik
1667MaharashtraNashikNASHIK NDMVPS Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
1668MaharashtraNashikNASHIK Regional Referal Hospital Blood Bank
1669MaharashtraNashikNASHIK Roachabai Sugnomal Manwani - Cantonment General Hospital Blood Bank
1670MaharashtraNashikNASHIK Sainik Aspatal Military Hospital Blood Bank
1671MaharashtraNashikNASHIK Samta Blood Bank
1672MaharashtraNashikNASHIK Sanjeevani Blood Bank
1673MaharashtraNashikNASHIK SMBT Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre - Blood Bank and Component
1674MaharashtraNashikNASHIK The Santajee Educational and Medical foundation Trust - Jeevan Blood Bank
1675MaharashtraOmergaOSMANABAD Shri Krishna Blood Bank
1676MaharashtraOsmanabadOSMANABAD Civil Surgeon, General Hospital Blood Bank
1677MaharashtraParbhaniPARBHANI Civil Surgeon - District General Hospital Blood Bank
1678MaharashtraParbhaniPARBHANI Kanthak Sevabhavi Sanstha - New Life Blood Bank
1679MaharashtraBaramatiPUNE Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1680MaharashtraPunePUNE Acharya Anandrushiji Blood Bank
1681MaharashtraPunePUNE Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
1682MaharashtraPunePUNE Akshay Blood Bank
1683MaharashtraPunePUNE Armed Forces Blood Bank
1684MaharashtraPunePUNE Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical Foundation Blood Bank
1685MaharashtraPunePUNE Chakan Blood Bank
1686MaharashtraPunePUNE Chattrapati Shahu Maharaj Pratisthan
1687MaharashtraPunePUNE Chattrapati Shahu Maharaj Pratisthan Blood Bank
1688MaharashtraPunePUNE Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Blood Bank
1689MaharashtraPunePUNE Ekta Apang Vikas Sanstha Blood Bank
1690MaharashtraPunePUNE Garware Blood Bank - Talegaon Rural Hospital
1691MaharashtraPunePUNE Grant Medical Foundation A.H. Wadia Trust Blood Bank
1692MaharashtraPunePUNE Indian Serological Institute Blood Bank
1693MaharashtraPunePUNE Inlaks Budharani Hospital Blood Bank
1694MaharashtraPunePUNE Jahangir Nursing Home Blood Bank
1695MaharashtraPunePUNE Jankalyan Raktapedhi Pune
1696MaharashtraPunePUNE KEM Hospital Blood Bank
1697MaharashtraPunePUNE Kranti Mitra Mandal Charitable Trust Blood Bank
1698MaharashtraPunePUNE Krantiveer Chapekar Bandhu Blood Bank
1699MaharashtraPunePUNE M/s. Vidyashree Charitable Trusts Om Blood Bank
1700MaharashtraPunePUNE Noble Hospital Blood Bank
1701MaharashtraPunePUNE Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil (Vishweshwar) Blood Bank
1702MaharashtraPunePUNE Pimpari Serological Institute Blood Bank
1703MaharashtraPunePUNE Poona Serological Institute Blood Bank
1704MaharashtraPunePUNE Pune Chest and General Hospital Blood Bank
1705MaharashtraPunePUNE R.G Gholap Memorial Blood Bank
1706MaharashtraPunePUNE Rakesh Jain Memorial Blood Bank
1707MaharashtraPunePUNE Sahiyadari Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
1708MaharashtraPunePUNE Sasoon Sarvopchar Hospital Blood Bank
1709MaharashtraPunePUNE Smt Kashibai Navale General Hospital Blood Bank
1710MaharashtraPunePUNE The New Century Medical & Education Foundation Trust - NCORD Blood Bank & Aphaeresis Centre
1711MaharashtraAlibagRAIGAD District Civil Surgeon Blood Bank
1712MaharashtraMahadRAIGAD Kakasaheb Chitle Memorial Centre Sanchalit - Jankalyan Blood Bank
1713MaharashtraMangaonRAIGAD M.B. More Foundation Blood Bank
1714MaharashtraNavi MumbaiRAIGAD Advanced Centre for Treatment Reasearch and Education in Cancer
1715MaharashtraNavi MumbaiRAIGAD M/s. Navi Mumbai Blood Bank
1716MaharashtraPanvelRAIGAD Shree Sai Blood Bank & Component
1717MaharashtraRaigadRAIGAD Rotary Club New Panvel charitable Trust s Late Dr. B.V. Limaye Blood Bank
1718MaharashtraRatnagiriRATNAGIRI Civil Surgeon - General Hospital Blood Bank
1719MaharashtraRatnagiriRATNAGIRI Indian Red Cross Blood Bank
1720MaharashtraRatnagiriRATNAGIRI Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1721MaharashtraRatnagiriRATNAGIRI Shree Swami Samarth Blood Bank
1722MaharashtraSANGLI Prakash Blood Bank & Blood Component Seperation Unit
1723MaharashtraSangliSANGLI Akshay Blood Bank
1724MaharashtraSangliSANGLI Azad Panchi Group Charitable Trust Blood Bank
1725MaharashtraSangliSANGLI Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical college And Hospital Blood Bank
1726MaharashtraSangliSANGLI Hindratna Prakashbapu Patil Blood Bank
1727MaharashtraSangliSANGLI Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank - Shirgaonkar Blood Bank
1728MaharashtraSangliSANGLI Jeevan Rekha Charitable Trust Blood Bank
1729MaharashtraSangliSANGLI Miraj Medical Centre - Wanless Hospital Blood Bank
1730MaharashtraSangliSANGLI Miraj Serological Institute Blood Bank
1731MaharashtraSangliSANGLI Padmabhushan Vasantdada Patil Government Hospital Blood Bank
1732MaharashtraSangliSANGLI Rajaram Bapu Blood Bank
1733MaharashtraSangliSANGLI Shree Basaveshwar Manav Vikas Gramin Sevabhavi Sanstha Blood Bank
1734MaharashtraSangliSANGLI Smt. Anila Kantilal Kothari Blood Bank & Department of Hemato Oncology
1735MaharashtraSangliSANGLI Vasantdada Patil Blood Bank and Haematology Research Centre
1736MaharashtraSataraSATARA Akshay Blood Bank
1737MaharashtraSataraSATARA Civil Surgeon - Sarva Samanya Hospital Blood Bank
1738MaharashtraSataraSATARA Instutute of Medical Science and Research Blood Bank and Blood Component Seperation Unit
1739MaharashtraSataraSATARA Krishna Hospital and Medical Research Centre Blood Bank Karad
1740MaharashtraSataraSATARA M/s. Balaji Blood Bank
1741MaharashtraSataraSATARA M/s. K. N. Gujar Blood Bank
1742MaharashtraSataraSATARA Mauli Blood Bank Satara
1743MaharashtraSataraSATARA Phaltan Medical Foundation Blood Bank
1744MaharashtraSataraSATARA S. S. Venutai Y. Chavan Sub-District Hospital Blood Bank Karad
1745MaharashtraSataraSATARA Yashwantrao Chavan Blood Bank
1746MaharashtraSindhudurgaSINDHUDURG Civil Surgeon - General Hospital Blood Bank
1747MaharashtraSindhudurgaSINDHUDURG Cottage Hospital Blood Bank, Sawantwadi
1748MaharashtraSolapurSOLAPUR Akshay Blood Bank
1749MaharashtraSolapurSOLAPUR Athar Minorities Social and Welfare Associations - Athar Blood Bank
1750MaharashtraSolapurSOLAPUR Dean Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Sarvopchar Hospital Blood Bank
1751MaharashtraSolapurSOLAPUR Dr. Hegdewar Rakta Pedhi Sanstha, Solapur
1752MaharashtraSolapurSOLAPUR IMA - Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Mohite Patil Blood Bank
1753MaharashtraSolapurSOLAPUR Indian Red Cross Soceity - Shriman Rambhai Shah Blood Bank
1754MaharashtraSolapurSOLAPUR Indian Red Cross Society - Sarjubai Bansila Bajaj Blood Bank
1755MaharashtraSolapurSOLAPUR Indian Red Cross Society - Smt. Gopabai Damani Blood Bank
1756MaharashtraSolapurSOLAPUR M. M. Patel Public Charitable Trust - Ashwini Rural Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
1757MaharashtraSolapurSOLAPUR M/s Shrikamal Shikshan Prasarak Krida - Kala & Krushivikas Bahu Uddeshiya Samajsevi Mandals Sanjeevani Blood Bank
1758MaharashtraSolapurSOLAPUR Shri Markendya Charitable and Medical Trust Irrapanna N Boli Blood Bank
1760MaharashtraSolapurSOLAPUR Solapur Blood Bank
1761MaharashtraTHANE Gor Banjara RSS Jankalyan Samiti - Seva Blood Bank
1762MaharashtraNerulTHANE Dr. D.Y. Patil Hospital & Research Centre, Blood Bank
1763MaharashtraPalgharTHANE Tarapur Atomic Power Station Hospital Blood Bank
1764MaharashtraThaneTHANE Blood Line Blood Bank
1765MaharashtraThaneTHANE Central Hospital Blood Bank
1766MaharashtraThaneTHANE Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital Blood Bank
1767MaharashtraThaneTHANE Chidanand Charitable Trust Dombivali Blood Bank
1768MaharashtraThaneTHANE Jupiter Hospital Blood Bank
1769MaharashtraThaneTHANE JVP Blood Bank and Transfusion Centre Blood Bank
1770MaharashtraThaneTHANE Kai Wamanrao Oak Blood Bank
1771MaharashtraThaneTHANE Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation Sponsored Nandakishore Education Society Arpan Blood Bank
1772MaharashtraThaneTHANE Katiya Charitable Trusts Bhiwandi Blood Bank
1773MaharashtraThaneTHANE Lokmanya TSSIA Blood Bank Thane
1774MaharashtraThaneTHANE M/s. Sadgurus Charitable Blood Bank
1775MaharashtraThaneTHANE M/s. Triumph Foundations Triumph Blood Bank
1776MaharashtraThaneTHANE Maharashtra Blood Bank, Component and Apheresis Centre
1777MaharashtraThaneTHANE Mahatma Gandhi Mission Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
1778MaharashtraThaneTHANE Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation Rajeev Gandhi Blood Bank
1779MaharashtraThaneTHANE Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Blood Bank
1780MaharashtraThaneTHANE Navjeevan Blood Bank
1781MaharashtraThaneTHANE Plasma Diagnostic Lab and Blood Bank
1782MaharashtraThaneTHANE Sanjeevan Blood Bank
1783MaharashtraThaneTHANE Sankalp Blood Bank
1784MaharashtraThaneTHANE Sarla Blood Bank
1785MaharashtraThaneTHANE Seva Blood Bank
1786MaharashtraThaneTHANE Smt. Devkaabai Kalyanji Chheda Amrutvahini Blood Bank
1787MaharashtraThaneTHANE Terna Blood Bank
1788MaharashtraThaneTHANE Tssia Blood Bank
1789MaharashtraThaneTHANE Vaidhya Blood Bank
1790MaharashtraThaneTHANE Vijayee Blood Bank
1791MaharashtraThaneTHANE Vitthal Sayanna General Hospital (Civil Hospital) Blood Bank
1792MaharashtraWardhaWARDHA District - Civil Surgeon, General Hospital Blood Bank Wardha
1793MaharashtraWardhaWARDHA Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Blood Bank
1794MaharashtraWardhaWARDHA Kasturba Health Society Blood Bank
1795MaharashtraWashimWASHIM Civil Surgeon, General Hospital Blood Bank Washim
1796MaharashtraWashimWASHIM Sau Kantadevi Dale Blood Bank
1797MaharashtraYavatmalYAVATMAL Aishwarya Blood Bank
1798MaharashtraYavatmalYAVATMAL Ekneel Blood Bank
1799MaharashtraYavatmalYAVATMAL Laxmi Blood Bank
1800MaharashtraYavatmalYAVATMAL Satyashanti Blood Bank
1801MaharashtraYavatmalYAVATMAL Shri Gajanan Blood Bank And Components
1802MaharashtraYavatmalYAVATMAL Shri Vasantrao Naik Blood Bank
1803Andhra PradeshAnantapurANANTAPUR Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank, District Branch
1804Andhra PradeshAnanthapurANANTAPUR Government General Hospital Blood Bank
1805Andhra PradeshAnanthapurANANTAPUR Indian Red Cross Society
1806Andhra PradeshBathalapalliANANTAPUR Rural Development Trust Hospital Blood Bank
1807Andhra PradeshGuntakalANANTAPUR South Central Railway Hospital Blood Bank
1808Andhra PradeshHindupurANANTAPUR Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1809Andhra PradeshKadiriANANTAPUR Indian Red Cross Society Blood bank RCH -II KADIRI
1810Andhra PradeshPuttaparthyANANTAPUR S.S.S.I.H.M.S. Blood Bank
1811Andhra PradeshChittoorCHITTOOR District Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank.
1812Andhra PradeshChittoorCHITTOOR Indian Red Cross Society
1813Andhra PradeshChittoorCHITTOOR M/s IRCS Blood Bank.
1814Andhra PradeshKuppamCHITTOOR M/s PESIMSR Blood Bank.
1815Andhra PradeshMadanapalliCHITTOOR Blood Bank AH Madanapalli
1816Andhra PradeshMadnapalliCHITTOOR Indian Red Cross Society, Madanapalli RCH 2
1817Andhra PradeshTirumalaCHITTOOR Aswini Hospital Blood Bank, TTD
1818Andhra PradeshTirupatiCHITTOOR TTD Central Hospital Blood Bank
1819Andhra PradeshTirupatiCHITTOOR Govt Maternity Hospital Blood Bank
1820Andhra PradeshTirupatiCHITTOOR S.V.S. Charitable Trust Blood Bank and Transfusion Centre
1821Andhra PradeshTirupatiCHITTOOR Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical sciences Blood Bank
1822Andhra PradeshTirupatiCHITTOOR SVRRGGH - Model Blood Bank
1823Andhra PradeshKadapaY.S.R. (Kadapa) Boga Parvathamma Blood Bank
1824Andhra PradeshKadapaY.S.R. (Kadapa) Fathima Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
1825Andhra PradeshKADAPAY.S.R. (Kadapa) Indian Red Cross Society, Blood Bank
1826Andhra PradeshKadapaY.S.R. (Kadapa) Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
1827Andhra PradeshKadapaY.S.R. (Kadapa) Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
1828Andhra PradeshProddaturY.S.R. (Kadapa) A.P Vaidyavidhanaparishad Area Hospital Blood Bank
1829Andhra PradeshPRODDATURY.S.R. (Kadapa) District Hospital Blood Bank
1830Andhra PradeshPulivendulaY.S.R. (Kadapa) A.P. Vaidyavidhanaparishad Area Hospital - IRCS Blood Bank
1831Andhra PradeshAmalapuramEAST GODAVARI Government Hospital
1832Andhra PradeshAmalapuramEAST GODAVARI M/s. A.P.V.V.P Area Hospital Blood Bank
1833Andhra PradeshAmalapuramEAST GODAVARI M/S. Kims & Research Foundation, Hospital Blood Bank
1834Andhra PradeshKakinadaEAST GODAVARI M/s. Government General Hospital, Blood Bank.
1835Andhra PradeshKakinadaEAST GODAVARI M/s. Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1836Andhra PradeshKakinadaEAST GODAVARI M/s. Rotary Blood Bank (Rotary Club Golden Jubilee Charitable Trust)
1837Andhra PradeshRajahmundryEAST GODAVARI District Headquarters Hospital
1838Andhra PradeshRajahmundryEAST GODAVARI M/S. Dhanwantari Voluntary Blood Bank.
1839Andhra PradeshRajahmundryEAST GODAVARI M/s. G. S. L. Medical College General Hospital Blood Bank
1840Andhra PradeshRajahmundryEAST GODAVARI M/s. Swatantra Hospital, Blood Bank
1841Andhra PradeshTuniEAST GODAVARI M/s. Government Area General Hospital Blood Bank.
1842Andhra PradeshTuniEAST GODAVARI M/s. Sakthi Voluntary Blood Bank (Sakthi Association for Social Awarness)
1843Andhra PradeshGunturGUNTUR Government General Hospital Blood Bank
1844Andhra PradeshGunturGUNTUR Indian Red Cross Society
1845Andhra PradeshGuntur cityGUNTUR Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1846Andhra PradeshGuntur cityGUNTUR Lions Club of Guntur Vision Blood Bank
1847Andhra PradeshGuntur cityGUNTUR M/s. Needs Blood Bank
1848Andhra PradeshGuntur cityGUNTUR M/s. Sri Lakshmi Maternity & Surgical Nursing Home Blood Bank
1849Andhra PradeshGuntur cityGUNTUR NTR Memorial Trust Blood Bank
1850Andhra PradeshGuntur cityGUNTUR Padmavathi Day & Night Blood Bank
1851Andhra PradeshGuntur cityGUNTUR Saint Joseph General Hospital Blood Bank
1852Andhra PradeshGuntur RuralGUNTUR Katuri Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
1853Andhra PradeshGuntur RuralGUNTUR Manipal Hospital Bloodbank
1854Andhra PradeshGuntur RuralGUNTUR NRI Medical College and General Hospital Blood Bank
1855Andhra PradeshNarasaraopetaGUNTUR Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank. Narassraopet
1856Andhra PradeshNarasaraopetaGUNTUR NRT Blood Bank
1857Andhra PradeshPidugurallaGUNTUR Anjireddy Multi Specality Blood Bank
1858Andhra PradeshRepalleGUNTUR Red Cross Blood Bank
1859Andhra PradeshTenaliGUNTUR APVVP District Hospital Blood Bank
1860Andhra PradeshTenaliGUNTUR Area Hospital (Repeated)
1861Andhra PradeshTenaliGUNTUR Best Rotary Blood Bank
1862Andhra PradeshTenaliGUNTUR Rudhira Voluntary Blood Bank
1863Andhra PradeshGudivadaKRISHNA Area Hospital Blood Bank
1864Andhra PradeshMachilipatnamKRISHNA Dr. Pattabhi Red Cross Blood Bank
1865Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA Bethesda Blood Bank
1866Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA Dr. Pinnamaneni Siddhartha Insitiute of Medical Sciences & Research Foundation (Dr.P.SIMS & RF) Blood Bank
1867Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA Government District Headquarters Hospital Blood Bank
1868Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA Government General Hospital (Repeated)
1869Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA Lions Blood Bank
1870Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA M/s Ayush Nri Lepl Health Care Private Limited
1871Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA M/s. Chaitanya Blood Bank
1872Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA M/s. Nimra Institute of Medical Sciences
1873Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA Nagarjuna Hospital Blood Bank
1874Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA Rotary Red Cross Blood Bank
1875Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA Rotary Red Cross Blood Bank (Repeated)
1876Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA Saint Ann's Hospital Blood Bank
1877Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA Smt CH. Manju Vani Vara Prasad, Lions Dist. 324C4 Blood Bank (316D)
1878Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA Suraksha Voluntary Blood Bank
1879Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA University General Hospital Blood Bank
1880Andhra PradeshVijayawadaKRISHNA Vijaya Sri Blood Bank
1881Andhra PradeshAdoniKURNOOL IRCS-RCH -II Blood Bank, Area Hospital, Adoni
1882Andhra PradeshAdoniKURNOOL M/s. Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank RCH 2
1883Andhra PradeshKurnoolKURNOOL M/s. Government General Hospital Blood Bank
1884Andhra PradeshKurnoolKURNOOL M/s. Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1885Andhra PradeshKurnoolKURNOOL M/s. R.R. Hospital Blood Bank
1886Andhra PradeshKurnoolKURNOOL M/s. Viswa Bharathi Blood Bank
1887Andhra PradeshKurnoolKURNOOL M/s. Viswa Bharathi General Hospital Blood Bank
1888Andhra PradeshNandyalKURNOOL District Hospital Blood Bank
1889Andhra PradeshNandyalKURNOOL M/s. Shantiram Medical College & General Hospital Blood Bank
1890Andhra PradeshSrisailam ProjectKURNOOL Government Hospital Blood Bank
1891Andhra PradeshGudurSPSR NELLORE Government Hospital Blood Bank
1892Andhra PradeshKavaliSPSR NELLORE M/s. APVVP Area Hospital Blood Bank
1893Andhra PradeshKavaliSPSR NELLORE M/s. Kanamarlapudi Koteswara Rao Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) (REPEATED)
1894Andhra PradeshKavaliSPSR NELLORE M/s. Kanamarlapudi Koteswara Rao Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1895Andhra PradeshNelloreSPSR NELLORE D.S.R. Headquarters Hospital Blood Bank
1896Andhra PradeshNelloreSPSR NELLORE District Headquarters Hospital (Repeated)
1897Andhra PradeshNelloreSPSR NELLORE Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1898Andhra PradeshNelloreSPSR NELLORE Narayana Medical College & Hospital Blood Bank
1899Andhra PradeshChiralaPRAKASAM M/s. Area Hospital Blood Bank
1900Andhra PradeshMarkapurPRAKASAM Indian Red Cross Society Blood bank
1901Andhra PradeshOngolePRAKASAM Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1902Andhra PradeshOngolePRAKASAM M/s. Belief Blood Bank
1903Andhra PradeshOngolePRAKASAM M/s. Life Line Volunytary Blood Bank
1904Andhra PradeshOngolePRAKASAM M/s. RIMS General Hospital Blood Bank
1905Andhra PradeshRagoluSRIKAKULAM Gems Hospital Blood Bank
1906Andhra PradeshRajamSRIKAKULAM GMR Varalakshmi Care Hospital Blood Bank
1907Andhra PradeshSrikakulamSRIKAKULAM Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) Blood Bank
1908Andhra PradeshSrikakulamSRIKAKULAM Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) General Hospital Blood Bank
1909Andhra PradeshAnakapalliVISAKHAPATNAM District Hospital
1910Andhra PradeshAnakapalliVISAKHAPATNAM M/s. NTR Area Hospital Blood Bank
1911Andhra PradeshGajuwakaVISAKHAPATNAM M/s. INHS Kalyani Blood Bank
1912Andhra PradeshGajuwakaVISAKHAPATNAM M/s. Visakha Steel General Hospital Blood Bank
1913Andhra PradeshSangivalasaVISAKHAPATNAM M/s. Anil Neerukonda Hospital Blood Bank
1914Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnam VISAKHAPATNAM A. S. Raja Voluntary Blood Bank
1915Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnam VISAKHAPATNAM M/s. Apollo Hospital Heart & Kidney Centre Blood Bank
1916Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnam VISAKHAPATNAM M/s. Gayatri Vidya Parishad Institute of Health Care and Medical Technology
1917Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnam VISAKHAPATNAM M/s. Gitam Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Blood Bank
1918Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnamVISAKHAPATNAM M/s. Government Victoria Hospital Blood Bank
1919Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnamVISAKHAPATNAM M/s. Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1920Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnamVISAKHAPATNAM M/s. King George Hospital (KGH) Blood Bank
1921Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnamVISAKHAPATNAM M/s. Lions Club of Visakhapatnam Blod Bank Trust
1922Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnamVISAKHAPATNAM M/s. N.T.R. Memorial Trust Blood Bank
1923Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnamVISAKHAPATNAM M/s. Rotary Blood Bank (Vishaka Port City Rotary Charitable Trust)
1924Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnamVISAKHAPATNAM M/s. Seven Hills Hospital Blood Bank
1925Andhra PradeshParvathipuramVIZIANAGARAM Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank, RCH-II
1926Andhra PradeshVizianagaramVIZIANAGARAM District Headquarters Hospital Blood Bank
1927Andhra PradeshVizianagaramVIZIANAGARAM Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
1928Andhra PradeshVizianagaramVIZIANAGARAM Maharaja Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
1929Andhra PradeshVizianagaramVIZIANAGARAM Srinivasa Nursing Home Blood Bank
1930Andhra PradeshBhimavaramWEST GODAVARI ASN Raju Charitable Trust Blood Bank
1931Andhra PradeshBhimavaramWEST GODAVARI Uddaraju Anandaraju Foundation Blood Bank
1932Andhra PradeshEluruWEST GODAVARI M/s. Alluri Sitrarama Raju Academy of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
1933Andhra PradeshEluruWEST GODAVARI M/s. Good Samaritan Blood Bank
1934Andhra PradeshEluruWEST GODAVARI M/s. Government Headquarters Hospital Blood Bank
1935Andhra PradeshEluruWEST GODAVARI M/s. Indian Red Cross Society Component Blood Bank
1936Andhra PradeshJangareddygudemWEST GODAVARI M/s. Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank jangareddi gudem
1937Andhra PradeshNarasapuramWEST GODAVARI Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank narasapuram
1938Andhra PradeshPalakolWEST GODAVARI Palakol Voluntary Blood Bank
1939Andhra PradeshTanukuWEST GODAVARI Dr. Mulla Pudi Harischandra Prasad Red Cross Blood Bank
1940Andhra PradeshTanukuWEST GODAVARI Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank Tanuku (Repeated)
1941Andhra PradeshTanukuWEST GODAVARI Sri Buddala Narasimhamurty Voluntary Blood Bank
1942KarnatakaBagalkotBAGALKOT B. V. V. Sanghas HSK Hospital Blood Bank
1943KarnatakaBagalkotBAGALKOT Bagalkot Blood Bank
1944KarnatakaBagalkotBAGALKOT District Hospital Blood Bank Bagalkot
1945KarnatakaIlkalBAGALKOT M/s. Vijay Mahant Blood Bank
1946KarnatakaJamkhandiBAGALKOT Mounesh Hospital's The Jhamkandi Blood Bank
1947KarnatakaMudholBAGALKOT M/s. Sai Aadhar Hospital Blood Bank
1948KarnatakaMudholBAGALKOT Ramanagoudar Hospital Blood Bank
1949KarnatakaAnekal TalukBENGALURU URBAN Narayana Hrudayalaya Blood Bank
1950KarnatakaBangaloreBENGALURU URBAN Government Haji Sir Ismail Sait Gosha Hospital Blood Bank
1951KarnatakaBangaloreBENGALURU URBAN M/s. Aster CMI Hospital Blood Bank
1952KarnatakaBangaloreBENGALURU URBAN M/s. East Point Hospital Blood Bank Virgonagar
1954KarnatakaBangaloreBENGALURU URBAN Swamy Vivekananda Voluntary Blood Bank
1955KarnatakaBangaloreBENGALURU URBAN Unique Blood Bank & Diagnostic Centre
1956KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Akshay Voluntary Blood Bank
1957KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Apollo Hospitals (Imperial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre) Blood Bank
1958KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Bangalore Baptist Hospital Blood Bank
1959KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Bangalore Institute of Oncology Blood Bank
1960KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Bangalore Lions Service Trust - Lions Blood Bank
1961KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Bengaluru Blood Bank and Diagnostic Laboratory
1962KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Bengaluru Rotary TTK Medical Service Trust Blood Bank
1963KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospitals Blood Bank
1964KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Blood Bank
1965KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Command Hospital Blood Bank Air Force
1966KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Dr. B. R.Ambedkar Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
1967KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Dr.Rajkumar (Appaji) Blood Bank
1968KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN E.S.I.Hospital Blood Bank
1969KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Fortis Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
1970KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Fortis Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
1971KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Grace Blood Bank and Laboratory
1972KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Hindustan Aeronautics Limited - HAL Hospital Blood Bank
1973KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Hosmat Hospital Unit of Phisicare Services Private Limited Blood Bank
1974KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Indian Red Cross Society - Karnataka Red Cross Blood Bank
1975KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Indira Gandhi Child Institute of Health Blood Bank
1976KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN K. C. General Hospital Blood Bank
1977KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Kempegowda Medical Service Trust - Millennium Blood Bank
1978KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology Blood Bank
1979KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN KIMS Hospital Blood Bank
1980KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Life Care Voluntary Blood Bank
1981KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN M. S. Ramaiah Medical Teaching Hospital Blood Bank
1982KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN M/s. Swamy Vivekananda Voluntary Blood Bank
1983KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Mallya Hospital Blood Bank
1984KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Manipal Hospital Transfusion Services Blood Bank
1985KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Mediscope Blood Bank
1986KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Navarang Blood Bank
1987KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Ocean Blood Bank
1988KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Rajarajeshwari Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
1989KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Rashtrotthana Blood Bank
1990KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Rotary K. R. Hospital Blood Bank
1991KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN S. K. Voluntary Blood Bank
1992KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Sagar Hospital Blood Bank
1993KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Sagar Hospital Blood Bank
1994KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Saint Martha's Hospital Blood Bank
1995KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Saint Philomena Blood Bank
1996KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Sakra World Hospital Blood Bank
1997KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Sanjaya Gandhi Accident Hospital and Research Institute Blood Bank
1998KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Sanjeevini Trust Jayanagar Voluntary Blood Bank
1999KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Sapthagiri Hospital Blood Bank
2000KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology Blood Bank
2001KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2002KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
2003KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Sri Vinayaka Charitable Trust Jeeva Voluntary Blood Bank
2004KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN St. John's Medical College Blood Bank
2005KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN The Oxford Medical College Hospital Blood Bank and Research Centre
2006KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Transfusion Medicine Centre Blood Bank
2007KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Veerayoga Institute of Medical Sciences Speciality Hospitals Blood Bank
2008KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Victoria Hospital Blood Bank
2009KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Vijayanagar Hospital Blood Bank
2010KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Vydehi Institute of Medical Science Hospital Blood Bank
2011KarnatakaBengaluruBENGALURU URBAN Yashomathi Medicare and Research Centre Private Limited Blood Bank
2012KarnatakaBangaloreBENGALURU RURAL M/s. Sri Siddartha Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2013KarnatakaHosakoteBENGALURU RURAL MVJ Medical College and Research Hospital Blood Bank
2014KarnatakaKengeriBENGALURU RURAL BGS Global Hospitals Blood Bank
2015KarnatakaNelamangalaBENGALURU RURAL Harsha Hospital Blood Bank
2016KarnatakaTalukBENGALURU RURAL Akash Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre Blood Bank
2017KarnatakaBelgaumBelgaum Belgaum Blood Bank and Diagnostic Laboratory
2018KarnatakaBelgaumBelgaum District Hospital Blood Bank
2019KarnatakaBelgaumBelgaum K.L.E.Society & Medical Research Centre Blood Bank
2020KarnatakaBelgaumBelgaum M/s. Sri Sai Blood Bank
2021KarnatakaBelgaumBelgaum Shree Mahaveer Blood Bank
2022KarnatakaChikkodiBelgaum Rotary Charitable Trust Blood Bank
2023KarnatakaGokakBelgaum Rotary Seva Sangh Blood Bank
2024KarnatakaBellaryBELLARY District Hospital Blood Bank Bellary
2025KarnatakaBellaryBELLARY Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2026KarnatakaBellaryBELLARY Swamy Vivekananda Charitable Blood Bank
2027KarnatakaHospetBELLARY Chiranjeevi Blood Bank
2028KarnatakaHospetBELLARY Smt. Vasantidevi Baldota Blood Bank
2029KarnatakaBidarBIDAR The District Surgeon District Hospital Blood Bank
2030KarnatakaBijapurBijapur Al-Ameen Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2031KarnatakaBijapurBijapur B.L.D.E. Association's Medical College & Reserch Centre Blood Bank
2032KarnatakaBijapurBijapur District Hospital Blood Bank Bijapur
2033KarnatakaBijapurBijapur Dr. B. N. M. Rural Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
2034KarnatakaBijapurBijapur GMETS Dr. Goudars Blood Bank
2035KarnatakaBijapurBijapur Lions Blood Bank
2036KarnatakaChamarajanagarCHAMARAJANAGAR District Hospital Blood Bank Chamarajanagar
2037KarnatakaKollegalCHAMARAJANAGAR Holy Cross Hospital Blood Bank
2038KarnatakaChikkamagaluruCHIKKAMAGALURU Holy Cross Hospital Blood Bank
2039KarnatakaChikkamagaluruCHIKKAMAGALURU Mallegowda District Hospital Blood Bank
2040KarnatakaSringeriCHIKKAMAGALURU Sharada Dhanvantari Charitable Hospital Blood Bank
2041KarnatakaChitradurgaCHITRADURGA District Hospital Blood Bank Chitradurga
2042KarnatakaChitradurgaCHITRADURGA SJM Blood Bank Basaveshwara Medical College Hospital and Research Centre
2043KarnatakaChitradurgaCHITRADURGA Vasavi Blood Bank
2044KarnatakaBelthangadyDAKSHINA KANNADA Jyothi Hospital Blood Bank
2045KarnatakaKundapurDAKSHINA KANNADA M/s. Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
2046KarnatakaMangaloreDAKSHINA KANNADA M/s. Tejasvini Hospital Lions Blood Bank
2047KarnatakaMangaloreDAKSHINA KANNADA A. J. Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
2048KarnatakaMangaloreDAKSHINA KANNADA City Hospital Research and Diagnostic Centre Blood Bank
2049KarnatakaMangaloreDAKSHINA KANNADA Fr. Mullers Charitable Instituitions Blood Bank
2050KarnatakaMangaloreDAKSHINA KANNADA Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank Mangalore
2051KarnatakaMangaloreDAKSHINA KANNADA KMC University Medical Centre Blood Bank
2052KarnatakaMangaloreDAKSHINA KANNADA M/s. Kanachur Hospital & Research Centre Blood Bank
2053KarnatakaMangaloreDAKSHINA KANNADA Nitte University Blood Bank
2054KarnatakaMangaloreDAKSHINA KANNADA Srinivasa Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre Blood Bank
2055KarnatakaMangaloreDAKSHINA KANNADA The District Surgeon - Wenlock District Hospital Blood Bank
2056KarnatakaMangaloreDAKSHINA KANNADA Yenepoya Medical College Blood Bank
2057KarnatakaPutturDAKSHINA KANNADA General Hospital Blood Bank Puttur
2058KarnatakaPutturDAKSHINA KANNADA Rotary Campco Blood Bank
2059KarnatakaSulliaDAKSHINA KANNADA K. V. G Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2060KarnatakaChigateriDAVANGERE Chigateri District Hospital Blood Bank
2061KarnatakaDavangereDAVANGERE Bapuji Educational Association S. S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Hospital Blood Bank
2062KarnatakaDavangereDAVANGERE Bapuji Hospital Blood Bank
2063KarnatakaDavangereDAVANGERE Davangere Blood Bank
2065KarnatakaDavangereDAVANGERE Karnataka Hemophillia Society Life Line Blood Bank
2066KarnatakaDharwadDHARWAD District Hospital Blood Bank Dharwad
2067KarnatakaDharwadDHARWAD Rotary Club Dharwad Mid Town Charitable Trust - Rotary Blood Bank
2068KarnatakaDharwadDHARWAD SDM College of Medical Sciences and Hospital Blood Bank
2069KarnatakaHubliDHARWAD Hubli Lions Blood Bank
2070KarnatakaHubliDHARWAD Jeevanavar Blood Bank
2071KarnatakaHubliDHARWAD Karnataka Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2072KarnatakaHubliDHARWAD Life Line 24x7 Blood Bank
2073KarnatakaHubliDHARWAD M. R. Diagnostic Research Centre and Blood Bank
2074KarnatakaHubliDHARWAD M/s. Suchirayu Healthcare Limited Blood Bank
2075KarnatakaHubliDHARWAD Sha Damji Jadavji Chheda Memorial Rashtrotthana Blood Bank
2076KarnatakaHubliDHARWAD The Karnataka Cancer Therapy and Research Institute Smt. Valbai N. Dharamsey Blood Bank
2077KarnatakaGadagGADAG Gadag Institute of Medical Sciences & District Hospital Blood Bank
2078KarnatakaGadagGADAG IMA Blood Bank
2079KarnatakaGulbargaKALABURAGI District Hospital Blood Bank
2080KarnatakaGulbargaKALABURAGI Health Care Blood Bank
2081KarnatakaGulbargaKALABURAGI HKES Blood Bank Organisation
2082KarnatakaGulbargaKALABURAGI Khaja Banda Nawaz Teaching and General Hospital Blood Bank
2083KarnatakaGulbargaKALABURAGI M/s. Medicare Multispeciality Hospital Blood Bank
2084KarnatakaGulbargaKALABURAGI M/s. Vaatsalya Life Hospitals Navajeeva Blood Bank
2085KarnatakaHassanHASSAN Jeeva Raksha Blood Bank
2086KarnatakaHassanHASSAN Manjunath Orthopaedic and Trauma Centre Hospital Blood Bank
2087KarnatakaHassanHASSAN Sri. Chamarajendra District Hospital Blood Bank
2088KarnatakaHaveriHAVERI District Hospital Blood Bank Haveri
2089KarnatakaMadikeriKODAGU District Hospital Blood Bank
2090KarnatakaK. G. F.KOLAR Sambrama Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Hospital Blood Bank
2091KarnatakaKolarKOLAR BEML Medical Centre Bharat Earth Movers Limited Blood Bank
2092KarnatakaKolarKOLAR General Hospital Robertson Peth Blood Bank
2093KarnatakaKolarKOLAR R. L. Jalappa Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
2094KarnatakaKolarKOLAR S.N.R. District Hospital Blood Bank
2095KarnatakaKoppalKOPPAL Gopi Blood Bank
2096KarnatakaKoppalKOPPAL Indian Red Cross Koppal District Branch Blood Bank
2097KarnatakaMandyaMANDYA Adichunchanagiri Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
2098KarnatakaMandyaMANDYA District Hospital Blood Bank Mandya
2099KarnatakaMandyaMANDYA MDC Voluntary Blood Bank
2100KarnatakaMandyaMANDYA Vikarm Hospital Blood Bank
2101KarnatakaMysoreMysore B. G. S. Apollo Hospital Blood Bank
2102KarnatakaMysoreMysore Bassappa Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
2103KarnatakaMysoreMysore Cauvery Hospital Blood Bank
2104KarnatakaMysoreMysore Holdsworth Memorial Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2105KarnatakaMysoreMysore J. S. S. Hospital Blood Bank
2106KarnatakaMysoreMysore Jeevadhara Voluntary Blood Bank
2107KarnatakaMysoreMysore K. R. Hospital Blood Bank
2108KarnatakaMysoreMysore Kamakshi Hospital Blood Bank
2109KarnatakaMysoreMysore Narayana Hrudayalaya - Surgical Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
2110KarnatakaMysoreMysore Nuveen Medical Relief and research Foundation Blood Bank
2111KarnatakaMysoreMysore Rotary Mysore Chandrakala Hospital Blood Bank
2112KarnatakaMysoreMysore Vikram Hospital and Heart Centre Blood Bank
2113KarnatakaYadavagiriMysore Railway Hospital Blood Bank
2114KarnatakaHuttiRAICHUR Hutti Gold Hospital Blood Bank
2115KarnatakaRaichurRAICHUR Indian Medical Association Blood Bank
2116KarnatakaRaichurRAICHUR Navodaya Medical College Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
2117KarnatakaRaichurRAICHUR Raichur Institute of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital (RIMS) Blood Bank
2118KarnatakaRaichurRAICHUR Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
2119KarnatakaSindhanurRAICHUR Sri Shakti Blood Bank
2120KarnatakaBhadravathiSHIVAMOGGA Jeevadhara Blood Bank
2121KarnatakaBhadravatiSHIVAMOGGA VISL Hospital Blood Bank
2122KarnatakaShimogaSHIVAMOGGA M/s. Sahyadri Narayana Multispeciality Hospital Blood Bank
2123KarnatakaShimogaSHIVAMOGGA McGann Hospital Blood Bank
2124KarnatakaShimogaSHIVAMOGGA Shimoga Mid Town Rotary Charity Foundation Blood Bank
2125KarnatakaShimogaSHIVAMOGGA Subbaiah Medical College Blood Bank
2126KarnatakaShivamoggaSHIVAMOGGA Red Cross Sanjeevini Blood Bank
2127KarnatakaTumkurTUMAKURU District Hospital Blood Bank Tumkur
2128KarnatakaTumkurTUMAKURU J.C. Voluntary Blood Bank
2129KarnatakaTumkurTUMAKURU Rotary Tumkur Central Belli Blood Bank
2130KarnatakaTumkurTUMAKURU Sri Shridevi Charitable Trust - Sreedevi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Hospital Blood Bank
2131KarnatakaTumkurTUMAKURU Sri Sidhartha Medical College Blood Bank
2132KarnatakaTumkurTUMAKURU Vijaya Hospital Blood Bank
2133KarnatakaManipalUDUPI Kasturba Hospital Blood Bank
2134KarnatakaUdupiUDUPI District Hospital Blood Bank Udupi
2135KarnatakaAnkolaUTTARA KANNADA K. L. E. Society Blood Bank
2136KarnatakaKarwarUTTARA KANNADA District Hospital Blood Bank Karwar
2137KarnatakaKarwarUTTARA KANNADA Pandit General Hospital Blood Bank
2138KarnatakaKumtaUTTARA KANNADA The Uttara Kannada Blood Bank and Health Services Society
2139KarnatakaSirsiUTTARA KANNADA Shripad Hegde Kadave Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2140KarnatakaChikkaballapurChikkaballapur Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank Chikkaballapur
2141KarnatakaRamanagarRAMANAGARA M/S Indian Red Cross Society
2142KarnatakaYadgirYADGIR M/s. Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank Yadgir
2143GoaBambolimNORTH GOA Goa Medical College Blood Bank
2144GoaMapusaNORTH GOA District Hospital Blood Bank
2145GoaChicalimSOUTH GOA SMRC's V. M. Salgaocar Hospital Blood Bank
2146GoaMargaoSOUTH GOA Apollo Victor Hospital Blood Bank
2147GoaMargaoSOUTH GOA Hospicio Hospital Blood Bank
2148LakshadweepLakshadweepLAKSHADWEEP DISTRICT Indira Gandhi Hospital Blood Bank
2149KeralaAlappuzhaALAPPUZHA K. V. M. Hospital Blood Bank
2150KeralaAlappuzhaALAPPUZHA Woman and Child Hospital Blood Bank
2151KeralaChegannurALAPPUZHA Central Travancore Specialist Hospital Limited Blood Bank
2152KeralaChengannurALAPPUZHA M/s. Sanjivani Multispeciality Hospital Blood Bank
2153KeralaChenganoorALAPPUZHA Century Hospital Blood Bank
2154KeralaCherthalaALAPPUZHA Sacred Heart Hospital Blood Bank
2155KeralaMavelikkaraALAPPUZHA V. S. M. Hospital Blood Bank
2156KeralaPandalamALAPPUZHA Chitra Hospital Blood Bank
2157KeralaVandanamALAPPUZHA T. D. Medical College Hospital Blood Bank Alappuzha
2158KeralaAluvaERNAKULAM M/s. Rajagiri Healthcare and Education Trust Blood Bank
2159KeralaAlwayeERNAKULAM Carmel Hospital Blood Bank
2160KeralaAlwayeERNAKULAM Regional Blood Transfusion Centre - District Hospital
2161KeralaAngamalyERNAKULAM Little Flower Hospital Blood Bank
2162KeralaCheranalloorERNAKULAM Aster Medicity - Aster DM Healthcare Private Limited Blood Bank
2163KeralaErnakulamERNAKULAM Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences Research Centre Blood Bank
2164KeralaErnakulamERNAKULAM General Hospital Blood Bank
2165KeralaErnakulamERNAKULAM IMA Voluntary Donor Blood Bank
2166KeralaErnakulamERNAKULAM INHS Sanjeevini Naval Base Blood Bank
2167KeralaErnakulamERNAKULAM Lisie Hospital Blood Bank
2168KeralaErnakulamERNAKULAM Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2169KeralaKakkanadERNAKULAM Medical Trust Hospital Blood Bank
2170KeralaKalamasseryERNAKULAM Government Medical College Ernakulam Blood Bank
2171KeralaKallorERNAKULAM P. V. S. Memorial Hospital Limited Blood Bank
2172KeralaKizhakkambalamERNAKULAM Samaritan Hospital Blood Bank
2173KeralaKochiERNAKULAM Lourdes Hospital Blood Bank
2174KeralaKochiERNAKULAM Sunrise Institute of Medical Sciences Private Limited Blood Bank
2175KeralaKoothattukulamERNAKULAM Devamatha Hospital Blood Bank
2176KeralaKothamangalamERNAKULAM Mar Baselius Medical Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2177KeralaKothamangalamERNAKULAM Saint Joseph Hospital Blood Bank
2178KeralaMaraduERNAKULAM Lakeshore HospitalandResearch Centre Limited Blood Bank
2179KeralaMoovattupuzhaERNAKULAM Nirmala Medical Center Blood Bank
2180KeralaNorth KuthyathodeERNAKULAM Sree Narayana Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2181KeralaPerumbavoorERNAKULAM Sanjoe Hospital Blood Bank
2182KeralaAdimaliIDUKKI Morning Star Medical Centre Blood Bank
2183KeralaKattappanaIDUKKI Saint Johns Hospital Blood Bank
2184KeralaMundakayamIDUKKI Mundakkayam Medical Trust (M.M.T.) Hospital Blood Bank
2185KeralaMunnarIDUKKI Tata Tea Limited General Hospital Blood Bank
2186KeralaMurikkasseryIDUKKI Alphonsa Hospital Blood Bank
2187KeralaPainavuIDUKKI District Hospital Blood Bank
2188KeralaThodupuzhaIDUKKI Holy Family Hospital Blood Bank
2189KeralaThodupuzhaIDUKKI I. M. A. Blood Bank Society
2190KeralaThodupuzhaIDUKKI M/s. Al-Azhar Medical College & Super Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
2191KeralaKANNUR Sara Memorial Medical laboratory and Blood Bank
2192KeralaAnjarakandyKANNUR Kannur Medical college and Hospital (Prestige educational Trust) Blood Bank
2193KeralaCherukunnuKANNUR Saint Martin De Porres Hospital Blood Bank
2194KeralaKannurKANNUR Cannannore Co-operative Hospital Society Blood Bank
2195KeralaKannurKANNUR District Hospital Blood Bank
2196KeralaPariyaramKANNUR Kerala State Co-operative Hospital Complex and Centre for Advanced Medical Services Limited
2197KeralaPayyannurKANNUR The Payyannur Co-operative Hospital Society Limited
2198KeralaThalasherryKANNUR Josgiri Hospital Blood Bank
2199KeralaThalasseryKANNUR General Hospital Blood Bank
2200KeralaThalasseryKANNUR Malabar Cancer Centre Society Blood Bank
2201KeralaThalasseryKANNUR Tellichery Co-operative Hospital Blood Bank
2202KeralaKanhangadKASARAGOD District Hospital Blood Bank,Kanhangad
2203KeralaKanhangadKASARAGOD Medical diagnostic Centre Blood Bank
2204KeralaKasaragodKASARAGOD Community Health Centre (T.H.Q) - General Hospital Blood Bank
2205KeralaAnchalKOLLAM Saint Joseph Hospital Blood Bank
2206KeralaKollamKOLLAM Bishop Benziger Hospital Blood Bank
2207KeralaKollamKOLLAM District Hospital Blood Bank
2208KeralaKollamKOLLAM I.M.A.Blood Bank
2209KeralaKollamKOLLAM S.N.Trust Medical Mission Sankar Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
2210KeralaKollamKOLLAM Upasana Hospital Blood Bank
2211KeralaKottakkaraKOLLAM Taluk Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2212KeralaKottiyamKOLLAM Holy Cross Hospital Blood Bank
2213KeralaManakkaraKOLLAM Padmavathy Medical Foundation Blood Bank
2214KeralaMeeyannoorKOLLAM Azeezia Medical College Blood Bank
2215KeralaMylaporeKOLLAM Quilon Medical Trust Blood Bank Kollam
2216KeralaParipallyKOLLAM M/s. Employee's State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) Blood Bank
2217KeralaPathanapuramKOLLAM Saint Joseph Hospital Blood Bank
2218KeralaPunalurKOLLAM Government Hospital Blood Bank
2219KeralaKOTTAYAM Rotary Blood Bank
2220KeralaBharanganamKOTTAYAM Immaculate Heart of Mary Hospital Blood Bank
2221KeralaKanjirappallyKOTTAYAM Mary Queens Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2222KeralaKidangoorKOTTAYAM Little Lourde Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2223KeralaKottayamKOTTAYAM District Hospital Blood Bank
2224KeralaKottayamKOTTAYAM M/s. Bharath Charitable Hospital Society Blood Bank
2225KeralaKottayamKOTTAYAM Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2226KeralaKurisumuduKOTTAYAM Saint Thomas Hospital Blood Bank
2227KeralaMonippallyKOTTAYAM MUM Hospital Blood Bank
2228KeralaMuttuchiraKOTTAYAM Holy Ghost Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2229KeralaNagampadamKOTTAYAM S. H. Medical Centre Blood Bank
2230KeralaPalaKOTTAYAM Carmel Medical Centre Blood Bank
2231KeralaPalaiKOTTAYAM Marian Medical Centre Blood Bank
2232KeralaPathanamthittaKOTTAYAM Believers Church Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2233KeralaThellakamKOTTAYAM Velankanni Matha Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
2234KeralaThellakomKOTTAYAM Caritas Hospital Blood Bank
2235KeralaVaikomKOTTAYAM Indo American Hospital - Brainand Spine Centre Blood Bank
2236KeralaKOZHIKODE P. V. S. Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
2237KeralaAtholiKOZHIKODE MMC Hospital Blood Bank
2238KeralaCalicutKOZHIKODE Metro International Cardiac Centre Blood Bank
2239KeralaDevagiriKOZHIKODE Mar Gregorious Diocese Memorial Muthoot Hospital Blood Bank
2240KeralaEranhipalamKOZHIKODE Kozhikode District Co-operative Hospital Blood Bank
2241KeralaKottapparambaKOZHIKODE Government Woman and Child Hospital Blood Bank
2242KeralaKozhikodeKOZHIKODE Baby Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
2243KeralaKozhikodeKOZHIKODE Fathima Hospital Blood Bank
2244KeralaKozhikodeKOZHIKODE Government General Hospital Blood Bank
2245KeralaKozhikodeKOZHIKODE K M C T Hospital Blood Bank
2246KeralaKozhikodeKOZHIKODE Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2247KeralaKozhikodeKOZHIKODE Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2248KeralaKozhikodeKOZHIKODE National Hospital Blood Bank
2249KeralaMalaparambaKOZHIKODE IQRAA Hospital Blood Bank
2250KeralaMarrikunnuKOZHIKODE Nirmala Hospital Blood Bank
2251KeralaMukkomKOZHIKODE Saint Joseph Hospital Blood Bank
2252KeralaOmasseryKOZHIKODE Santhi Hospital Blood Bank
2253KeralaVadakaraKOZHIKODE Badagara sahakarana Asupathri Limited Blood Bank
2254KeralaEdappalMALAPPURAM Edappal Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
2255KeralaEdappalMALAPPURAM Sree Valsam Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2256KeralaKottakkalMALAPPURAM Almas Hospital Blood Bank - Chankuvatty
2257KeralaKottakkalMALAPPURAM Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank - Malappuram
2258KeralaMalappuramMALAPPURAM Orchid Institute of Health Care and Research Private Limited Blood Bank
2259KeralaManjeriMALAPPURAM District Hospital Blood Bank Manjeri
2260KeralaManjeriMALAPPURAM Korambayil Hospital Blood Bank
2261KeralaPerintalmannaMALAPPURAM Al-Shifa Hospital Private Limited
2262KeralaPerinthalmannaMALAPPURAM M. E. S. Medical College Blood Bank
2263KeralaPerinthanmannaMALAPPURAM Government Hospital -Taluk Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2264KeralaThirurMALAPPURAM Taluk Head Quarters Hospital
2265KeralaAlathurPALAKKAD Karuna Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2266KeralaMannarkadPALAKKAD Mother Care Hospital Blood Bank
2267KeralaOttapalamPALAKKAD Valluvanad Hospital Blood Bank
2268KeralaPalakkadPALAKKAD District Hospital
2269KeralaPalakkadPALAKKAD Palakkad Blood Bank
2270KeralaAdoorPATHANAMTHITTA Holy Cross Hospital Blood Bank
2271KeralaAdoorPATHANAMTHITTA Lifeline Super Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
2272KeralaKozhencherryPATHANAMTHITTA Mar Gregorious Memorial Muthoot Medical Centre Blood Bank
2273KeralaKozhencherryPATHANAMTHITTA Poyanil Hospital Blood Bank
2274KeralaKumbanadPATHANAMTHITTA Fellowship Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2275KeralaPandalamPATHANAMTHITTA Archana Hospital Blood Bank Pandalam
2276KeralaPandalamPATHANAMTHITTA Chithra Hospital Blood Bank
2277KeralaPathanamthittaPATHANAMTHITTA General Hospital Blood Bank
2278KeralaRanniPATHANAMTHITTA Menathottam Hospital Blood Bank
2279KeralaThiruvallaPATHANAMTHITTA Pushpagiri Hospital Blood Bank
2280KeralaThiruvallaPATHANAMTHITTA Thiruvalla Medical Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2281KeralaChiryinkilTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM Taluk Head Quarter Hospital Blood Bank
2282KeralaKarakkonamTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM Dr. Somervel CSI Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2283KeralaKattakkadaTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM P. N. M. Hospital Blood Bank
2284KeralaNeyyattinkaraTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM NIMS Hospital Blood Bank
2285KeralaThiruvAnanthapuramTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM Ananthapuri Hospital and Research Institute Blood Bank
2286KeralaThiruvananthapuramTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM Cosmopolitan Hospitals Private Hospital Blood Bank
2287KeralaThiruvAnanthapuramTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM General Hospital Blood Bank
2288KeralaThiruvAnanthapuramTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2289KeralaThiruvananthapuramTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM M/s. S R Super Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
2290KeralaThiruvananthapuramTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2291KeralaThiruvananthapuramTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM PRS Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
2292KeralaThiruvAnanthapuramTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM Regional Cancer Centre Blood Bank
2293KeralaThiruvAnanthapuramTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM Sivagiri SreeNarayana Medical Mission Blood Bank
2294KeralaThiruvAnanthapuramTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM Sree Uthradam Thirunal Hospital Blood Bank
2295KeralaThiruvAnanthapuramTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM Sri Chitra Thirunal Institute of Medical Science and Technology Blood Bank
2296KeralaThiruvananthapuramTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM Superior Blood Bank
2297KeralaThiruvAnanthapuramTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM Women and Children Hospital Blood Bank
2298KeralaTrivandrumTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM M/s. Ruckmoni Memorial Devi Hospital Blood Bank
2299KeralaTrivandrumTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM S U T Royal Hospital Blood Bank
2300KeralaVenjaramooduTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM Sree Gokulam Medical College and Research Foundation Blood Bank
2301KeralaTHRISSUR Thrissur Metropolitan Health Care Private Limited Blood Bank
2302KeralaAmalanagarTHRISSUR Amala Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
2303KeralaChalakkudyTHRISSUR Saint James Hospital Blood Bank
2304KeralaChoondalTHRISSUR Saint Josephs Hospital Blood Bank
2305KeralaEngandiyurTHRISSUR Mary Immaculate Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2306KeralaKodungallurTHRISSUR Modern Medical Blood Bank
2307KeralaKoorkencherryTHRISSUR Elite Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2308KeralaKunnamkulamTHRISSUR Royal Hospital Blood Bank
2309KeralaKunnamkulamTHRISSUR Unity Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
2310KeralaKuzhikkattuseryTHRISSUR Maria Theresa Hospital Blood Bank
2311KeralaPeringandoorTHRISSUR Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2312KeralaPullazhiTHRISSUR Mother Hospital Blood Bank
2313KeralaPullurTHRISSUR Sacred Heart Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2314KeralaPunkunnamTHRISSUR West Fort Hitech Hospital Blood Bank
2315KeralaRamavarmapuramTHRISSUR Janakeeya Samithy (Arogyam) I.M.A Blood Bank Complex and Research Centre
2316KeralaThrissurTHRISSUR Aswini Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
2317KeralaThrissurTHRISSUR Bishop Alappat Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2318KeralaThrissurTHRISSUR District Hospital Blood Bank
2319KeralaThrissurTHRISSUR Jubilee Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2320KeralaThrissurTHRISSUR M/s. Ahalia International Foundation Blood Bank
2321KeralaThrissurTHRISSUR Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2322KeralaThrissurTHRISSUR Thrichur Heart Hospital Limited Blood Bank
2323KeralaThrissurTHRISSUR West Fort Hospital Blood Bank Thrissur
2324KeralaKalpettaWAYANAD M/s. Leo Hospital Blood Bank
2325KeralaManathavadyWAYANAD District Hospital Blood Bank
2326KeralaMeppadiWAYANAD D. M. Wayanad Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2327KeralaSulthan BatheryWAYANAD Government Taluk Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2329Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI AA Lab Blood Bank
2330Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI ACS General Hospital
2331Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Apollo Hospital Enterprises Limited Blood Bank
2332Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Apollo Hospitals Blood Bank
2333Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Apollo Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
2334Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Bharathiraja Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
2335Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Billroth Hospitals Limited Blood Bank
2336Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Chennai Port Trust Hospital Blood Bank
2337Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI CSI Rainy Multi Speciality Hospital
2338Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Dhanvandri Blood Bank and Research Centre of Sreemahalakshmi Charitable Health Trust
2339Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Dr.Kamatchi Memorial and Blood Component Research Centre
2340Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI ESI Hospital Blood Bank
2341Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI ESIC Hospital And Occupational Diseases Centre Blood Bank
2342Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Fortis Malar Hospitals Limited Blood Bank
2343Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Global Hospitals Blood Bank (A unit of Rabindranath GE Medical Association Pvt Ltd
2344Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Government Kasthurbai Gandhi Hospital for Women & Children
2345Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Government Kasturba Gandhi Hospital Blood Bank
2346Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Government Kilpauk Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2347Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Government Peripheral Hospital Blood Bank
2348Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Government Royapettah Hospital Blood Bank
2349Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Government RSRM Hospital
2350Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Government Stanley Hospital Blood Bank
2351Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Hindu Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2352Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Government Hospital for Women and Children
2353Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI International Centre for Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Diseases
2354Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Jeevan Blood Bank and Research Centre
2355Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Kanchi Kamakoti Child Trust Hospital Blood Bank
2356Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Landsteiner Lakshmi Memorial Research Foundation
2357Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Lions Blood Bank and Research Centre
2358Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI M/S SRM Institutes For Medical Science
2359Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Madha Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
2360Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Madras Egmore Lions Blood Bank and Research Foundation
2361Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Madras Medical Mission(Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseses)
2362Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI MIOT Hospital Blood Bank
2363Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Muthukumaran Medical College Hospital and Research Institute
2364Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital
2365Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Right Hospitals Blood Bank
2366Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Rotary Blood Bank
2367Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Rotary Central TTK Voluntary Health Services (Dr Raganathan Memorial Blood Bank)
2368Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Southern Railway Headquarters Hospital
2369Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Sree Venkateswara Blood Bank
2370Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute Blood Bank
2371Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI St Thomas Blood Bank and Research Centre St Thomas Hospital
2372Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Tagore Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2373Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI The Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children
2374Tamil NaduChennaiCHENNAI Vijaya Hospital Blood Bank
2375Tamil NaduChrompetCHENNAI Sree Balaji General Hospital Blood Bank
2376Tamil NaduEgmoreCHENNAI Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
2377Tamil NaduGuindyCHENNAI The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University Blood Bank
2378Tamil Nadu VaradharajapuramCOIMBATORE ESI Hospital Blood Bank
2379Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Kuriji Hospital Blood Bank (A Unit of Vangal Amman Health Service Limited)
2380Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Coimbatore Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2381Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE G. Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
2382Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Ganga Hospital Blood Bank
2383Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Government Hospital Blood Bank
2384Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE IMA Rotary Midtown Mahaveer Blood Bank
2385Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Karpagam Hospital Blood Bank
2386Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE KG Hospital Blood Bank
2387Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Kongu Nadu Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
2388Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital Blood Bank
2389Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Lions Club of Coimbatore Legend Blood Bank Research Centre
2390Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE PSG Hospital Blood Bank
2391Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Ramakrishna Hospital Blood Bank
2392Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Ramana Gounder Medical Trust Hospital Blood Bank
2393Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE RVS Hospital Blood Bank
2394Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Shanthi Social Services Medical Centre Blood Bank
2395Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Sheela Hospitals Blood Bank
2396Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Sree Abirami Hospital Private Limited Blood Bank
2397Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE Swaasam Blood Bank (Run by Any time Blood Voluntary Association)
2398Tamil NaduCoimbatoreCOIMBATORE The Coimbatore Bio Medical Services Blood Bank
2399Tamil NaduPollachiCOIMBATORE Government Hospital Blood Bank
2400Tamil NaduPollachiCOIMBATORE Pollachi Blood Bank Services
2401Tamil NaduChidambaramCUDDALORE Kamaraj Government Hospital Blood Bank
2402Tamil NaduChidambaramCUDDALORE Rajah Muthiah Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
2403Tamil NaduCuddaloreCUDDALORE Blood Donor Association Blood Bank
2404Tamil NaduCuddaloreCUDDALORE Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2405Tamil NaduCuddaloreCUDDALORE Government Hospital Blood Bank
2406Tamil NaduCuddaloreCUDDALORE Hi Tech Blood Bank and Research Foundation
2407Tamil NaduNeyveliCUDDALORE Neyveli Lignite Corporation
2408Tamil NaduDharmapuriDHARMAPURI Ashok Blood Bank and Clinical Laboratory
2409Tamil NaduDharmapuriDHARMAPURI Dharmapuri Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2410Tamil NaduDharmapuriDHARMAPURI Om Sakthi Blood Bank
2411Tamil NaduAmbilikaiDINDIGUL Christian Community Health Center and Hospital Blood Bank
2412Tamil NaduDindigulDINDIGUL Dindigul Blood Bank
2413Tamil NaduDindigulDINDIGUL Government Head quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2414Tamil NaduDindigulDINDIGUL Indian Blood Bank
2415Tamil NaduDindigulDINDIGUL Leonard Hospital Blood Bank
2416Tamil NaduDindigulDINDIGUL Palani Blood Bank (Run by Annai Educational Trust)
2417Tamil NaduDindigulDINDIGUL St.Joseph Hospital Blood Bank
2418Tamil NaduGandhigramDINDIGUL Kasturba Hospital Blood Bank
2419Tamil NaduOddanchataramDINDIGUL Christian Fellowship Hospital Blood Bank
2420Tamil NaduPalaniDINDIGUL Government Hospital Blood Bank
2421Tamil NaduErodeERODE Dhanvantri Charitable Trust Blood Bank
2422Tamil NaduErodeERODE Erode Blood Bank and Clinical Laboratory
2423Tamil NaduErodeERODE Government Head quarters Hospital Blood Bank Erode
2424Tamil NaduErodeERODE Idayam Hospitals Erode Limited Blood Bank
2425Tamil NaduErodeERODE IRT Perunthurai Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2426Tamil NaduErodeERODE Kongu Blood Bank
2427Tamil NaduErodeERODE Lions Club of Erode Supreme Charitable Trust Blood Bank
2428Tamil NaduErodeERODE Lotus Blood Bank
2429Tamil NaduErode ERODE Sri Saanthi Blood Bank (Run by Kaveri trust)
2430Tamil NaduGobichettipalayamERODE Government Hospital Blood Bank
2431Tamil NaduGobichettipalayamERODE Sri Ram Blood Bank
2432Tamil NaduChengalpattuKANCHIPURAM Chengalpattu Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2433Tamil NaduChengalpattuKANCHIPURAM Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research Institute Blood Bank
2434Tamil NaduChengalpetKANCHIPURAM Essar Blood Bank
2435Tamil NaduChennaiKANCHIPURAM Military Hospital Blood Bank, St. Thomas Mount
2436Tamil NaduKanchipuramKANCHIPURAM Annai Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank (Run by Sri Devi Karumari Amman Educational Trust)
2437Tamil NaduKanchipuramKANCHIPURAM Government Aringnar Anna Memorial Cancer Hospital Blood Bank
2438Tamil NaduKanchipuramKANCHIPURAM Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2439Tamil NaduKanchipuramKANCHIPURAM Meenakshi Medical College Hospital and Research Institute Blood Bank
2440Tamil NaduKattangulathurKANCHIPURAM SRM Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2441Tamil NaduKelambakkamKANCHIPURAM Chettinad Hospital and Research Institute Blood Bank
2442Tamil NaduMadurantakamKANCHIPURAM Madurantakam Government Hospital Blood Bank
2443Tamil NaduMaduranthagamKANCHIPURAM Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2444Tamil NaduTambaramKANCHIPURAM Government Hospital Tambaram Blood Bank
2445Tamil NaduThandalamKANCHIPURAM Saveetha Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank (A unit of Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences
2446Tamil NaduThiruvallurKANCHIPURAM Deen Dayal Hospital Blood Bank
2447Tamil NaduKanya KumariKanyakumari M/s Marthandam Blood Bank
2448Tamil NaduKanyakumariKanyakumari Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2449Tamil NaduKanyakumariKanyakumari M/S Indian Medical Centre, Dr Kumarsawamy Health Center
2450Tamil NaduKanyakumariKanyakumari Sree Mookambika Institute Medical Science Blood Bank
2451Tamil NaduNagarcoilKanyakumari Catherine Booth Hospital Blood Bank (Run By The Salvation Army)
2452Tamil NaduNagercoilKanyakumari AV Rajan Blood Transfusion Services Clinical and Research Laboratories
2453Tamil NaduNagercoilKanyakumari Bensam Hospital Blood Bank
2454Tamil NaduNagercoilKanyakumari Dr. Jeyasekharan Medical Trust and Nursing Home Blood Bank
2455Tamil NaduNagercoilKanyakumari Kanya Blood Bank
2456Tamil NaduNagercoilKanyakumari Kanyakumari Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2457Tamil NaduNagercoilKanyakumari Lords Blood Bank (Run By Rajamony Memorial Educational Charitable Trust)
2458Tamil NaduNagercoilKanyakumari Royal Blood Bank (Run by Royal Medical Trust)
2459Tamil NaduNagercoilKanyakumari Thangam Blood Bank (Run by Thangam Chartiable Community Health Trust) William Hospital
2460Tamil NaduNagercoilKanyakumari Vivek Blood Bank
2461Tamil NaduNagerkoilKanyakumari Siventhi Blood Bank (Siventhi Medical Trust)
2462Tamil NaduNeyoorKanyakumari Kanyakumari Medical Mission CSI Hospital Blood Bank
2463Tamil NaduKarurKARUR Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2464Tamil NaduKarurKARUR Karur Blood Bank
2465Tamil NaduKarurKARUR M/s Karur Voluntary Blood Bank and Laboratary
2466Tamil NaduKarurKARUR M/S. Rainbow Blood Bank ( Run by rainbow Health &Educational Trust)
2467Tamil Nadu KrishnagiriKRISHNAGIRI M/S TCR Blood Bank ( Run by TCR hospital & Charitable Trust)
2468Tamil NaduHosurKRISHNAGIRI Arogya Blood Bank (A Unit of Arogya Seva Hospitals Private Limited)
2469Tamil NaduHosurKRISHNAGIRI Government Hospital Blood Bank
2470Tamil NaduHosurKRISHNAGIRI Life Care Voluntary Blood Bank (Run by Life Care Trust)
2471Tamil NaduKrishnagiriKRISHNAGIRI Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2472Tamil NaduKrishnagiriKRISHNAGIRI Karunya Hospital Blood Bank
2473Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI Annai Abirami Blood Bank
2474Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI Christian Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2475Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2476Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI Government Rajaji Hospital Blood Bank
2477Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI M/S Jeevan Blood Bank
2478Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI Madhura Blood Bank
2479Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
2480Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI Satyam Blood Bank
2481Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI Sivan Blood Bank Run by Lakshmiammal Memorial Trust
2482Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI Thai Moogambigai Blood Bank and Clinical Laboratory
2483Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI The Apollo Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
2484Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI Vadamalayan Hospital Blood Bank
2485Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI Velammal Medical College Hospital and Reserach Institute Blood Bank
2486Tamil NaduMaduraiMADURAI Vignesh Blood Bank
2487Tamil NaduMayiladuthuraiNAGAPATTINAM Government Hospital Blood Bank
2488Tamil NaduNagapattinamNAGAPATTINAM Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2489Tamil NaduNamakkalNAMAKKAL Bharath Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank
2490Tamil NaduNamakkalNAMAKKAL Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2491Tamil NaduNamakkalNAMAKKAL Shharc Charity Blood Bank
2492Tamil NaduRasipuramNAMAKKAL Government Hospital Blood Bank
2493Tamil NaduThiruchengodeNAMAKKAL Government Hospital Blood Bank Thiruchengode
2494Tamil NaduTiruchengkoduNAMAKKAL Vivekanandha Medical Care Hospital Blood Bank
2495Tamil NaduPerambalurPERAMBALUR Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2496Tamil NaduPerambalurPERAMBALUR Muthu Medical Center Blood Bank (Muthu Charitable Trust)
2497Tamil NaduSiruvachurPERAMBALUR Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
2498Tamil NaduPattukottaiPUDUKKOTTAI M/S Kanakesa Thevar Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
2499Tamil NaduPudukkottaiPUDUKKOTTAI Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2500Tamil NaduPudukkottaiPUDUKKOTTAI Government Hospital Blood Bank
2501Tamil NaduPudukkottaiPUDUKKOTTAI Sree Meenakshi Multi Speciality Hospital Blood Bank (Run by Ayyamperumal and K Dakshinamoorthy Trust)
2502Tamil NaduRamanathapuramRAMANATHAPURAM Government Headquarters Hospital Blood Bank
2503Tamil NaduRamanathapuramRAMANATHAPURAM M/S Ramnad Blood Bank( Run by C.Lakshmiammal Memorial Trust)
2504Tamil NaduAtturSALEM Annai Blood Bank
2505Tamil NaduAtturSALEM Government Hospital Blood Bank
2506Tamil NaduMetturdamSALEM Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2507Tamil NaduSalemSALEM Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2508Tamil NaduSalemSALEM KSM Blood Bank (Run by Maruti Charitable Trust)
2509Tamil NaduSalemSALEM Kurinji Hospital Blood Bank
2510Tamil NaduSalemSALEM M/S SKS Hospital Blood Bank ( Unit of SKS Hospital (I) Private Limited)
2511Tamil NaduSalemSALEM Maruti Blood Bank
2512Tamil NaduSalemSALEM Minu Labs and Blood Bank
2513Tamil NaduSalemSALEM S Palaniyandi Mudaliar Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
2514Tamil NaduSalemSALEM Salem Blood Bank
2515Tamil NaduSalemSALEM Salem Steel Authority of India Salem Steel Plant
2516Tamil NaduSalemSALEM Sithi Vinayagar Blood Bank
2517Tamil NaduSalemSALEM Sivaramji Blood Bank (Unit of Janaseva Trust)
2518Tamil NaduSalemSALEM Sri Gokulam Hospital Blood Bank
2519Tamil NaduSalemSALEM Sri Shellapha Hospital Blood Bank
2520Tamil NaduSalemSALEM Vinayaga Mission Kirubananda Variar Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2521Tamil NaduKaraiKudiSIVAGANGA KaraiKudi Blood Centre (Run by Vivekananda Trust)
2522Tamil NaduSivagangaiSIVAGANGA Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2523Tamil NaduSivagangaiSIVAGANGA Government Sivagangai Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2524Tamil NaduKumbakonamTHANJAVUR Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2525Tamil NaduKumbakonamTHANJAVUR Sri Kaali Blood Bank
2526Tamil NaduPattukkottaiTHANJAVUR Government Hospital Blood Bank
2527Tamil NaduThanjavurTHANJAVUR Ambigai Blood Bank
2528Tamil NaduThanjavurTHANJAVUR Government Raja Mirasudar Hospital
2529Tamil NaduThanjavurTHANJAVUR Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
2530Tamil NaduThanjavurTHANJAVUR KMR Blood Bank (Run by KMR Charitable Trust)
2531Tamil NaduThanjavurTHANJAVUR Lakshminarayana Blood Bank
2532Tamil NaduThanjavurTHANJAVUR Meenakshi Hospital Blood Bank
2533Tamil NaduThanjavurTHANJAVUR Sri Kaali Blood Bank
2534Tamil NaduThanjavurTHANJAVUR Thanjavur Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2535Tamil NaduThanjavurTHANJAVUR Voluntary Blood Bank
2536Tamil NaduCoonoorTHE NILGIRIS Government Lawley Hospital Blood Bank
2537Tamil NaduGudalurTHE NILGIRIS Government Taluk Hospital Blood Bank
2538Tamil NaduGudalurTHE NILGIRIS Gudalur Adivasi Hospital Blood Bank (Previously named as Ashwini hospital & under Ashwini trust)
2539Tamil NaduOotyTHE NILGIRIS Government Head Quarters Hospital, Ooty
2540Tamil NaduUdagamandalamTHE NILGIRIS Government Head quarters Hospital
2541Tamil NaduWellingtonTHE NILGIRIS Military Hospital Blood Bank
2542Tamil NaduPeriyakulamTHENI Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2543Tamil NaduTheniTHENI Government Theni Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2544Tamil NaduTheniTHENI Vikram Clinical Blood Bank
2545Tamil NaduThiruvallurTHIRUVALLUR Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2546Tamil NaduTiruvarurTHIRUVARUR Government Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
2547Tamil NaduTiruvarurTHIRUVARUR Sri Venkateswara Hospital Blood Bank
2548Tamil NaduTirchyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI Bharath Heavy Electricals Limited Hospital Blood Bank
2549Tamil NaduTirchyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI Southern Railway Hospital Blood Bank
2550Tamil NaduTrichyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI Bharath Blood Bank
2551Tamil NaduTrichyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI Blood Bank of Shavana
2552Tamil NaduTrichyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI Chennai Medical College Hospital and Research Centre
2553Tamil NaduTrichyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI Child Jesus Hospital Blood Bank
2554Tamil NaduTrichyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI Church of South India Mission General Hospital Blood Bank
2555Tamil NaduTrichyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI Doctors Blood Bank and Research Centre
2556Tamil NaduTrichyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI Friends Blood Bank
2557Tamil NaduTrichyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI Government Headquarters Hospital Blood Bank
2558Tamil NaduTrichyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI KMC Speciality Hospitals Blood Bank ( Kaveri Hospitals)
2559Tamil NaduTrichyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI M/S Apollo Speciality Hospitals Blood Bank
2560Tamil NaduTrichyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI Mahathma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital Blood Bank
2561Tamil NaduTrichyTIRUCHIRAPPALLI Victory Blood Bank
2562Tamil NaduAmbasamudramTIRUNELVELI Government Hospital Blood Bank
2563Tamil NaduPalayamkottaiTIRUNELVELI Bethel Blood Bank
2564Tamil NaduSankarankovilTIRUNELVELI Government Hospital Blood Bank
2565Tamil NaduTenkasiTIRUNELVELI Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2566Tamil NaduThirunelveliTIRUNELVELI Shifa Hospitals Blood Bank
2567Tamil NaduTirunelveliTIRUNELVELI Aarthi Hospital and Diagnostic Centre Blood Bank
2568Tamil NaduTirunelveliTIRUNELVELI Galaxy Hospital Blood Bank
2569Tamil NaduTirunelveliTIRUNELVELI Kartheek Nursing Home Blood Bank
2570Tamil NaduTirunelveliTIRUNELVELI Life Line Blood Bank Component and Research Centre
2571Tamil NaduTirunelveliTIRUNELVELI M/S Annai Blood Bank
2572Tamil NaduTirunelveliTIRUNELVELI Sardar Raja Mission Hospital Blood Bank
2573Tamil NaduTirunelveliTIRUNELVELI Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2574Tamil NaduTiruvannamalaiTIRUVANNAMALAI Government Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2575Tamil NaduTiruvannamalaiTIRUVANNAMALAI ST Thomas Hospital Blood Bank and Leprosy Centre
2576Tamil NaduKovilpattiThoothukudi (TUTICORIN) Aarthi Hospital Blood Bank
2577Tamil NaduKovilpattiThoothukudi (TUTICORIN) Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2578Tamil NaduKovilpattiThoothukudi (TUTICORIN) Sudiksha Prabhu Hospital Blood Bank and Research Centre
2579Tamil NaduThoothukudiThoothukudi (TUTICORIN) Government Thoothukudi Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2580Tamil NaduTuticorinThoothukudi (TUTICORIN) M/S AVM Hospital Blood Bank
2581Tamil NaduTuticorinThoothukudi (TUTICORIN) M/S Moses Blood Bank
2582Tamil NaduTuticorinThoothukudi (TUTICORIN) Rajesh Tilak Hospital Blood Bank
2583Tamil NaduTuticorinThoothukudi (TUTICORIN) Tuticorin Blood Bank
2584Tamil NaduAdukamparaiVELLORE Government Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2585Tamil NaduAmburVELLORE Bethesda Hospital Blood Bank
2586Tamil NaduAmburVELLORE Government Hospital Blood Bank
2587Tamil NaduArakonamVELLORE Government Hospital Blood Bank Arakonam
2588Tamil NaduGudiyathamVELLORE Government Hospital Blood Bank
2589Tamil NaduTirupatturVELLORE Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2590Tamil NaduVaniyambadiVELLORE Government Hospital Blood Bank
2591Tamil NaduVelloreVELLORE CMC Hospital Blood Bank
2592Tamil NaduVelloreVELLORE Masonic Blood Bank
2593Tamil NaduVelloreVELLORE Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
2594Tamil NaduWalajapetVELLORE Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2595Tamil NaduKallakurichiVILLUPURAM Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2596Tamil NaduMelmaruvathurVILLUPURAM Melmaruvathur Adiparasakthi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Blood Bank
2597Tamil NaduTindivanamVILLUPURAM Government Hospital Blood Bank
2598Tamil NaduTindivanamVILLUPURAM St Joseph Hospital Blood Bank
2599Tamil NaduUlundupettaiVILLUPURAM Government Hospital Blood Bank
2600Tamil NaduVillupuramVILLUPURAM Balaji KMR Charitable Trust Blood Bank
2601Tamil NaduVillupuramVILLUPURAM GN Blood Bank
2602Tamil NaduVillupuramVILLUPURAM Government Villupuram Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
2603Tamil NaduAruppukottaiVIRUDHUNAGAR Government Hospital Blood Bank
2604Tamil NaduRajapalayamVIRUDHUNAGAR Government Hospital Blood Bank
2605Tamil NaduRajapalayamVIRUDHUNAGAR Sai Blood Bank and Clinical Laboratory
2606Tamil NaduRajapalayamVIRUDHUNAGAR Sri PAC Ramasamy Raja Rotary Blood Bank (Run by Rajapalayam rotary)
2607Tamil NaduSivakasiVIRUDHUNAGAR Government Hospital Blood Bank
2608Tamil NaduSivakasiVIRUDHUNAGAR Sri Annai Blood Bank
2609Tamil NaduVirudhunagarVIRUDHUNAGAR Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2610Tamil NaduVirudhunagarVIRUDHUNAGAR Virudhunagar Hindu Nadar V Dhanasamy Parimala Devi Medical Trust Blood Bank
2611Tamil NaduAriyalurAriyalur Government Head quarters Hospital
2612Tamil NaduDharapuramTIRUPPUR Government Hospital Blood Bank
2613Tamil NaduThiruppurTIRUPPUR Revathy Medical Centre Blood Bank
2614Tamil NaduTiruppurTIRUPPUR DSK Hospital Blood Bank
2615Tamil NaduTiruppurTIRUPPUR Government Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2616Tamil NaduTiruppurTIRUPPUR Sri Kumaran Hospital Blood Bank
2617Tamil NaduUdumalpetTIRUPPUR Government Hospital Blood Bank
2618Tamil NaduUdumalpetTIRUPPUR Udumalpet Indian Medical Association Rotary Blood Bank
2619PuducherryKaraikalKARAIKAL Government General Hospital Blood Bank
2620PuducherryAriyurPuducherry Sri Venkateshwara Medical College Hospital and Research Centre
2621PuducherryChellan NagarPuducherry Pondicherry Private Hospital Association Blood Bank
2622PuducherryKalapetPuducherry Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2623PuducherryKalitheerthalkuppamPuducherry Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2624PuducherryKaraikalPuducherry Vinayaka Missions Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank
2625PuducherryKirumampakkamPuducherry Aarupadai Veedu Medical College Blood Bank
2626PuducherryMahePuducherry Government General Hospital Blood Bank
2627PuducherryOsuduPuducherry Sri Lakshminarayana Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2628PuducherryPillayarkuppamPuducherry Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute
2629PuducherryPuducherryPuducherry A.G. Padmavathi Hospital Blood Bank
2630PuducherryPuducherryPuducherry East Coast Hospitals Blood Bank
2631PuducherryPuducherryPuducherry Indhira Gandhi Goverment General Hospital Blood Bank
2633PuducherryPuducherryPuducherry JIPMER Hospital Blood Bank
2634PuducherryPuducherryPuducherry Rajiv Gandhi Government Women and Child Hospital Blood Bank
2635PuducherryPuducherryPuducherry St. Joseph's Hospital (Cluny) Blood Bank
2636PuducherryYanamPuducherry Yanam Blood Bank
2637Andaman And Nicobar IslandsPort BlairSOUTH ANDAMAN G.B. Pant Hospital
2638Andaman And Nicobar IslandsPort BlairSOUTH ANDAMAN I.N.H.S. Dhanvantri
2639Andaman And Nicobar IslandsPort BlairSOUTH ANDAMAN Pillar Health Centre
2640TelanganaAdilabadADILABAD Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2641TelanganaBellampalliADILABAD Singareni Collieries Co. Ltd
2642TelanganaBhokthapurADILABAD Sri Laxmi Blood bank
2643TelanganaMancherialADILABAD Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
2644TelanganaNirmalADILABAD Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
2645TelanganaR.K puramADILABAD The Singareni Collieries Co. Ltd
2646TelanganaAmeerpetHYDERABAD Challa Hospital Blood Bank (A Multi Speciality Hospital)
2647TelanganaAmeerpetHYDERABAD Image Hospital Blood Bank
2648TelanganaAmeerpetHYDERABAD Prime Hospital Blood Bank
2649TelanganaBanjara HillsHYDERABAD Star Hospitals Blood Bank
2650TelanganaBanjara HillsHYDERABAD Arohi Blood Bank
2651TelanganaBanjara HillsHYDERABAD Basavatarakam Indo-American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute Blood Bank
2652TelanganaBanjara HillsHYDERABAD Care Hospital Blood Bank
2653TelanganaBanjara HillsHYDERABAD Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Research
2654TelanganaBanjara HillsHYDERABAD Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2655TelanganaBanjara HillsHYDERABAD NTR Memorial Trust Blood Bank
2656TelanganaBarkatpuraHYDERABAD Mythri Charitable Trust Blood Bank and Transfusion Centre
2657TelanganaBhagyanagarHYDERABAD Sanjeevini Blood Bank
2658TelanganaChadarghatHYDERABAD New life Hospital Blood Bank
2659TelanganaDomalgudaHYDERABAD Sai Vani Super Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
2660TelanganaGolcondaHYDERABAD The Military Hospital Blood Bank
2661TelanganaHimayathnagarHYDERABAD Rudhira Voluntary Blood Bank
2662TelanganaHimayatnagarHYDERABAD Satya Nursing Home Blood Bank
2663TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD Aditya Hospital Blood Bank
2664TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD Andhra Mahila Sabha Durgabhai Deshmukh Hospital & Blood Bank
2665TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD Apollo Hospital Blood Bank
2666TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD Blood Bank Thelasemia and Sickle Cell
2667TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD Employees State Insurance Corporation Superspeciality Hospital Blood Bank
2668TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD General Chest Hospital
2669TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD Genetic Products Charitable Association Blood Bank
2670TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD Himabindhu Multispeciality Hospital Blood Bank
2671TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD Lions Club of Hyderabad(East) Bhanji Kheraj Blood Bank
2672TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD M.N.J.Institute of Oncology and Regional Cancer Centre Blood Bank
2673TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD Mahavir Hospital and Research Centre Blood Bank
2674TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD Share Medical Care (Mediciti Hospital) Blood Bank
2675TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society Vuppala Venkaiah Memorial Blood Bank
2676TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD The Osmania General Hospital Blood Bank
2677TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD Venus Hospital Blood Bank
2678TelanganaHyderabadHYDERABAD Yashoda Super Speciality Hospitals Blood Bank
2679TelanganaHydergudaHYDERABAD Apollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd
2680TelanganaHymayathnagarHYDERABAD Lions Club Matadin Goel Blood Bank
2681TelanganaJublee HillsHYDERABAD Chiranjeevi Blood Bank
2682TelanganaKanchanbaghHYDERABAD Apollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd, Apollo DRDO Hospital Blood Bank
2683TelanganaKanchanbaghHYDERABAD Owaisi Medical and Research Centre
2684TelanganaKingkotiHYDERABAD Kamineni Health Services Pvt.Ltd. Blood Bank
2685TelanganaKotiHYDERABAD The Government Maternity Hospital
2686TelanganaLakdikapoolHYDERABAD Global Hospital Blood Bank
2687TelanganaMalakpetHYDERABAD Sri Balaji Blood Bank (A Unit of Sri Balaji Educational Society)
2688TelanganaMehdipatnamHYDERABAD Premier Hospital Blood Bank
2689TelanganaMehdipatnamHYDERABAD Vivekananda Environmental International Society Social Service Blood Bank
2690TelanganaNampallyHYDERABAD Care Hospital Blood Bank (A Unit of Quality Care India Limited)
2691TelanganaNampallyHYDERABAD Jaya Diagnostic Research Centre Medwin Hospital Blood Bank
2692TelanganaNarayana gudaHYDERABAD Institute of Preventive Medicine
2693TelanganaPetlaburjHYDERABAD M G M H BLOOD BANK (Government Modern Maternity Hospital)
2694TelanganaPutlibowliHYDERABAD Rakshita Voluntary Blood Bank
2695TelanganaRed HillsHYDERABAD Health, Agriculture, Rural Development Society (HARD) Blood Bank
2696TelanganaRed HillsHYDERABAD The Govt. Niloufer Hospital Blood Bank
2697TelanganaSanathnagarHYDERABAD St. Theresa's Hospital Blood Bank
2698TelanganaSanathnagarHYDERABAD The ESI Hospital Blood Bank
2699TelanganaSecunderabadHYDERABAD Andrha Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation Hospital Blood Bank
2700TelanganaSecunderabadHYDERABAD Gandhi Hospital Blood Bank
2701TelanganaSecunderabadHYDERABAD Janani Voluntary Blood Bank (A Unit of Janani Organization)
2702TelanganaSecunderabadHYDERABAD Jeevadhara Voluntary Blood Bank (A Unit of Jeevadhaara Society)
2703TelanganaSecunderabadHYDERABAD Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2704TelanganaSecunderabadHYDERABAD Lions Club of Secunderabad Twin Cities
2705TelanganaSecunderabadHYDERABAD Military Hospital Blood Bank
2706TelanganaSecunderabadHYDERABAD South Central Railway Hospital
2707TelanganaSecunderabadHYDERABAD Sri Devi Charitable Trust Blood Bank
2708TelanganaSecunderabadHYDERABAD Sunshine Hospital Blood Bank
2709TelanganaSecunderabadHYDERABAD Vivekananda Environmental International Society Social Service Blood Bank
2710TelanganaSecunderabadHYDERABAD Yashoda Hospital (A Unit of Datta Chandra Hospital Pvt. Ltd.) Blood Bank
2711TelanganaShah Ali BandaHYDERABAD Princess Esra Hospital Blood Bank
2712TelanganaSomajigudaHYDERABAD Asian Institute of Gastroentrology Blood Bank
2713TelanganaTarnakaHYDERABAD RTC Hospital
2714TelanganaVidhyanagarHYDERABAD Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
2715TelanganaGodavarikhaniKARIMNAGAR Singareni Collieries Co.Ltd
2717TelanganaJagtyalKARIMNAGAR Nelavelly Laxmna Rao Social Service Charitable Trust Blood Bank
2718TelanganaKarimnagarKARIMNAGAR Chalmeda Ananda Rao Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2719TelanganaKARIMNAGARKARIMNAGAR Life Care Voluntary Blood Bank
2720TelanganaKarimnagarKARIMNAGAR The Government District Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2721TelanganaNugnoorKARIMNAGAR Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2722TelanganaOsmanpurKARIMNAGAR Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
2723TelanganaSubhash NagarKARIMNAGAR Apollo Reach Hospitals - Apollo Blood Bank
2724TelanganaBhadrachalamKHAMMAM The Government Area Hospital Blood Bank
2725TelanganaKhammamKHAMMAM Mamata General Hospital Blood Bank
2726TelanganaKhammamKHAMMAM Rudhira Voluntary Blood Bank
2727TelanganaKhammamKHAMMAM Siva Multi Speciality Hospital Blood Bank
2728TelanganaKhammamKHAMMAM The APVVP District Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2729TelanganaKothagudemKHAMMAM Sarala Blood Bank
2730TelanganaKothagudemKHAMMAM The Government Area Hospital Blood Bank
2731TelanganaKothagudemKHAMMAM The Singareni Collieries Co. Ltd
2732TelanganaManuguruKHAMMAM Singareni Collieries Co. Ltd
2733TelanganaSattupallyKHAMMAM Asha Emergency & Chest Hospital Blood Bank
2734TelanganaYellanduKHAMMAM Singareni Collieries Co. Ltd
2735TelanganaGadwalMAHBUBNAGAR Indian Red Cross Society
2736TelanganaMahaboobnagarMAHBUBNAGAR Government District Head Quarters Hospital Blood Bank
2737TelanganaMahabubnagarMAHBUBNAGAR Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
2738TelanganaWANAPARTHY MAHBUBNAGAR IRCS & RCH-II Blood Bank District Hospital Wanaparthy
2739TelanganaYenugondaMAHBUBNAGAR SVS Medical College Hospital Blood Bank
2740TelanganaPatancheru MandalMEDAK Maheshwara Medical College and Maheshwara Hospital Blood Bank
2741TelanganaRamachandrapuramMEDAK Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Hospital
2742TelanganaSangareddyMEDAK M.N.R. Medical College Hospital
2743TelanganaSangareddyMEDAK The APVVP District Head Quarters Hospital
2744TelanganaSiddipetMEDAK Indian Red Cross Society
2745TelanganaGollagudaNALGONDA Government District Head Quarter Hospital
2746TelanganaMiryalagudaNALGONDA Jyothi Hospital Blood Bank
2747TelanganaNalgondaNALGONDA Indian Red Cross Society
2748TelanganaNarketpallyNALGONDA Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital
2749TelanganaSuryapetNALGONDA Indian Red Cross Society ,RCH-II
2750TelanganaSuryapetNALGONDA Lions Club Blood Bank
2751TelanganaSuryapetNALGONDA Sai Prasad Orthopedic Hospital
2752TelanganaKamareddyNIZAMABAD Indian Red Cross Society
2753TelanganaKamareddyNIZAMABAD V.T.Thakur Memorial Rotary
2754TelanganaKhaleelwadiNIZAMABAD Indian Red Cross Society
2755TelanganaKhaleelwadiNIZAMABAD Perali Narasaiah Memorial Charitable Trust
2756TelanganaKhaleelwadiNIZAMABAD S.B.Voluntary Blood Bank
2757TelanganaKhaleelwadiNIZAMABAD The Government District Headquarters Hospital
2758TelanganaHyderabadRANGAREDDY ADRM Hospital and Blood Bank
2759TelanganaHyderabadRANGAREDDY Asian Blood Bank of Asian Health Foundation
2760TelanganaHyderabadRANGAREDDY BBR Multispeciality Hospital Blood Bank
2761TelanganaHyderabadRANGAREDDY Continental Hospital Blood Bank
2762TelanganaHyderabadRANGAREDDY Janani Voluntary Blood Bank
2763TelanganaHyderabadRANGAREDDY Kamineni Hospitals Private Limited Blood Bank
2764TelanganaHyderabadRANGAREDDY Life Voluntary Blood Bank
2765TelanganaHyderabadRANGAREDDY M.M.Voluntary Blood Bank
2766TelanganaHyderabadRANGAREDDY Narayana Hrudayalaya Mallareddy Hospital Blood Bank
2767TelanganaHyderabadRANGAREDDY Ozone Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital Blood Bank
2768TelanganaHyderabadRANGAREDDY Rajyalakshmi Charitable Trust Blood Bank (A Unit of Rajyalakshmi Charitable Trust)
2769TelanganaHyderabadRANGAREDDY Ram Hospital Blood Bank
2770TelanganaQuthbullapur RANGAREDDY Malla Reddy Medical College and Malla Reddy General Hospital Blood Bank
2771TelanganaRajendra Nagar MandalRANGAREDDY Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital & Research Centre Blood Bank
2772TelanganaRanga ReddyRANGAREDDY Aware Global Hospital Blood Bank
2773TelanganaRanga ReddyRANGAREDDY Ayaan Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS)
2774TelanganaRanga ReddyRANGAREDDY Bhaskar Medical College and General Hospital Blood Bank
2775TelanganaRanga ReddyRANGAREDDY Dr. V. R. K. Womens college and general Hospital Blood Bank
2776TelanganaRanga ReddyRANGAREDDY Medicity Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank
2777TelanganaRanga ReddyRANGAREDDY SLMS Hospital Blood Bank
2778TelanganaRanga ReddyRANGAREDDY Usha Mullapudi Cardiac Centre
2779TelanganaSerilingampallyRANGAREDDY Citizens Hospital Blood Bank
2780TelanganaVikarabadRANGAREDDY Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank
2781TelanganaHanumakondaWARANGAL Indian Red Cross Society, Blood Bank
2782TelanganaJanagoanWARANGAL Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank RCH-II ( Jangaon)
2783TelanganaWarangalWARANGAL Government Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital Blood Bank
2784TelanganaWarangalWARANGAL Kakatiya Voluntary Blood Bank (A Unit of Life Care Medical and Educational Society)
2785TelanganaWarangalWARANGAL Mother Voluntary Blood Bank
2786TelanganaWarangalWARANGAL Saint Anns Hospital Blood Bank
2787TelanganaWarangal WARANGAL Singareni Collieries Company Limited Area Hospital Blood Bank
2788TelanganaWarangalWARANGAL Warangal Institute of Medical Sciences Blood Bank